Goodbye, Dl. Iohannis

It’s all over. After a year and a bit of merely mild disappointment we – along with millions of others – today abandoned all hope of Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis being an agent for positive change.

Commenting on ANAF’s repossession of Antena 3’s studios, Iohannis told a press conference that the tax authorities had acted ‘out of all proportion’ to what was merely a ‘banal administrative matter.’ If Iohannis thinks that recovering €60 million of stolen taxpayers’ money is ‘banal’ then quite frankly he can get lost. He is not the president we or anybody else thought he was. After 12 months of ineffective dithering this was a very good chance for Iohannis to either get behind ANAF and the law, or merely shut up. He did neither. Instead, he came down on the side of the forces of reaction, corruption and set himself in direct opposition to the rule of law. He is finished: there may still be almost four years until the next presidential election, but Iohannis is already a lame duck head of state.

Having watched the prime minister Dacian Ciolos cowardly bow before Romania’s senate earlier in the day and say much the same thing as Iohannis, we really do despair. It’s all gone very, very wrong.

Our last hope? Laura Codruta-Kovesi. All power to the DNA.


12 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dl. Iohannis

    1. They weren’t. His advisor is a former PSD and PNL scumbag called Dan Mihalache.

      Dan Mihalache has a close relationship with Antena Group and he is the one that invited Gadea to the United States, to attend together at the National Prayer Breakfast and some other semi-official gatherings 2 weeks ago.


      1. You have your uses. Yes, for those of you unaware of who these clowns are: the one on the left is Gadea, boss of Antena 3, the one on the right is Mihalache, chief of staff for Iohannis. Photo was taken just three weeks ago.


  1. “If Iohannis thinks that recovering €60 million of stolen taxpayers’ money is ‘banal’ then quite frankly he can get lost.”
    Even worse, Iohannis thinks that the law is merely a ‘banal administrative matter’. The otherwise annoyingly silent president today lost a very good chance to shut up.


  2. I think you are not right about either of them.First of all Ciolos did not at all protect Dan Voiculescu,on the contrary he said that ANAF respected a court decision and that ANAF does not have to inform him about such decisions.It seems like you haven’t watched the full speech,which has in fact been almost perfect,even if he had to confront very hostile senate.The speech has been excellently summarised in his Facebook post:”Am salutat, susținut și susțin în continuare fondul intervenției ANAF, atât în acest caz despre care discutam, cât și în general, când intervenția este justificată pe deplin de aplicarea legii și nu se lasă intimidată de presiuni de orice fel în a-și face treaba. Am comunicat direct fiscului sprijinul meu integral pentru tot ceea ce face ca să aplice legea. Regret MODUL în care a acționat ANAF în acest caz și în altele, prin descindere în forță care poate fi interpretată ca intimidare”
    Regarding Iohannis’s declaration,it is just unfortunate because it is easy to misinterpret and may lead many of us to think that he protected Antena Group.It is his well known communication deficiencethat caused this and not his intention.Also this statement has been expressed when an Antena reporterasked him by surprise while he was leaving the Library.Its not like he said it in an official press conference.Also,a good thing is that he confirmed that Laura Codruta Kovesi is likely to receive another mandate as the head of DNA.
    Regarding ANAF,it is one of the most criticizable institutions of the romanian state.It is hugely birocratic and has a very bad relationship with the taxpayers.Those of us that have businesses know this very well.Its procedures are often very ineficient and exagerrated,and this has a lot to do with the laws.(passed by the parliment)
    So stay calm cause neither the president nor the prime minister help the Antenas.Peace!


    1. It doesn’t matter what the president or the prime minister do at home, when they drink their coffee.

      If they screw up in public exits, the srewed-up message is the one that reaches everybody else, including the US Embassy, including the European Commision etc…

      And right now the president screwed up big time!


      Art. 264

      Favorizarea infractorului

      Ajutorul dat unui infractor fără o înţelegere stabilită înainte sau în timpul săvârşirii infracţiunii, pentru a îngreuia sau zădărnici urmărirea penală, judecata sau executarea pedepsei ori pentru a asigura infractorului folosul sau produsul infracţiunii, se pedepseşte cu închisoare de la 3 luni la 7 ani.

      This is exactly what he did. He used his authority to stop or delay a state institution in recovering the fruit of a crime.


    2. Exactly: he said ‘regret modul în care a acționat ANAF’? Why? ANAF did nothing wrong and everything right. All Ciolos had to say (if he had to say anything: he should have told the senate to get lost and not even bothered showing up) was that ANAF acted correctly and that he supported them and that should they require it they will have the assistance of all government agencies on Friday evening when they finally evict Antena 3.


      1. First of all Antena will not in fact be evicted Friday because someone can be evicted only after a judge decides,and this is a separate trial.They will simply contest the eviction and everything will be decided in a lawsuite.
        Secondly,Ciolos did not make any mistake.He has been invited by the Senate because they wanted to humiliate and he did rather well.Even New York Times praised him,look correctly criticised the way ANAF acted,because it has only given the Antenas a reason to cry nonsense.
        Not the same can be said about Klaus Iohannis was just wrong(but not as horrible as some said).But he is not the only dude who acted unexpectedly awkward,Claud Moraes(UK),the president of the LIBE comission in the European Parliment defended Antena in a talkshow broadcasted by Antena 3.
        It is very sad that this has managed to create such a chaos.Peace!


  3. A total disappointment! It’s unbelievable what I heard coming out from our president’s mouth!

    If Traian Basescu was still in charge, he would have ushered ANAF to cut utilities to the building tomorrow so the eviction could go faster.

    I’m thinking very seriously to vote for Bogdan Diaconu. He proposed a law which punishes serious acts of corruption by life in prison. He is also a nationalist and we need a nationalist to fight against Bruxelles.


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