Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport today announced that as of Wednesday June 15th, cheap taxis charging a maximum 1.40 lei will be allowed to wait for passengers directly outside the main, first-floor arrivals terminal. There will be no need to use the machines to order a taxi (unless you want a taxi from a particular company).


The disastrous policy (introduced on April 1st) that had effectively banned cheap taxis from the airport, causing no end of queues and giving Bucharest a serious image problem appears to have now been ditched once and for all.

One note of caution: The airport appeared to back down before, but in reality did no such thing. We would hazard a guess that they still have a trick or two up their sleeve. Indeed, the wording of the statement the airport issued today was as follows:

‘authorised taxis charging a maximum 1.40 lei will be available without having to order one’

The clue is in the word authorised. Do they mean any taxi authorised in Bucharest or Ilfov (as it should be) or do they mean only taxis authorised by the airport? If it is the latter, then expect no change to the status quo: there will still be a shortage of taxis at the airport. We also note that taxis charging far more than 1.40 lei per kilometre will be allowed to wait outside the ground floor arrivals area.

Let’s see what happens on Wednesday.

Meantime, you can read the full ‘story of taxis at Otopeni so far’ here.


12 thoughts on “Cheap taxis back at Otopeni. Possibly

  1. There was this guy Gordon Brown… and they say he was Prime Minister of Great Britain for a few years. It’s funny that I don’t remember anything about him, not his face, not even his name.

    I remember more about John Major than about Gordon Brown…


  2. Was at the airport today and saw that there were a number of decent taxis (Speed, Cristaxi, etc) parked in the downstairs arrival area, so maybe things are moving in the right direction. Also, noticed for the first time that it’s possible to pay for the 780/783 bus using SMS.


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