And… breathe

Clean air.

As expected, Romania’s constitutional court (CCR) today dismissed out of hand the ludicrous objections of the tobacco lobby and declared the clean-air bill passed by parliament in December as constitutional. The court’s presiding judge, Augustin Zegrean said that the law was a perfectly good one and that he, a smoker, now had ’45 days to give up.’

The bill – which will outlaw smoking in just about every indoor public space – will now go to president Klaus Iohannis for (we would assume) immediate promulgation, and will come into force 45 days after that. We will let you know when that will be.


23 thoughts on “And… breathe

  1. Nice. Countdown to some prick ranting on about the EU forcing this and blah blah even though it was done by the Romanian govt, for the Romanian people.


    1. I do not think these words are appropriate. They only show that you are one of those unsociable (fortunately the minority) characters. No war will start up, do not worry. Most of the people are civilized and intelligent. The only “war” that will start up is that between you and yourself, that’s it.


      1. I can see you’re a liberal. Liberals are so stupid they can’t even tell what’s going on around them.

        They need a study to explain to them that the sky is actually blue and not green.

        There’s a war in Ukraine, there’s a war in the Middle East, there’s a war in Burundi, there’s a civil war against muslims about to start on your streets.

        I hope it will be huge, so that we can kill all liberal politicians too and bury them in mass graves.


  2. I’m a smoker, but I almost never smoke at home (at least not indoors). If I want to light a fag, I’d rather go out on the balcony. I don’t like all the lingering smoke. So even as a smoke I can appreciate the idea of not wanting to smoke indoors in public locations. In fact I’m inclined to support it, seeing how one of the things I always hate about going out is getting back home with clothes reeking of smoke. Lighting one up whenever I feel like it and when I’m not bothering anyone else is one thing. Sitting at a table and inhaling smoke continuously for hours on end is another. I probably involuntarily inhale more smoke in an evening at a pub than I do voluntarily the rest of the week :))

    Hell, maybe it’ll be another reason to quit, not that I really need reasons. Which brings me to another thing which bugs me. Is it just me, or do many ex-smokers have a tendency to become fanatical and in-your-face about it, kinda like vegans? I wouldn’t want that to happen to me… I already have plenty of strong convictions, another one would be too much to handle :))


  3. I’m eating breakfast at my fav cafe right now.

    It smells like a furnace. 5 out of 6 tables have at least one cigarette litten.

    I can’t say I like it, but it’s their right to smoke. I also have the right to keep out of the place if I don’t like it.

    If the cafe will go bankrupt because of the smoking laws, I’m gonna find the one who started the law and spit on her face (it’a whore that started everything, if I remember correctly).


    1. Does the law permit to smoke in a restricted area of the indoor place? Or is it totally forbidden?
      Consider that your way of thinking is rather twisted. In a civil society, the freedom of a person ends where the freedom of another person begins.


      1. No, the law doesn’t allow any smoking in any indoor place.

        Not even in your own apartment, which can be considered indoor public space under certain conditions (for example if the smoke goes outside the window and enters the apartment above… the entire building that hosts the apartments is a public space cause anyone can get in and out the building, the staircase and hallways are not private property).

        Everybody has the freedom to keep out of places where people smoke. They only need to be advertised accordingly: “place for smokers”.

        I don’t know how you foreigners were left without common sense in only a few decades. Back in the times of Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan private property was private property and the ones who didn’t understand what private property is about were simply shot by paid militias and mercenaries.

        Post WW2 liberalism took your minds away. Now you think it’s your right to dictate to other people on their property.


      2. I can see your point here, but if you want to make a restaurant, a pub or something else only for smokers, one should convert the activity to a private club with restricted access (if it’s doable for the laws).

        Otherwise, a public place that is open to everybody means to non-smokers too. And non-smokers have the right to be healthy and don’t breath other people smoke. Or am I missing something?


      3. It’s not allowed. Everything, even clubs with restricted access must obey this totalitarian law.

        Of course a public space is open to everybody. But some people would go to a place where a coffee costs 10$, while other people would avoid the place because coffee is too expensive for them.

        Nobody obliges them to go in or out, but the ones who go in must respect the house rules which are written upfront. Whether it’s the menu, the prices, the music or the smoking.

        What you’re gonna do next? Forbid music played by Whites cause it’s racist and it affects Blacks?

        Liberalism that brought us this law is a mental disease.


  4. We here in Romania call whores (“târfă”) not only women who prostitute themselves for money, but also nasty women.

    The equivalent of bitches in English.


  5. Now I hear that after the law has passed, it’s supposedly missing necessary implementation rules and the Police is trying to figure out how to put the law into something workable in the real world without leaving things open to interpretation.

    Actually, reading the law and seeing how it defines stuff in terms of walls and ceilings, I’m curious if a pavilion (foisor) is an enclosed public space or not. Does a “foisor” have walls or are they just fences and does it make a difference?

    Can a tent-style space be an enclosed public space? It can be completely isolated from the outside, but it doesn’t technically have any walls. Is waterproof cloth something that can be classed as “a wall”?

    Is a circular, oval or semicircular space with a roof an enclosed public space, considering it technically only has one continuous wall? The smoking law requires a minimum of two walls to be present.

    I’m not taking the piss. I’m genuinely curious how they’re gonna handle these less obvious, but definitely real types of spaces. If they don’t handle things right with implementing the law, people are going to get creative about establishing or modifying some venues to circumvent the law. And I wouldn’t underestimate a Romanian’s creativity when it comes to evading rules 🙂


    1. It will probably be changed by the end of the year.

      25% of the Romanian voters, of the most active social categories, is not a figure that can be disregarded.

      I will lobby too for changing the law.


      1. Parmo, really, but what are on you on about son? You don’t even smoke so why do you care? Smoking is history so welcome to the EU…which is what you wanted to be a part of since circa 1999.


      2. It’s a matter of principle, Mr Rearguard: we can’t accept people to dictate on other peoples’ private property.

        It’s my club, it’s my bar, it’s my restaurant: I cater to whoever I want.

        It’s my damn property, I can’t accept somebody else telling me what I should and shouldn’t do on my property.

        I don’t force anybody to enter my property and pay rent while doing this. Why the hell should anybody force me to behave the way he wants on my property? This is not acceptable, Mr Rearguard.

        In fact – it’s a matter of rebellion. We’ve been taking this too lightly when in fact we should have torched the Parliament with politicians inside for doing such a thing!


      3. If a bar/restaurant is open to the paying public then how can it be private? I don’t hear you peeing and moaning much about not being able to smoke in a cinema or an art gallery? Anyways, smoking is a filthy smelly business and I no longer want it blown all over me, making me smell worse than a coal miners armpit! Smokers have had a good innings but enough is enough, Amen. I suppose you’re going to reply back with “if the smoke bothers you then stay at home Rearguard, there’s a good chap”?
        I was in Brasov yesterday in some Irish pub that has a rather worrying extensive collection of photos of famous showbiz paedophiles upon it’s walls. There I was drinking alone (10am) for up to an hour when every 15 minutes or so a couple would walk in off the street and before ordering anything would ask or bark if they could smoke the place out? When politely told by the nice barmaid that this is no longer possible in a Parmalat freezone, the smokers threw a restrained hissy fit at the barmaids direction. As if it were the barmaid who introduced the law. Good God I thought, these ruddy smokers are worse than smackheads!



        Look, Mr Rearguard: property in Romania is not respected!

        We’ve got the lowest score in Europe in regard to property rights, we stand on the same level with Lesotho and Mozambique.

        And on top of that – a sick liberal cunt comes to tell me what I can do and what I can’t do on my property! This is unbelievable! It’s the end of the world! Where have we gotten to!?


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