Please step on the grass

If this is old news, forgive us.

We paid a visit to Cismigiu Gardens on Sunday afternoon, making the most of the fantastic weather we’ve been having these past few days.

We were not alone.

Half the city had apparently decided to do much the same, and who can blame them? Cismigiu is a gorgeous place, still a little rough around the edges compared with Bucharest’s other parks, but all the more charming for it.

Anyway, as we walked around we couldn’t help noticing that in what can only be described as a revolutionary development, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people were walking, sitting, playing and having picnics on the grass.

The Bucharest Life kids can hardly contain their surprise at being allowed to step on the Cismigiu grass without being shot
The Bucharest Life kids can hardly contain their surprise at being allowed to step on the Cismigiu grass without being shot

As anyone familiar with Cismigiu will know, this is quite extraordinary. The park’s grass was for decades a no-go area, with huge ‘Nu calcati iarba‘ (Do not step on the grass) signs at every turn. From positions high in the trees, the Romanian army’s top marksmen fired live ammunition at the ankles of anyone who dared to break this most sacred of rules.

We could never understand it. The whole point of going to a park is to sit on the grass, play football on the grass, have a picnic on the grass.

Well, at Cismigiu (with the understandable exception of the showpiece flower gardens) we are happy to report that you can now do just that.



7 thoughts on “Please step on the grass

  1. Gee, no comments railing against Soros and the EU, blaming immigrants, threatening to kill someone, or lamenting how backward Romania is? Some people are falling behind in their duties.


    1. I hope Soros dies soon. They won’t bury him because somebody’s gonna pee on his grave. They will probably burn him and spread him over the ocean…


  2. I’ve lived on Cismigiu since 2009. You could sit on the grass at least for the past few years. The guards who patrol it like all the guards in Bucharest are a hold over from Ceausescu’s Romania. They serve no purpose but to remind everyone of the diabolical good old days of the 1980s.

    Cismigiu is not as rough around the edges as Izvor which is just a field and has never been landscaped. It of course was a neighborhood of Bucharest with epic villas until 1983.


  3. What attracted me to Bucharest was the idea that it is an open wound but it’s frightening to imagine what Bucharest would be like today if Romania had not become part of the European Union. Left to themselves, Romanian elites enjoy raping their own people. The country would be a black hole.


  4. A now discontinued Land Rover Defender 90 sits in the northern Dorobanti neighborhood of Bucharest that could be somewhere in Austria with all the immaculate villas and luxury cars. The area is totally out of place in Romania’s otherwise quite impoverished capital and a sign of all the ex-communists and corrupt businessmen who still pull the strings in Bucharest. 19 April 2016.


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