Time off for old ink

Happy New Year.

Here’s some reading for you: The loophole undermining Romania’s anti-corruption drive

The work of Kit Gillet, the article looks at the disgraceful way in which Romania’s most corrupt politicians and businessmen are getting huge reductions in their prison sentences by writing books while in pokey. (When we say writing of course, we mean ghost writing: the books are being produced to order elsewhere, for a not inconsiderable fee we would guess). Gigi Becali, Adrian Nastase and Gheorghe Popescu are just three of the shysters who are free today because they lent their names to these so-called works of scientific import.

Anyway, the local news website HotNews (one of very few which is anything like reliable) today published a full list of all the books published by Romania’s convicts over the past three years. Some of the titles are hilarious, as is the very idea that some of these people – who have trouble even speaking in coherent sentences – can actually write.

Closing this loophole is now a matter of real urgency for the government, else the likes of Dan Voiculescu will soon be free, long before their sentences should end.


28 thoughts on “Time off for old ink

  1. They will be free anyway because in judicial matters a new law can’t be applied retroactively unless it creates an advantage for the culprit. They were convicted under the old law so as long as the sentence lasts they will benefit from any rights under the old law.

    But the loophole could be closed for future convicts so they won’t benefit from it.

    Putting those people in prison is useless anyway. The only result of putting those people in prison is destroying their businesses which feed hundreds of other families.

    Because it’s pretty obvious that if you destroy their business – there is absolutely no chance to take back any money from them. Whatever they have left is stashed away for good.

    Given the situation, there should be negotiations between the state and the convict. They should be given the possibility to buy their way out of prison and continue doing business in Romania.

    Then again – when the DNA says “prejudice in value of 20 million Euro” – they include not only the bribe that was given or the financial advantage which the businessman received for the bribe, but also all sorts of unrealistic income appreciation over the years.

    Take for example the Gigi Becali case: the man exchanged some land with the Ministry of Defense back in the 1990s which was at the time a fair deal (land of the same value was exchanged, considering 1990s prices).

    However, the DNA said “prejudice of … millions of Euro was incurred by the state” which in fact was composed of land value appreciation over 20 years or so (Becali’s land value grew several times bigger over the years than the Ministry of Defense land value; but how could anybody have predicted that?!).

    Nothing is real, all the amounts which the press and the DNA puts forward are fake.

    In terms of cold hard cash what’s real is probably 10-15% of what we read.


    1. My left testicle could have predicted that mate. The land Becali took was right on the edge of Bucharest by the Centura, the land he swapped was 15km away from Bucharest and a piece of shit.
      The only justice that could be done would be to ensure that anyone like Becali who’s found guilty, is charged for high treason and stripped of everything, instead of just being charged for being a thieving git and getting out after a couple of years.


      1. That’s not the way the law is supposed to work. This is no law, this is public execution. No difference between a justice system that acts like that and the Sharia justice system.

        There was not a single $ proven to have been given as bribe in Becali’s land deal, everything was assumptions.

        If I were an investor – I would stay away from a country which applies this kind of justice.


  2. They kept telling me in school “you should learn Maths and IT cause this is what employers will be looking for in the future”.

    And I kept telling them “I should learn Romanian language cause this is the language in which the laws are written; and if you can’t read and interpret the laws – everybody’s gonna take whatever they want from you and you’re defenseless”.


    1. The law can be an ass anywhere Parmo … It’s certainly helpful if you understand it better, and for people not fluent in Romanian, I’d imagine getting help with anything legally related (example) house move or divorce proceedings – would be par for the course!

      Latest news for you on the fight for nation state democracy, David Cameron has indicated he’ll now not challenge his fellow MP’s on which way they want to vote/campaign for in the IN/OUT EU referendum … I’d love to see us regain our democracy Parmo, be able to control our borders, have our own court of human rights and seek to trade with the world, on our terms … but sadly I think the liberal left and pro European border-less fanatics will win the vote 56% to 44%


      1. To be honest, I think you have a bigger issue with non-EU immigration than all the other issues which Cameron brings forward in this referendum.

        Cameron came here and asked Ciolos to support him in his agenda to lower or even cut welfare for EU citizens heading to England, but why doesn’t he cut welfare for third world vermin first? He can do it without requests for support, this decision sits in his pen.

        Once the non-EU immigration is dealt with and all third world vermin is expelled from Britain by the millions, I think the EU agenda will already become a non-issue.

        This referendum is not meant to pass, it’s only meant to scare the shit out of Bruxelles; it’s a leverage for further negotiation. The real issue in Britain is with muslims and other third world immigrants.

        Once they’re gone, there will be enough space for everybody else.


      2. Roger likes to confuse the difference between EU and non-EU migration. Either on purpose, or he’s just too retarded to understand the difference between them.


      3. Parmo some fair points, and you are right to say non-EU immigration is part of the problem, as are asylum seekers legitimacy, illegal immigration, population rise generally (in UK terms) etc.

        Clearly non-EU and EU immigration/migration have differences, and part of this is why Cameron is having to deal directly with this non democratic EU, to ask if the UK can regain control of its borders (in relation to EU immigration) … Tackling the non-EU immigration is something he needs to more on too, as the control of our borders is something that should cover ALL forms of immigration – a system like the Australian approach seems reasonable.

        Having such an lapse attitude to immigration/nation state democracy is affecting UK politics, more than it ever has in modern times … 4 million voted for a party who brought the EU debate to the table.

        You also touched on our foreign aid budget, and I’d agree it needs radical amendment, to give a country as cash rich as India, millions in ‘aid’ to a country who more than has its own ability to ‘aid’ itself, when arguably the UK needs our own ‘aid’ in a multitude of areas!

        The more and more nation state democracy and identity is eroded, the more you’ll see the movement of people and erosion of democracy, and nation states, in the news.

        Vote LEAVE #NO to the EU



      4. According to the latest poll which I saw today, it’s 46% vs. 23% in favour of a Brexit, with the rest being undecided.

        Britain is the only country that can stand on its feet without the E.U.

        But the country needs to tackle the issue of non-E.U. immigration cause that’s what ruins the society.

        There should also be a deep cut in welfare because people don’t want to work anymore, they prefer to sleep and live on welfare without working.

        That’s called social parasitism and Britain should take example from Romania: you don’t work -> you don’t eat.


      5. Parmo yes the ‘polls’ have the Brexit on favourable terms, but they didn’t get the General election right, so I wouldn’t read too much into them … We’ve a massive limp wristed liberal, green and pro European electorate who have a UK passport, who will vote to stay in the wholly undemocratic political union of the EU.

        Having said that, it’s closer than it’s ever been to a vote #leave scenario … The main issue in the press is immigration, but for me and many other voters, it’s regaining our democracy back (border control just a part of that) … And yes, non-EU immigration is a massive problem too, it needs reform, and quickly … Lets hope we see this too, and if we vote to stay in, and continue with a free for all movement of people within a ‘european state’ … Then I think we’ll see non EU people treated with discrimination, compared with EU passport,ID holders and asylum ‘seekers’ …

        The welfare issue is another can of worms, yes it also needs reform, can it be right that we send taxpayers money to people’s children who have never set foot in the UK, or that we have a culture of living off the state (make no doubt UK nationals abuse the system too) … The UK is a victim of its own success to a degree … We have dog eat dog culture and one which feels it’s owed a living.

        There are many aspects the UK culture could take a leaf out of Romania’s book …… I know what you’re getting at re-society and no work = no food.

        I’m not saying we need to adopt outlandish ideas, but reform is needed in so many areas … Being part of this undemocratic EU political union … Isn’t going to aid our ability to make changes for the best interests of the UK = as we aren’t in sole control of ALL of our affairs.

        The UK is suffering, strained, overpopulated etc etc … We can’t afford to try and ‘fix’ Europe’s problems and anyone else who is on the take or an economic migrant …. There is only so many people a small island can take – but the selfish and wreck-less liberal left, green pastel wearing types and pro EU fanatics can’t understand basic common sense.


      6. Yep, can’t argue with that prediction Craig – although it does have the potential to be a lot closer, than some could have ever imagined.

        The large scale movement of people, does indeed have political ramifications, so I think if we continue with the thoughtless freedom of movement, we’ll see a lot more questioning of the sanity of it all and rightly so.


      7. Yes, it’s an interesting time in UK politics of late.

        On a side note, is it the cynic in me that believes that the smoking ‘ban’ will be delayed until such time it can be introduced in the summer? Thus ensuring less ‘objections’ from owners, customers, the odd maverick and politician … I guess watch this space?


      8. Not a bad away kit, better than that away green kit circa 1988. Won’t be seeing Kerry Dixon doing much running about until he’s served his 9 month jail term.


      9. Right before kick off the commentator is already talking about Chelsea’s penalty takers. Parking the bus since 1984.


      10. I had forgotten that Chelsea use to have a great away support, especially here as they were in the old 2nd division.


      11. The action reply had to show Nevin’s penalty miss at fast forward speed otherwise News at 10 would have been knackard!


  3. Off topic; I found today two interesting things in Kaufland supermarket. Romanian Made Red Leicester Cheese and proper tasting ALE Beer made by Bergenbier


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