News today of children fainting from heatstroke in a hot Bucharest classroom because their backwards, medieval, dickhead of a teacher refused to open the classroom window. When a child did – out of sheer desperation – open a window, he was reprimanded and given a poor mark.

Why? In Romania, open windows kill: curent.

You can read all about curent and its devastating effects curent in this post from a few years ago.


22 thoughts on “Curent!

  1. Standing in curent (aka air currents generated by the difference in temperature between one – usually enclosed – area and another – usually open – area) is the same as standing below the air conditioning fan.

    Some people can develop a headache, ear pain or neck pain from standing in curent. Curent can also aggravate migraine episodes, spondylosis and rheumatism – conditions which most of our elderly suffer from because of the hard, back breaking work they had to endure when they were young. Romania was no rose garden 50-60 years ago, people were put to hard labour.

    That’s why here in Romania, in order to protect these elderly people, we became accustomed to preventing the creation of air currents between open areas and enclosed areas.

    For example we avoid opening the door and the windows of a room at the same time, or opening the windows of a running bus.

    Children, young people and foreigners, however, rarely feel the effects of curent because their health condition is excellent and they didn’t have to endure back breaking and health damaging work in their past.

    That’s why they don’t understand why we ask people to close the window so as to prevent curent.


    1. Parmo my saan! I read two lines from you and I stopped reading….you’re talking shit my saan. You can’t get sick from breathing in fresh natural cool air! Next you’ll be saying ‘don’t go out in the sun because it will give you skin cancer’ or ‘ smoke fags or fresh air will give you lung cancer!


  2. There’s a lot of Russian women on here of a sudden, apparently looking for your readers. Have they perhaps heard tell of the allure of Mr R, Parmo, Rog and Anon?


    1. The ads? Nothing to do with me: they come from Google based on your search history 🙂 I just make the space available. I put them in as we are testing some new ad software at IYP and I agreed to be a guinea pig. I will keep them though: if I can over the year get back the cost of hosting these pages all well and good.


  3. Why are they clapping??? They should have thrown salami at him instead. It’s not North Korea! Oh, right, yeah it is. What a goddamn asshole Nicu was! He should be shot!

    Silviu Brucan said it would take 20 years for there to be democracy in Romania. I’ve always thought that it will take more like at least 42 years to match the time that Romania was under communism. Add the 1990s of Iliescu and it’s more like 50+ years Romania needs after 1989 to be a functioning democracy.


  4. 3 more weeks and the Great Britain will break free from the European imperialist chains. And 7 months from now I intend to be a citizen of this free country (together with its City and zero taxation Overseas Territories, of course…).


    1. You will need a visa sunbeam? You’ll also need a letter from a proper British fella with a recent bank statement and fully paid up gas bill stating also that he will put you up, feed you, clothe you and read you a goodnight story throughout your entire stay of a maximum period of 6 months before returning to your country of origin.


      1. They’ll probably sign bilateral treaties allowing some EEA nationals to come in, just like Switzerland and Norway. I’ll find a way in…

        The entire world needs Brexit. Otherwise there will be no more freedom and no more Capitalism on Earth. Britain and Dubai are the last remaining fortresses of Capitalism on this planet.


      2. Dubai ? Du-ruddy bai? Dubai ain’t got no future. That country has pulled a masterstroke over everyone claiming they have oil…they aint got shit but sand and fake printed money out of thin air.


  5. The Dark Ages was the most beautiful period in the history of Europe. Back then – Jesus Christ ruled the entire continent from Heaven and everybody, including kings had to obey him.

    Nowadays the European bureaucrats and the American war and mind control faction obey nobody at all. They do whatever they want.


  6. The next President of Romania (Bogdan Diaconu, PRU) and the next First Lady of Romania (former Olympic Champion in gymnastics, Maria Olaru). I’m going out to vote for them right now.


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  8. Curent is a big problem for us, romanians. It only affects the ones that know of it, so now, since you found out, you should pay attention.
    Also, you should get rid of the Parmalat troll.


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