Enjoy CSM Bucuresti’s victory: you’re paying for it

CSM Bucuresti’s girls’ handball team yesterday won the European Champions League. They beat Gyor, in Hungary, in handball’s equivalent of a penalty shoot-out.

Good luck to them.

However, we discovered last night that the team’s main sponsor and source of funds is Bucharest City Hall. Yep, you read that right: our local taxes are financing a professional sports team. Wages of the players alone top €1.2 million per season.

Sorry, but that’s an outrage.

Whoever is elected mayor of Bucharest in June should end this arrangement immediately. There are far more important things in the Romanian capital to spend such vast sums of money on.

Besides, given that the team is now Europe’s best, they shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a sponsor from the private sector.


86 thoughts on “Enjoy CSM Bucuresti’s victory: you’re paying for it

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