Why do you live in Romania? Why do you have opinions?

We are beyond laid back here at Bucharest Life. Very little bothers us enough to warrant anything other than mild indifference. It is, after all, the English way.

There are two things you can say to us though which can be guaranteed to raise at least a mild response. We’ve had both of these thrown at us this past week.

1. Why do you live in Romania?

Honestly, what kind of question is that? Why does anyone live anywhere? It really is bizarre that some Romanians still have such a low opinion of their own country that they can’t believe an Englishman would want to live here. Our answer is always the same: Why on earth not? You live here, don’t you?

2. You are a foreigner, and you are not entitled to an opinion about Romania.

Fuck you.

Again, we have a standard answer.

Every month we contribute money to the Romanian state. Personal income tax, social security, company income tax, property tax, car tax. We employ several people. We are net contributors to the budget. Do not tell us we are not entitled to an opinion, otherwise we might ask just how much you contribute to Romania each month.

Rant over. As you were.


55 thoughts on “Why do you live in Romania? Why do you have opinions?

  1. Having an opinion about Romania is fair enough. We wouldn’t want to censor any opinion, even if we do believe that our opinion is sometimes better.

    However, we believe the concept that paying taxes (to whom??) is the supreme argument which makes somebody entitled to an opinion is a wrong concept.

    Paying taxes to the government of a nation doesn’t necessarily mean contributing to the development (economical, social, moral) of that nation. In the same way in which paying taxes to the local thug doesn’t contribute to the development of the neighborhood. It only makes the thug bigger, stronger and willing to extort even more more from the poor people.

    The right to have an opinion about Romania should be based on reasons like:

    – A person has lived here for a while and likes or doesn’t like the way certain things are going

    – A person has lived in other places and they believe they saw things going better or worse in those places

    – A person’s hopes, beliefs and aspirations

    You can’t tell people that you’re entitled to an opinion about their nation because you pay taxes to the government. It would be like telling a hooker that you paid his pimp and now she has to suck your d*ck.

    So while we do agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion, we strongly disagree with the fact that somebody is entitled to an opinion about a nation just because they’re paying taxes to the government of that nation.


    1. “we strongly disagree with the fact that somebody is entitled to an
      opinion about a nation just because they’re paying taxes to the
      government of that nation.”
      Feel free to disagree all you wish, but, as you yourself are apparently aware, you are disagreeing with a fact. Not sure why you’d waste your time there. At the very least, everyone has, or should have the right to have an opinion of what a government is doing with the money they are confiscating from them. Although I have to admit your hooker analogy has some merit (Just kidding, it has no merit other than to show us where your mind tends to go rather consistently. lol)


  2. About the first question:

    There are advantages of living in a colony, advantages which locals don’t understand.

    Unsuspecting locals who ask that question probably think that a foreigner coming from a developed country would downgrade his lifestyle if he were to live here.

    That is hardly the case.

    Because no foreigner will be coming over to a frontier country from a developed country with his backpack only and looking for a job with a local entrepreneur at local rates. Only poor people from colonies do that when they go to the rich metropolis.

    Foreigners from developed countries come to Romania having secure ties in place, having money to open a business or having plans for corruption and getting rich overnight (like Chlotilde Armand, for example).

    So you have to understand locals who ask you this question because they see the situation through their own eyes.


  3. P.S.

    HMRC –> 50.000 employees serving 60.000.000 people and 5.500.000 businesses

    ANAF –> 25.000 employees extorting 18.000.000 people and 600.000 businesses

    This is what you’re paying for.

    Paying taxes to such a government is a matter of shame, not a matter of honor or entitlement.


  4. That’s a different story. You can agree with the government, with the secret services, with the fiscal authorities of a country etc… because you give them your money.

    But a nation is much more than that and there’s a limit to which one can express his opinions about a nation and there’s a limit to the reasons on which he could base his opinions on.

    The Romanian nation is much more than the Romanian government, it has always been. And right now the Romanian government and its institutions don’t represent AT ALL the Romanian nation.

    Back in 1989 when people of this nation last changed a political establishment, they never endorsed the path which was taken afterwards by successive governments. The game was rigged and we were taken to a trap.



    Yesterday Britain tested for support of the European Union.

    And there isn’t any. The faith of the European Union is hanging by a thread.

    Bravo, Great Britain! Even if democracy is a rigged game, you showed the world how naked the emperor stands. Today’s referendum, even if it’s not a Brexit but rather a photo finish, is the biggest blow to the European Union as it stands.

    From now on, things can only get worse: economically, socially, politically. More and more nations will be demanding their sovereignty back. Remember what I tell you: 16 years from now the European Union will be reduced to the level of touristic circuit.


      1. The 1944 Challenger A30 with its 76 mm gun is the only Western tank that could get near the German Tiger 2 with its 88 mm KwK 43.

        It was the only quality tank the Allies had on the Western front. The rest was sheer quantity.


    1. Personally I find this far more representative to the current state of affairs, even though the song is pushing on 40:

      Besides… isn’t Elton John a bit too gay for you, Parmo?


      1. So what if he’s gay? I never said to shoot gays or throw them off buildings, like muslims do to them.

        I only said tax the shit out of their vice. Because homosexuality is a vice, just like alcohol, gambling and tobacco. Homosexuals should be taxed for their vice, nothing more.

        I pay 25 lei in taxes to the State just to enter the casino, even if I gamble even if I don’t. The State says I shouldn’t be there and taxes me simply for being there.

        Why aren’t homosexuals taxed for taking d*ick where it shouldn’t be taken?!


      2. I gotta hand it to you. Considering how many idiotic things I’ve heard or read in the past, the fact that you keep coming up with new ones must deserve some kind of prize.

        For example that last phrase over there is priceless.


  6. This vote goes to show that the United Kingdom really isn’t all that united. The great discrepancy in votes in Scotland and Northern Ireland have got to mean something? Perhaps the end of the UK in it’s current form.

    The Scottish are sure to push for another independece referendum following this result. I imagine it also gives a boost to pro united Ireland sentiments in the North.


    1. They don’t mean anything at all.

      England have been carrying Scotland and Northern Ireland on their back for decades, like Bihor and Cluj are carrying Teleorman and Vaslui.

      They want out? Sure! But they have to find another sponsor.

      England is what matters. And the zero-taxation offshore jurisdictions, of course. Which represent a treasure of humanity, the last remaining traces of freedom on Earth.


      1. No, they’ve been held back by a disinterested, England biased central government. See, I can twist things whichever way I want too. 😉

        Fortunately things are usually much more nuanced than your views.


      2. They’ve been held back because they were stupid. Just like Romanians who sold their country for pennies to Western interests.

        Everybody in this world is free to make his own faith. Of course foreigners are to be blamed publicly, but deep down inside we have to blame ourselves too.

        Because we should have developed enough hatred of foreigners so as to keep our country and not sell it to them, even if that meant war.

        Nations were raised from war, not from peace. When was the last time this nation fought a war?


      3. So which is it… Romanians are doing badly because they are stupid or because they don’t have enough hatred?

        Come to think of it, stupid people are probably more prone to irrational hatred. That might explain a few things.


      4. They are stupid because they’re not willing to develop enough hatred. And kick out the foreigners and run their own country by their own rules.

        They live like fungus and moss and everything else comes as a consequence. They are also treated like fungus and moss everywhere they go because the entire world holds in abhorrence such kind of people.


      5. Oi Parmo my son! Has England football team pulled out of Monday’s match with Iceland? I mean, if they don’t want to be in Europe, then England should F off out of it, right? Come on ICELAND knock those bastards out!


  7. One day I’m gonna take out from prison all criminals with convictions of at least 20 years, I’m gonna give them weapons and make them my personal guard.


  8. I still don’t get why most part of people are extremely surprised when I tell them that I actually like living here (even more than I used to like living in France (ok, it’s summer, but still)). I come from Brazil and we are not usually proud of our country either. Maybe it’s that fantom “you’re not a developed country, so it doesn’t matter what you do or what you have, you are never going to be good enough”. I think you only realize how precious each place is when you go abroad and see that nowhere is perfect.


    1. Brazil? How come? We don’t trade with Brazil that much.

      Anyway, you’re welcome!

      It’s only muslims that we don’t need. Other cultures will always be welcome.


      Are you a relative of Ayrton Sena? 😀


  9. Brazil? How come? We don’t trade with Brazil that much.

    Anyway, you’re welcome!

    It’s only muslims that we don’t need. Other cultures will always be welcome.


  10. I think Craig is avoiding an article on the subject of Brexit because he knows I’m fired-up and I still have a few more anti-globalist ideas to throw… he’s probably just gonna wait until I go back to hibernation again.


  11. It appears that today my mouth is just as bad as it was 25 years ago.

    Back then you risked getting sworn or spitted at on the street if I didn’t like your face. Or in the best case you risked getting nicknamed on the spot: pig, whale, one-eyed, lousy etc…

    Obviously I got beaten in many occasions because of my bad mouth.

    One day there was this guy Romeo passing by the bench where I was sitting together with my grandmother.

    I couldn’t afford to lose the chance so I shouted loudly: “Romeo grasul!!” (Romeo the Fat).

    Romeo turned back and said: “Lady, if you don’t beat him, I’m gonna beat him. Why is he calling me fat?!?!” (he actually was fat, I wasn’t gonna call him otherwise than he appeared…)

    My grandmother took off her slipper and hit me over the mouth with the slipper: “Andrei, taci din gură că dau cu tine de pământ de iese apă!” (Andrei, shut your mouth cause I’m gonna knock you on the ground so hard that water’s gonna burst)

    “Aww… proasto!!” I said and and I started crying…


      1. You would’ve an excellent town crier. You’re the kind of guy you’d want announcing that the plague is back and Death is prowling the countryside again.


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