What channel is the football on?

Pro TV.

Well, most games. You can exactly which ones here. Pro TV stepped in after TVR were unable to make the payments for the free-to-air rights for the tournament.

Pro TV will show one game per day during the group stage (including all of Romania’s games), three second-round games, all four quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final. Those games not being shown on Pro Tv can be viewed on Dolce Sport.

Romania kick the tournament off tonight at 22:00 against the hosts, France, in Paris.

Have they got a chance? We actually have no idea.


5 thoughts on “What channel is the football on?

  1. We can pull a draw and annoy an entire country and many other journalists who will be criticizing our old-school style of play.

    We generally pulled some draws in the last games against France.

    I think France are weak in defense, both on the flanks and in the centre. On the flanks they have old defenders coming after long and exhausting seasons at their clubs and they won’t be able to create enough pressure. While Rami and Koscielny, the likely setup in the center of defense, are average players.

    Their midfield, however, can dominate play. And Pogba is the kind of player who can create chances and put the attackers in good positions. Puiu Iordanescu will likely start the game with 2 defensive midfielders, as a consequence.

    While in attack they have 2 players who can score from any position: Griezmann and Giroud. Griezmann is very mobile too.

    This time we must score a goal if we are to pull a draw, but considering their weak defense I think we can do it.


      1. Shut up Mr. Rearguard, you’re gonna bring me bad luck. I placed a 2000 lei bet on France… odds 1.40. We don’t need this win anyways…


      2. Got it…

        My estimate was 3-1 for France, with Griezmann scoring 1 and Payet scoring 2… I should have placed a few more bets 😦


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