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At the risk of this blog becoming little more than The Worst of Facebook we just had to share this, apropos of yesterday’s post about George Soros being portrayed in some parts as Romania’s greatest enemy. It’s written by Iulian Capsali, a would-be politician who tried and failed to get into the European Parliament in 2012 (few people voted for him, fortunately). Capsali is a staunch Putinista and Russophile who has defended the Russian occupation of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine (Soros started it, apparently), is virulently anti-European, a raging homophobe (he really, really has a problem with gays) and whose Facebook posts are often little more than thinly disguised nuggets of hatred aimed at anyone who disagrees with his worldview (stuck somewhere in the Middle Ages). He has in the past written about how only ‘real men’ can save Romania: a woman’s role is not in politics. He has praised certain policies of Nicolae Ceausescu, holds President Assad of Syria (known to the rest of the world as a vicious mass-murderer) in high regard and generally thinks that the enlightenment was a terrible, terrible thing.

Anyway, yesterday he shared the wonderful news with his followers that the Open Society Foundation (funded by George Soros, the devil himself of course) had been kicked out of Russia for posing a threat to national security and the Russian constitution:


Another nail in the coffin of the Russian opposition, and of Russian democracy. Who wouldn’t want to rejoice at that news?


15 thoughts on “More Soros

  1. I don’t agree with any ultranationalist Russophiles but to ignore them is to dismiss the fact that it is because of Soros-like foundations’ support for ‘dissident movements in the Iron Curtain’ that the country went through the hell it went through in the 1990s.

    US and UK based economists and philanthropists throwing money at programmes that preach capitalism with no real understanding of the emotional and mental trauma of having your entire worldview (be it genuine/earnest or not) shattered within weeks, only to wake up in a completely different country.

    It’s well documented that shock therapy carried out by Western economists with little understanding of the social factors of what ‘corruption’ or ‘bribing’ means. How easy it was for them to point at something and yell corruption! When you’re working under a functioning Western capitalist system there is little moral justification for corrupt acts, especially those that affect goods and services and people on a mass scale but for the public sector servants and clerks who had to bribe acquaintances to acquire goods/favours, is it really that hard to understand the human element in the framework of the current anti-corruption rhetoric?

    I support so called progressive values. But we’ve been doing them wrong. And we’re keener and keener to support them over anything that might mean welfare state in Romania. And it’s increasingly looking like the two will end up bizarrely being mutually exclusive.

    I have no answers. Please don’t call me a Trot.


    1. Nothing hurts Romania more at present than corruption. One of the reasons there is so much corruption is the sheer size of the state: there are more civil servants than there are workers in the private sector! The state needs to be shrunk in size considerably, bureaucracy reduced and full transparency introduced. That is what progressive NGOs – be they funded by Soros or not – are striving for. I fully support that. Do you not?

      Developing that idea I am of the opinion that the last thing Romania needs right now is an ideological battle between left and right (or what’s left of them). Transparency and honesty must come first, then once those things are in place and a level playing field has been created you can introduce politics again.

      To sum up: politics has failed Romania, what’s needed now is a period of anti-politics.


      1. The West is more corrupt than Romania, but the West managed to cover everything up by exploiting colonies over the years and bringing in so much wealth that not even politicians could steal.

        NGOs backed by Soros should go back to the States and uncover corruption starting from there, not from here.

        They are doing it here because they have an agenda of economic conquest. They’re trying to set up the state so that is has no more power to fight against foreign interests. And hand it over to corporations.

        The State apparatus should be 3 times as big as it is now and dirty corporations like Holzindustrie Schweighofer, Lafarge and others who make billions over here should pay for it!

        All NGOs backed by Soros should be banned from Romania and the only NGO s that should be allowed are those who offer free medical treatments.


      2. NGOs backed by Soros should go back to the States and uncover corruption starting from there, not from here.

        * They won’t, because the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States – the Obama administration – is on Soros’ payroll

        They’re trying to set up the state so that is has no more power to fight against foreign interests. And hand it over to corporations.

        * And to globalist scum like Merkel and Junker, both of them on Saudi/Qatari payroll, among others


  2. The Soros government just stated today that the Romanian Orthodox Church will receive no more funding throughout 2016.

    Child trafficker Klaus Johannis named in the enemies of God himself to govern Romania. This is a hideous joke that’s happening right now! We have a child trafficker as a president, a pee-drinker atheist as prime-minister and a Soros-inspired bunch of ministers to run things.

    And you’re telling me Soros is not the enemy of Romania…


    1. The state will no longer finance the construction of churches, in particular the cathedral in Bucharest. What’s even mildly controversial about that? With the exception of a few Orthodox Taliban (Capsali and his cult) most people – including the faithful – appear to agree with the decision. I personally know Orthodox priests who oppose the construction of the cathedral.


      1. This is a 99.5% Christian country and 90% of Romanians are Orthodox.

        The Romanian Orthodox Church is part of our history and is part of our national identity. Catedrala Mantuirii Neamului is a symbol of Romania’s Christian and Orthodox national identity, the most symbolic building that is being built in this country since Casa Poporului.

        Not funding this building is a defiance and a direct attack on the Romanian nation.

        And it’s even worse that it comes from an atheist (who declined to swear on the Holy Bible) and a pee-drinker (MISA member – as PSD Senator Daniel Savu revealed) – Dacian Ciolos.

        Who was instated as prime minister by a proven child trafficker (Klaus Johannis).

        Our national symbols are being desecrated by scum. This is what’s wrong with this country.


      2. It’s a national symbol, we have to build it. And there tens of other churches that are being built right now and they requie money to be finished.

        If I were the Patriarch, I would have raised people against the government and the president.

        This leadership that we have now doesn’t belong to the Romanian nation. It belongs to Soros.


      3. You should have followed all the images from the protests 1 month ago.

        Young people demanded the Church to come out of its autism, to stand beside them in their mourning.

        Whenever a priest came out and held religious service, people would kneel in the middle of the street and pray together with the priest.

        It wasn’t a message against the Romanian Orthodox Church, it wasn’t a message against God. Romanian people and Romanian youngsters are true Christian Orthodox (except for some brainwashed elements who had no social direction and were easily recruited by Soros backed NGOs, just like ISIS terrorists).

        The message was against the heads of the Church, who turned mercantile and autistic rather than fulfilling their religious and historical duty towards the Romanian nation.

        If Teoctist were still the Patriarch, it would have been a whole different story. Daniel has no moral ground anymore, he should resign.

        But the Romanian Orthodox Church will last forever, for as long as this great nation will exist.



        5000 people, in a God-forgotten place in Romania. I don’t even know where that place stands on the map. All of them attending the opening of a church, one month ago.

        This is the power of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

        The Romanian Orthodox Church can raise more people on the streets of Romania than Soros backed NGOs will ever raise in the entire world.


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