Communist merchandise at very capitalist prices

If you ever wanted to get your hands on a copy of Nicolae Ceausescu’s gripping work, Foreign Trade and International Economic Cooperation, then we have good news for you.

An auction of communist-era Romanian memorabilia is to be held in Bucharest on April 19th, at the art and antique dealer Artmark. It kicks off at 19:30.

There are more than 150 items up for grabs, from Ceausescu’s treatise on export policy to flags and emblems from what was called, without any hint of irony, the Golden Age (Epoca de aur). There are busts of Lenin, loads of socialist realist art, as well as records and children’s books. The auction is far from being all about Ceausescu and communism: it is about Romanian culture in general during the period 1950-1989.

You can download the full catalogue, complete with reserve prices, here. Or browse online here.

We’ve got our eye on this rather splendid Star Wars poster, although we fear its price will rise far higher than the €150 reserve.



6 thoughts on “Communist merchandise at very capitalist prices

  1. @Craig. Now listen, the one that you wanna beware of is Lot 37. It’s nothing more than a load of scrap iron, right, so be careful. See you later.


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