Six months of summer

Last week was grim.

It started raining on Monday and didn’t really stop until Friday afternoon. It was also windy and bloody cold. Not pleasant at all.

As if by magic however, the clocks went forward on Saturday night and it’s all change. Temperatures in the Romanian capital are set to soar this week (topping 25°C by Friday), marking very much the beginning of six months of summer.

It will rain of course: May and June are infamous for their brief yet powerful evening thunderstorms which can appear from nowhere, out of the bluest of blue skies. By and large though, we can now put the thick coats, the heavy boots and the hats and scarves away as the weather gets just hotter, and stays that way until the end of September.

Stand by for Bucharest at its very best.


9 thoughts on “Six months of summer

  1. This city is beautiful in the spring.

    During summer months it’s rather dusty and hot, much like an oven. And in winter it’s ugly and dirty.

    But if you want to enjoy Bucharest, the best months to do it are May, June, September and October.


  2. Yep… this sums it up. For the sake of Great Britain and its future, I hope a terror attack will strike London before the referendum.


    1. Actually the comparison is not accurate. Regular bobbies on the beat still look much like the chap on the left: unarmed. The armed police on the right are merely for show: if he spotted a terrorist in a busy place (such as the stadium in the photo) what is he going to do? Start shooting his machine gun into the crowd?


    2. The ‘copper’ dressed up like a loon from Call Of Duty isn’t really a copper unlike the one who is dressed traditionally. Solider boy is nothing more than an actor who appears in the Daily Mail tasked with the governments policy of ramping up the fear factor, making the sheeple believe that every fella dressed in a daft robe is a terrorist. Soldier boy can’t arrest you. He doesn’t have a warrant card, nor does he have a station to take you to. Just an actor, smoke and mirrors fella, smoke and mirrors.


      1. every fella dressed in a daft robe is a terrorist … indeed they are, and waiting for the right conditions to radicalize and strike terror in our societies


  3. ” By and large though, we can now put the thick coats, the heavy boots and the hats and scarves away “……..Yeah right, you might Craig but most of the locals won’t because of curent. No doubt they are all stuffing cotton wool into their frigging ears as I hammer away at my computer.


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