Laura strikes again

There’s no stopping our hero.

Ludovic Orban, Liberal Party MP and its erstwhile candidate for mayor of Bucharest in June’s local elections, was today charged with corruption by Romania’s anti-graft agency, the DNA. Most of the specifics are currently unknown, except that Orban is accused of ‘obtaining undue benefits’, possibly connected to the way his campaign has been funded.

Orban’s removal from the race for mayor – he immediately withdrew and resigned from all political posts – paves the way for the PNL to finally do the right thing and back the Union to Save Bucharest’s Nicusor Dan. To nominate another candidate at this stage (Orban was already a replacement for Cristian Busoi) would be laughably ridiculous. Dan is now the only candidate who can beat the PSD’s little wasp, Gabriela Firea-Pandele.

That’s assuming our Laura doesn’t find anything on Firea before the elections on June 6th. There’s still plenty of time…


20 thoughts on “Laura strikes again

      1. There are imbeciles everywhere.
        Disclaimer: in 2012 I voted for Dan and got him dozens of signatures.
        How do ‘you’ see the fact that Nicușor Dan admits paying bribes?


      2. One has Craig’s support, the other doesn’t. One is under investigation by the DNA, the other isn’t…yet…

        The lesser of two evils is still evil though.

        Seems that our Dan is corrupt, or takes part in corruption too…


      3. You have a valid point, but then why arrest Orban, but not Dan. Is it somehow better to bribe than participate in illegal campaign finance?

        And bribing a doctor is not a minor offence. By doing that you get preferential treatment, while your poorer fellow citizens (well, not necessarily ‘fellow’) die in droves (Roma life expectancy is up to 20 years lower).


      4. I think we’re comparing apples with oranges. One is a practice the entire country condoned until very recently (although I agree that does not make it right, far from it, and I am glad it is less common these days) the other is a politician in office asking for illegal finance.

        Dan is not perfect, I have said that here before. He refuses to move outside his comfort zone and often appears to oppose the construction of certain buildings on little more than NIMBY grounds. But of all possible mayors for the city I live in, he’s the best choice.


      5. It’s a stretch to say Orban is in office, but whatever.
        If you want to compare apples to apples, check the same interview in Gândul, where Nicușor Dan admits he has installed the tents to circumvent election law (in Romanian: “Nicăieri în lume nu se face campanie într-o lună. Şi atunci este o oportunitate campania asta de strângere de semnături de a vorbi în mod legal cu oamenii şi de a le spune cine suntem şi ce vrem.”). That explains why there’s actually nobody in the tents most of the day, it’s only the visuals that matter.

        Soo, what have we got here:
        – a guy paying bribes right and left;
        – same guy happily circumventing election law;
        – also, that guy allying himself at least in Sector 1 with the racist Asociația Salvați Cartierele Dămăroaia și Bucureștii Noi (“îi urăsc pe țigani pentru modul cum se comportă”, see first PDF file; more samples on the Softpedia real estate forum; I was shocked last year when I discovered that). This corroborates with last month’s racist incident in Obor.
        Good luck with Nicușor the Saviour, but it’s the three strikes rule for me. I’ll admit that the racist undertones are the deal-breaker for me…


      6. Any and all plans for development of the city or whatever advantages he has over candidates – be it that his kind of corruption was different and smaller scale or whatever – pale & become irrelevant in comparison to this racist rhetoric. I would boycott him on those grounds alone. I don’t know that others are any better (probably not by much) but in the face of this clear evidence and quotes from him, rewarding him with a role would legitimise the view that it is okay to hold such opinions because ‘we are not at Western Europe levels of progress yet’. The fact is that the Roma face primitive, horrific scale discrimination, the kind unseen in most countries, and whatever we can do to put an end to this and inoculate future generations against this, we should do.


      7. I think I can live with a politician whose worst corruption offense has been bribing the doctor. Sadly Romania isn’t at the point where public outcry regarding something like would be warrented. It would kinda make everyone involved a hypocrite.

        Besides, I don’t believe un absolutes. Black and white. Pure good versus pure evil. That sort of thing. There are plenty of shades of grey in between and on has to learn to tell them appart.


  1. The PNL can go home if they don’t send their own candidate to the elections. Nobody will vote them in autumn, word will be out that they can’t even put up a decent non corrupt challenge.

    On the other hand, I think the DNA is running out of bullets. Because Ludovic Orban clearly had much bigger issues, from the times when he served as minister under Tariceanu. But they obviously couldn’t find any of those issues and they took him for something which is unclear if it’s legal or not: meeting a businessman and asking for a donation.

    Nicusor Dan can not draw support of a big party because he took money from Soros. If he hadn’t taken money from Soros, he could have been an alternative.

    But the simple fact that he took money from Soros (whose goal is clearly to destroy everything Romanian in this country) makes him undesirable for any of the 2 big parties (they already have enough problems, but adding Soros on top of the problems would cause the media to explode).


  2. @craigturp:disqus

    You’re gonna love this one: PNL’s candidate for the seat of Mayor of Bucharest is MARIAN MUNTEANU.

    Now don’t be too happy… :))))))))


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