Smokers, your time is up: Please leave the building

A quick one (we are far too busy for this time of year): Bucharest is no longer Europe’s smoking section.

Romania’s parliament today voted to ban smoking in all indoor public places, as well as hospitals, schools and any outdoor spaces where children may be present (playgrounds, etc). The pro-health bill must now be signed into law by President Klaus Iohannis, something of a formality we would assume: the law has massive public support and sending it back to parliament would be political suicide.

Now, the million-lei question: Will the law be enforced?

We think so. While individuals caught smoking where they shouldn’t will be fined between 100 and 500 lei, it is venues which allow smoking that will be hit hardest. Substantial fines of between 5000 and 15,000 lei await venues whose patrons are found puffing away. Places repeatedly caught turning a blind eye to smokers will be forced to close. This should ensure that the law will be enforced by business owners themselves.

PS The law was tacked on today’s parliamentary business at the very last moment, almost certainly in order to give the evening news bulletins a story to lead with that was not related to the events going on outside the building.


31 thoughts on “Smokers, your time is up: Please leave the building

  1. I’m curious how the law defines “any outdoor spaces where children may be present”, because last I checked children may be present pretty much anywhere :))


  2. I don’t smoke, but this is a totalitarian law.

    The only ones who smoke in cafes and restaurants are liberals. Pensioners don’t have money to go to cafes. PSD threw the law in and didn’t care where it hit cause it didn’t hit their electorate.

    And the idiotic liberals voted the law, without a word. This is not even because of Soros, it’s because their heads are empty.


    1. “I don’t smoke, but this is a totalitarian law.”………..Maybe so but it’s a good one. I too got fed up going into boozers full of kids with fuckall money for beer so spent the entire evening chainsmoking trying to be like Christopher Moltisanti,


    2. Totalitarian would be a ban on smoking. This is not a ban on smoking, only on smoking in places where the health of non-smokers is compromised. There is still a huge smoking section in Romania: it is called ‘outside’.


      1. The state should pay compensation to cafes and restaurants which can’t host smokers anymore.

        I think we need TTIP as soon as possible, together with the special court where businesses can sue the state in an accelerated procedure.

        This is serious damage the state had just done to cafes and restaurants.

        The situation was very good as it stood: small premises could choose if they wanted to host smokers, large premises had to set up a special room for smokers.

        I don’t understand what was wrong with that situation.

        I certainly wasn’t bothered about other people smoking separately from where I ate.


      2. “The state should pay compensation to cafes and restaurants which can’t host smokers anymore.”……………..What you on about Parmo? Smokers are not banned from any place. It’s just that they soon won’t be allowed to smoke in public places. Doesn’t mean they can’t go out anymore now does it?


      3. That’s bad for business Mr Rearguard. Why go out for a coffee anymore when they can’t smoke!? They might as well stay home in the kitchen and drink coffee.

        We must encourage spending, not place barriers in front of it. That’s why we are where we are, and stinking politicians bring over muslims, cause European people don’t spend money anymore.

        Why the hell do they have money if they don’t spend?!

        Buy cars, buy clothes, buy women, cause that’s why money exists.


      4. “Why go out for a coffee anymore when they can’t smoke!? They might as well stay home in the kitchen and drink coffee.”…………..But coffee (I’ve never tried it) is something in my opinion that should only be drunk in the kitchen of your own home. People had the very same thoughts and ideas as yours Parmo back in England circa 2007 about the smoking ban coming into effect and nuffink changed…the pubs were still packed and the smokers got use to it immediately. For someone like yourself Parmo who doesn’t smoke, you sure do like to piss and moan about something that doesn’t affect you. Maybe you’re worried that it’ll be harder to pick up women as they will all be at home alone smoking in the mum’s kitchens listening to music via their Iphones, trying to convince themselves that they are having a better time? What I’m saying is…pubs and clubs in Romania will not see a drop in numbers of punters.


      5. We should scrap all legislation on sexual harassment.

        Women were made to have sex with men.

        The idea of sexual harassment is bullshit in the first place. How can women have sex, unless men make them feel sexy?!

        Telling a woman she has a nice ass is not offensive, is telling the truth.


    1. Alot of people in Moldova that were age 15 to 30 in the late 90s only have one kidney. The economy was so bad the people were doing what they could do to get by and Soros vultures swept in paying $300 for a kidney.


  3. Anybody kind enough to advise on when this will be enforced from?

    I know Craig stated a rough estimate (early Feb) … So I wondered if that’s still the case – or have things slowed a touch?



    1. It’s currently being sent to the Constitutional Court for review. It appears it affects some civil rights and liberties (of course it does, it’s a totalitarian law).

      I’m sure Craig will post another article when the law comes out the CC review :mrgreen: and then we’ll know for sure when it comes into effect and in what form.


      1. That’s why it’s being sent to the Constitutional Court for review: because the definition of public closed space included our own apartments. You’re not allowed to smoke at home either.

        It’s a 100% totalitarian law and whoever voted for it should be shot!


      2. Apartment you say Parmo?…..hmmmm maybe smoking will be banned in apartments as apartments, you know, being so close to each other is a kind of public space….so yes I agree; no smoking in your own private space AKA your apartment. George Orwell’s 1984 has arrived!


  4. In Italy a similar law was enforced in 2002. It says basically that smoking is forbidden in closed public places, except when the place has a separate smoking-only area (but only a few places changed their structures on purpose to accommodate smokers).
    At the beginning it was difficult for smokers, but after 14 years it’s absolutely normal that when you want to smoke you have to go outside.
    I don’t think that the Romanian law should be stricter than this (really it forbid to smoke in your own house?), but something must be done to respect the rights of non-smokers (if you want to poison yourself you are free to do it, but I don’t wanna be poisoned by your smoke).


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