Taxis at Otopeni: Power to the people!

A victory for Bucharest Life, the people of (and visitors to) Bucharest, and for common sense.

Bucharest Otopeni today did a full reverse ferret on its recent decision to prevent cheap taxis from picking up passengers from the Romanian capital’s only airport.

As our regular reader will know, ridiculous new rules introduced on April 1st had effectively made it almost impossible for honest, cut-price taxis to access Otopeni’s arrivals terminal. The new rules will now be suspended ‘at least until the autumn’ or – if we are lucky – for ever.

It would appear that this welcome (although embarrassing) decision has been taken by the Minister of Transport himself, Dan Costescu, overruling the airport’s management. Well done him. Long queues for cheap taxis had prompted thousands of complaints from angry travelers forced to use expensive taxis or the airport’s bus service, which had begun to creak under a massive increase in demand.

We fly again next week. We will let you know if things improve. If you get to the airport before us, do let us know your experience.

Photo credit B365

12 thoughts on “Taxis at Otopeni: Power to the people!

  1. I flew in from Paris last Thursday evening and this was the scene at the machines. The screens said that no taxis were available. I spent a few minutes in line and then left and headed down the ramp to look for a taxi as if it were the good old days of 2009!

    Damn Cobalsescu taxi I quickly got at the bottom with 1.39 lei on the door demanded 50 lei and hid his meter as I got in the car :)))) I wanted to pay him 40 lei only but I only had a 50 lei bill. . . Took 55 min from Otopeni with all the traffic. . . He kept saying that all the politicians since 1989 have sold off Romania and that they are all bandits and that the taxi situation at Otopeni is a disaster now and that 50 lei for a taxi is nothing.


  2. Minister Dan Costescu announced today that we’re gonna see a metro running to Otopeni airport no sooner than 2021.

    If we judge by the way infrastructure projects are being delayed in Bucharest, the horizon for this project would be more likely 2025…

    That’s a generation from now. Enjoy your taxis!


  3. It’s good there will be more taxis! Although I do get the rules for practicality and security. Hopefully the airport and taxi companies can sort it out soon.


  4. I just arrived back in Bucharest 3 hours ago. No taxis outside, the machines were not working and many travellers called firms who sent cars to the roundabout at the airport. Not at all safe and for people who don’t know the city, they are left stranded. I finally got an Uber after a half hour. Bloody idiotic airport decision – I hope it’s changed forever…


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