Football for everyone

The current manager of the Romanian national football team, Anghel Iordanescu, once threw a female photographer off the team’s plane, claiming that ‘women bring bad luck and have no place in football.’ Sadly (although unsurprisingly) there were no repercussions: anywhere else – with the possible exception of Iran or Saudi Arabia – he would have lost his job.

Iordanescu would therefore no doubt be horrified to hear that this July, a British outfit (British Football School) will be organising professional coaching sessions for kids in Bucharest at which both boys and girls are welcome. The sessions are being held at the King’s Oak School (Strada Petre Aurelian 72) and are open to all kids aged between five and 12.

Our little girl, for so long told by boys-only football clubs in Bucharest that she was not welcome, will be going along.

If you want your kids to join her, all the info is here.