Only Laura can save us now

Or, Firea sa fie, as they say in these parts.

So the Romanian Constitutional Court has decided: one-round mayoral elections do not breach anybody’s constitutional rights, and so June’s ballot to elect the mayors of Romania’s city, towns and villages will be held on a ‘first-past-the-post’ basis.

This is not unexpected news, but it still comes as a blow to anyone who doesn’t want to see Gabriela Firea (pictured above) become mayor of Bucharest.

As things stand, Firea – backed by the PSD’s machine (inherited from the old Romanian Communist Party) – will in all likeliness receive between 30 and 35 per cent of the vote. It would take something extraordinary for any other candidate to make it past 25 per cent. The only hope the others have is an astonishingly high turn-out (such as that which rallied behind Klaus Iohannis in 2014’s presidential election). However, given that trust in politicians in Romania is currently as low as it has ever been ), turn-out will be low.

A low turn-out plays into the hands of the PSD whose coalition of pensioners, state employees and the merely insane always go and vote for whoever they are told to do so.

As such, we must prepare ourselves for a Bucharest run by Firea-Pandele, a nasty little piece of work known for her poor manners and loathing of good taste.

Unless that is dear old Laura Codruta Kovesi, boss of the Romanian anti-corruption unit, the DNA, has something up her sleeve.


13 thoughts on “Only Laura can save us now

  1. ‘poor manners and loathing of good taste’. So basically you dislike so much her lower class origin that you pray for politicized justice? Do you have an altar for Pinochet at home?

    As a side note, I am not sure most state employees in Bucharest vote for PSD. Bucharest hosts the central government and central government employees tend to be more upper middle class than the average population.


      1. I wouldn’t say all civil servants are PSD supporters, but I do agree that civil servants, pensioners and idiots form the bulk of PSD’s electorate.


    1. A “lower class origin” doesn’t explain poor manners or a loathing of good taste. She doesn’t even have the excuse of a lack of education. She simply is an all-round crass person. No class at all.


  2. A prosecutor is not supposed to go after an official for actual crimes, not just because her policies (or manners) are distasteful. Independent judiciary…


  3. Sunteti cu totii niste petit-burghezi a caror toata “ideologie” (daca o putem numi asa) se bazeaza in intregime pe lacomie, ignoranta profunda si o ura fara de margini fata de clasa muncitoare si saraci, are constituie majoritatea covarsitoare a populatiei acestui oras, a acestei tari si a tutoror altor tari.


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