The Day Job

We are about to publish the 100th edition of Bucharest In Your Pocket, exactly seventeen years after the first issue hit the streets of the Romanian capital, offering bewildered visitors to the city just the kind of accurate, pertinent information they needed, not least as Bucharest at that time had no tourist information office (it still doesn’t really have one worth the name).

Anyway, there will be more (much, much more) about BIYP 100 shortly.

In the meantime, we wanted to point you towards our rather splendid new smartphone app, In Your Pocket City Essentials. You can grab it – for free – here.

The app is light, easy-to-use and features only our favourite places: what’s more it carries no advertising. It is our gift to you, the intrepid traveller looking to get the very best out of each city you visit. The app currently features 42 cities, from Aruba to Zurich, and we are adding more all the time.


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