Down with sport and culture

Down with this sort of thing.​

We are on an extended holiday – hence the relative radio silence – but while idling on a beach this morning we couldn’t help ourselves from pressing the ‘write new post’ button after reading about Gabriela Firea’s latest amazing idea.

Firea, you will recall, was recently elected mayor of the Romanian capital and has set about making her mark by proposing a number of interesting and not without merit measures. The most talked-about so far has been her plan to make public transport free. We wrote about that here.

Yesterday, Firea decided (while no doubt being ever-so-slightly delayed in her large, air-conditioned SUV) that Bucharest was being crippled at weekends by an ever-increasing number of sporting and cultural events for which – heavens forbid! – some streets have to be closed to traffic.

Weekend road closures for marathons (pictured above), semi-marathons, Street Delivery, Fit-in-the-Street, Femei pe Matasari, rock and pop concerts and various parades are apparently far too great an inconvenience for the sacred drivers of Bucharest to cope with. They must have the right to drive where they like, when they like. Everything else is clearly secondary to their interests. As such, Firea wants a ban on all so-called ‘weekend activities’ (her words) from the city centre.

Quite how this fits in with her statement earlier in the week that Bucharest should become a European centre of sport and culture is beyond us.

What it does suggest is that joined-up thinking will not be a feature of her administration.


15 thoughts on “Down with sport and culture

  1. There’s enough open spaces in Bucharest that it shouldn’t be necessary to close down major roads in a city already burdened with traffic problems. Why a bunch of narcissistic twats feel the need to have a road closed so they can say ‘LOOK AT ME I’M RUNNING!’ instead of doing it elsewhere, I will never understand.
    Roads are for cars, motorbikes and bikes, people have footpaths and until you see cars tearing it along Herastrau Park alongside the rollerbladers on the lake, you can F the R off.


  2. I remember when the only major events in central Bucharest were political rallies and protests. The “weekend activities” are great evidence of how much better things are now for people.


  3. I was among the ones who petitioned to have all events removed from Piata Constitutiei. It causes huge traffic problems, forcing drivers to take a half-hour ride around the Casa Poporului.

    I don’t understand what kind of idiots were those who – until now – allowed useless events to screw-up traffic on Friday afternoons when everybody’s going back to work after a hard week.

    Firea did what she had to do. Somebody should have rammed a truck through the damn road blocks.

    If I were mayor, cultural events would taken place at Glina, next to the Protan corpse and bio-hazard disposal facility.


    1. Running doesn’t do anything to cure cancer, raising awareness does nothing to cure cancer; working in a lab doing painstaking research helps to cure cancer and you can’t do that while running.


      1. “working in a lab doing painstaking research”………….you gullible prick. No fucker is working on a cure. Like I said, hope you die of cancer real soon.


      2. LOL I actually have some friends who are balls deep in cancer research thank you very much, pancreatic cancer to be specific.


  4. Long time ago, when I was a kid (I think I was like 2 or 3 years old), one evening the family had gathered all around me. They were trying to teach me to pronounce the letter ‘R’.

    I already knew how to do that, but I preferred not to do it in daily life. Because it made them laugh and sometimes it annoyed them and it drew attention and I loved the feeling.

    “C’mon, Andrei, say ‘R’… ‘R’ like that… ‘R’!” (my grandmother)

    “… LL… LLLLL” (prolonged L from me, the usual replacement letter)

    “No, Andrei, not like that. Say ‘R’, so that your tongue is shaking” (my other grandmother, the one who was living at the countryside and whom I saw less often; she was a pedagogue)

    “[Should I give up? No way, I’m having so much fun!] … LLLLLLLL!!” (and I started jumping all around)

    “Haha! Let him be, don’t rack him. One day he’ll learn.” (my grandfather)


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  6. It is pretty annoying that Piața Constituției is blocked on most weekends in the summer. One Sunday morning I had to do a huge detour almost to piata Alba Iulia to get from Izvor to Carol Park when normally I’d just drive right in front of the palace.

    Today’s piata was once the nexus of many cobblestoned streets with villas until 1984, so there would never normally be rock concerts and marathons there as you’d be in people’s living rooms if Nicu hadn’t leveled 1/3 of the historic center of the city between 1983-1989.


      1. Nope. That was one of the best areas of Bucharest. Today there would be cafes and bars all through Uranus and Antim instead of an empty wasteland and a Palace that stands 70% empty, not to mention hundreds of more villas up for grabs as well as with apartments available as rentals


  7. It is right , it looks like for the politic man it doesn’t matter the culture and the sport in this country.
    They make laws for themselves and their family an friends,even they hate the romanian people.They live in another world than the people,they have enough money to get evrything they want.The point is that we don’t need them at all but after 1989 we can’t get rid if them.


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