What does Bucharest need to be saved from?

Nicusor Dan announced today that the Uniunea Salvati Bucurestiul (USB) – which we wrote about last week – is now officially a political party. The Bucharest Appeal Court made the decision on Friday.

The USB will have candidates for mayor in all of Bucharest’s six sectors in next year’s local elections, as well as running a candidate for the general mayor’s office (probably Dan himself). The party will also submit candidates for election to the seven local councils.

Not everyone is happy, however. Apparently, Dan is in the pay of George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist who is something of a bogeyman for many idiots on both the far-right and far-left of Romanian politics.

Quite why we don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that Soros escaped both the Nazis and the communists, made a fortune and then financed the anti-apartheid movement, numerous anti-communist organisations including Charter ’77 and Solidarity, set up Open Society NGOs in tens of countries around the world (including Romania) in order to promote democracy and encourage the freedom of trade, capital, the free movement of people and the tolerance of new ideas and different modes of thinking.

Soros apparently spends as much as €600 million per year on such worthy causes, and it’s worth noting that his organisations are banned in Russia, Turkmenistan, Belarus and other such delightful places.

We should at this stage point out for any idiots reading that neither Dan nor the USB are financed by Soros. Indeed, would that they were! They might not be perennially short of funds.

Anyway, here are a few of our favourite comments from Dan’s Facebook page, posted by those who have convinced themselves that Soros is Romania’s greatest enemy and that Nicusor Dan is his loyal servant. Those of us who support Dan have merely been manipulated. Some of these comments are nasty, while others are just utterly stupid and cretinous. A couple of the replies from people who can actually think for themselves are very good.







The top one in the next screen cap is perhaps our favourite. Translation: ‘What does Bucharest need to be saved from?’



44 thoughts on “What does Bucharest need to be saved from?

  1. Soros is the devil himself.

    His organizations are banned in the Russian Federation because they conspire against the state and against the Russian nation.

    If somebody has even the smallest tie, or he is even suspected of having ties with Soros – he is the enemy of Romania.

    I don’t have proof that Nicusor Dan receives funds from Soros, but I suspect that he does. I also suspect him of having ties with the Liberal left, which is just as bad as being on Soros’ payroll.

    Tolerance is a disease, tolerance is worse than the plague. Tolerance destroys national identity. Beware of any institution that preaches tolerance, they are the enemies of the nation.


  2. When Donald Trump comes to power in the States and George Soros dies (I expect these events to happen more or less at the same time) – the world will witness a wave of freedom.

    Nations will take back political power and resources, world economy will grow, poverty will decrease, trade and scientific discoveries will be surging… a Golden Era will start for the entire planet.

    When Donald Trump comes to power in the States and George Soros dies, I will throw a big party and offer free drinks to my entire facebook list.


  3. Soros is Jewish, successful, rich, and generous — therefore hated by some. Identity is to be cherished but also to be strengthened with the help of smart, worldly people who have handled many difficult situations. For all his anti-immigrant blather, Trump in a weird way offers something like this. Like Soros, he is a global profiteer who has worked with all kinds of people. And employed illegal immigrants.


    1. Nobody hates people because they are Jews, Muslims, successful, rich or generous.

      People hate other people because of they way other people are trying to influence their society, their nations, their lives.

      There are thousands of other Jewish, successful, rich and generous people out there, which nobody knows nothing about and nobody hates. In Romania, for example, we prefer to mind our own business. Why doesn’t Soros mind his own business and wants to influence other peoples universe?


      1. It’s the fault of the zionist jews that everybody hates each other. It’s all part of the jews divide and conquer tactics.


      2. Do you like gypsies? Of course you don’t, no one does but it doesn’t matter because it’s all part of the plan. Yet say something negative about jews and the whole world goes completely nuts! And so there you have it sweety.




    An investigation carried out by news portal psnews.ro concluded that Asociatia “Salvati Bucurestiul” – Nicusor Dan’s NGO – received financing worth 122.000 Euro from the Open Society Foundation!


    I smelled he belonged to Soros! My instincts are always right!


    1. psnews is a portal run by former PNL propaganda mastermind Anca Mireanu. They are not an objective source. In fact Nicusor Dan’s association ASB received close to zero financing from Soros’s foundation. Out of 145Keuro budget for 2009-2016 (18Keuro/year for 4 employees), only 0.9%, or about 1200 euro, can be traced back to Soros. This percentage corresponds to projects financed by the foundation “CEE Trust” (1/6 of this foundation comes from Soros). The two projects incriminated in the psnews article are in reality financed directly from the EEA grants, a form of EU financing consisting of compulsory contributions from the rich EU associated states of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. These funds have nothing to do whatsoever with Soros. Details: http://epochtimes.ro/news/cine-finanteaza-activitatile-lui-nicusor-dan—243521


      1. I do not wish to touch on the “what if” question. It is irrelevant, since Nicusor Dan’s association ASB hardly received any funds which could be eventually traced back to Soros (1200 euros between 2009-2016, out of a total budget of 145.000 euros comprising mostly “norwegian” structural funds. ASB did not receive this amount directly from Soros, but from a consortium of other foundations, including the French Embassy. Soros’s contribution was diluted to 1/12 in that last case. And no, the new /political party/ USB did not receive funds form Soros. It’s bank account was opened only this week, so it could not have possibly been funded by a foundation which left Romania in 2012.


      2. Norway is a country of sick, genetically impaired people.

        Studies have shown that by 2050 – 90% of the ethnic Norwegian population will be homosexual, which is a genetic disease.

        Also – Norway has the highest rate of children born with the Down syndrome due to inbreeding (people getting married within their family).

        Taking money from a sick country that’s trying to promote a sick culture and way of life is just as bad as taking money from Soros.

        In fact – the Norwegian society is the product of Soros ideas of “diversity” that defy not only the will of God, but – as we can see – have genetically impaired an entire society.

        When you talk to a Norwegian, you need to know there’s a huge chance that he’s suffering from some genetic disease and what he says can be the result of that.

        Norwegians should seek treatment and stop promoting abroad the result of their sick genetics.


      3. “Norwegian funds”, as came to be known the Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway EEA Grants, are structural funds similar to the EU structural funds from 2007-2013. This is /not/ money that these countries chose to give away for free. They are /obliged/ to do so in order to keep they status as Associated States to the EU. In exchange, they get the right to participate in EU-funded programs, to which Romania is a contributor. You seem to be a typical troll, no argument is ever enough for the likes of you, if it’s not Soros then it must be Norway. I anticipate that even now you will not apologize for spreading nonsensical allegations.


      4. EEA & Norway Grants is committed to promoting

        – equality of opportunity (aka feminism – the suppression of the traditional family)

        – tolerance (aka unlimited rights for muslims, including the right to break the law without being punished)

        – security (really??)

        – environmental sustainability (aka carbon tax, fuel tax, plastic bags tax, expensive air conditioning etc, etc…)

        – and a decent standard of living for all (aka welfare taken from OUR work and given to third world monkeys)

        NO SHIT!? Is this what Norway supports over here!?


      5. Why don’t you go to a Republican super PAC for funds?

        Why do your funds always come from Liberal sources and promote Liberal ideas (cycling, green shit, “diversity”, homosexuality, feminism, multiculturalism, the unlimited rights of refugees etc…)?

        Why aren’t you promoting the normal (traditional) family, Orthodoxy, the Romanian history and culture?

        These are not nonsensical allegations, these are facts: you’re promoting Liberal extremist ideas that politically undermine the Romanian state, the Romanian economy and the cohesion of Romanian society.

        Even asking for cycling lanes in an overcrowded city like Bucharest is the equivalent of undermining the economy of this city. Because everybody has to step out of the way so that you can cycle to wherever the hell you’re cycling.

        Those roads are meant to keep the economy and public services up and running, they’re not meant for you to take bicycle rides for fun and leisure.

        You expect US – THE MAJORITY of people living in this city, THE MAJORITY WHICH KEEPS THE ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICES RUNNING – to step off the roads so that you – A TINY MINORITY – can take leisure rides.

        Everything that you do today will be punished and I believe it’s gonna happen rather sooner than later because the majority is starting to hate you NGOs – Soros and even non-Soros backed.


      6. Every honest person would apologize after being shown the falsity of their slander against an altruistic person like Nicusor Dan. It follows that you’re not honest since you don’t acknowledge your evident mistakes. I get the feeling that you’re either a supporter of the former prime-plagiarist, or maybe just another “postac”, as they used to call them. In both cases, you are immune to reason. I have made my point that Nicusor Dan was funded neither by “Soros” nor by the “evil degenerate Norwegians”, but from EU structural funds which are due to Romania thanks to EU membership. Whether Soros is evil or not is off the point, since there is no link between Nicusor Dan and Soros to begin with, other than your abusive ranting. Can’t you just apologize for spreading lies in your previous posts!? You are simply trying to create a negative image of the Mayoral candidate Nicusor Dan. We are left guessing whether one or the other of the “main political parties” in power use you as an instrument for slandering the only credible and honest candidate in the coming elections for Bucharest.


      7. Nicusor Dan is making Liberal extremist propaganda by promoting ideas like cutting off the roads of Bucharest in order to make space for cycling lanes and blocking economic development projects in order to “protect” the grass that’s growing on the sidewalks.

        If he ever stops being a Liberal extremist and starts to think clearly, like a decent human being, I am ready to reconsider him.


      8. You seem to have a problem neither with Soros, nor with the Norwegians, but rather with Nicusor Dan himself ! About his thinking clearly: he won two first prizes in the International Math Olympiad in 1987 and 1988. He was, two years in a row, the best high-school student in mathematics in the world!


      9. Actually I have a problem with Liberal extremists. All of them, not only Nicusor Dan.

        See the list above: all of them are Liberal extremists who have been undermining the Romanian state, the Romanian economy and the cohesion of Romanian society.

        It’s the same kind of Liberal extremism that has taken Western Europe to the verge of civil war.


      10. I think Parmalat discourse, no matter how bizarre it may seem to an outsider, has its own internal logic, and could be in fact quite powerful in influencing us Romanians, wary as we are of foreign occupations and interference. It is simply based on some false claims, which I was trying to unveil above. Such a perverse discourse could be effective in blocking Nicusor Dan’s growing popularity. The established political parties are aware of that. Now if Parmalat is actually on their payroll is another story. He made above some slightly pro-Ponta comments, and he seems to cherish the real estate “developers”, a code-word for the business arm of the cartel run by the corrupt mayors of Bucharest (out of the seven mayors of Bucharest and its “sectors”, all of them coming from PSD and PNL, /four/ are currently on trial for corruption!). So yes, he may well be a “postac” of one of the parties. He thrashes the word “Liberal”, so he would rather be a PSD troll. Or he may be just a concerned citizen. As far as I am concerned, it bothers me that he’s not civil enough to apologize when proved to be wrong.


      11. I’ve quit the PSD on September the 4th because the party refused to take a political hardline against muslim immigrants.

        A person who crosses borders illegally from a safe country to another safe country is not a refugee, but a criminal.

        Romania has laws against criminals who cross its borders illegally. If the border patrols are not enough to protect this country’s borders from invasion, the Romanian Army should be sent in with tanks and armored vehicles to defend the borders by any means.

        If the Romanian Army is not enough to hold off the muslim invasion, people should be given weapons to defend their country.


      12. Right. He was openly PSD (yuk) up to September 2015. Russian influence agent in my opinion. Using seemingly nationalist rhetoric to provoke (agent provocateur), confuse and mislead. He latches to an absurd topic (Nicusor Dan being allegedly financed by Soros) without any supporting evidence other than PSD-PNL online slanders, then, when confronted with the facts, moves to some new and crazy ranting. What distinguishes trolls (postacs) from genuine commentators is their total lack of intellectual honesty. I’ve had my share of this forum. Whoever you are reading this, just remember: there’s no link between Nicusor Dan and Soros.


      13. Soros is worse than plague for this country. Romania hasn’t experienced anything as bad as Soros since Caragea’s Plague in 1800s which left 60.000 people dead.

        Soros is attempting to destroy the national identity of this country, the same way as he did in the West. Soros has blood on his hands, he is guilty of murder.

        The third-world invasion of Europe and subsequent genocide of White people happened because of Soros.

        Having your name written on the same page as Soros’ name is a crime in itself, let alone taking money from Soros or from any other society that stands for the same or similar ideas.

        Nicusor Dan (but not only him) is guilty of Treason and he should face criminal charges and he should be sentenced to life in prison for taking money from Soros.

        Art. 155. – Tradarea

        Fapta cetateanului român sau a persoanei fara cetatenie, domiciliata pe teritoriul statului român, de a intra în legatura cu o putere sau cu o organizatie straina ori cu agenti ai acestora, în scopul de a suprima sau stirbi unitatea si indivizibilitatea, suveranitatea sau independenta statului, prin actiuni de provocare de razboi contra tarii sau de înlesnire a ocupatiei militare straine, ori de subminare economica sau politica a statului, ori de aservire fata de o putere straina, sau de ajutare a unei puteri straine pentru desfasurarea unei activitati dusmanoase împotriva sigurantei statului, se pedepseste cu detentiune pe viata sau cu închisoare de la 15 la 25 de ani si interzicerea unor drepturi.


      14. I disagree. The Soviet occupation, or the 1.040.000 abortions in 1990, were two greater plagues than Caragea’s. By the way, you are falsely accusing someone (Nicusor Dan) of something he obviously did not do. Your post is a showcase in bad faith: first you claim on shaky grounds that Nicusor Dan received 122.000 euros from the Soros Foundation (which is false), then, without apologizing for the disinformation, you persist and accuse him of Treason! Man, this is madness! Are you real?


      15. This is a list of Soros’ minions in Romania, others than Nicusor Dan (which is by no means complete, but only trying to map the octopus from close to its head):

        – Sandra Pralong – fost consilier al președintelui Emil Constantinescu, actual consilier al presedintelui Klaus Johannis

        – Alexandru Lăzescu – fost director al TVR

        – Andrei Pippidi – istoric, membru în Comisia care a elaborat Raportul Tismăneanu și Raportul Elie Wiesel privind participarea României la Holocaust

        – Vladimir Tismăneanu – politolog,președinte al Comisiei Prezidentiale de Analiză a Dictaturii Comuniste din România

        – Andrei Pleșu – scriitor, Ministru al Culturii(28 decembrie 1989 – 16 octombrie 1991), Ministru de Externe (29 decembrie 1997 – 22 decembrie 1999), membru al CNSAS(2000 – 2004), consilier al președintelui Traian Băsescu ( decembrie 2004 – mai 2005)

        – Catrinel Pleșu – fost director, Centrul Naţional al Cărţii, din cadrul ICR (2009 – 2012)

        – Mihai Șora – filosof, Ministrul Educației (decembrie 1989 – 28 iunie 1990)

        – Renate Weber – consilier al președintelui Traian Băsescu, (2004 – 2005) europarlamentar PNL.

        – Liviu Antonesei – scriitor, jurnalist

        – Alin Teodorescu – sociolog, primul președinte al GDS, consilier al premierului Adrian Năstase, Ministru cancelar, șeful Cancelariei Primului Ministru Adrian Năstase, fondator IMAS

        – Andrei Marga – filosof, Ministru al Educației (1997 – 2000), Ministru de Externe (mai 2012 – august 2012), președinte al ICR (septembrie 2012 – iunie 2013)

        – HR Patapievici – filosof, membru al CNSAS (2000 – 2004), președinte al ICR (2005 – 2012)

        – Mircea Mihaieș – critic literar, eseist, fost vice-președinte al ICR( 2005-2012)

        – Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu – consilier al Președintelui Iohannis, fost ministru de externe (2004 – 2007), șed al SIE (2007 – 2012), premier al ROmâniei (februarie 2012 – mai 2012)

        – Cristian Pârvulescu – politolog, președintele Asociației “Pro Democrația”

        – Victor Rebengiuc – actor

        – Sabina Fati – jurnalist România Liberă, revista 22

        – Andrei Oișteanu – etnolog, antropolog, membru în Comitetul educațional al Institutului Național pentru Studierea Holocaustului din România “Elie Wiesel”

        – Andreea Pora – jurnalist

        – Teodor Baconschi – teolog, fost ministru de Externe, decembrie 2009 – ianuarie 2012, ambasador al României la Vatican, în Portugalia, San Marino. Secretar de stat în MAE(2005-2006), Consilier al Președintelui Traian Băsescu (2006 – 2007)

        – Monica Macovei – europarlamentar, fost Ministru al Justiției(2004 -2007), fost candidat la președinția României

        – Alina Mungiu – politolog, șef al Știrilor TVR (1997 – 1998), a fondat Societatea Academică din România, profesoară la SNSPA

        – Stelian Tănase – scriitor, președinte-director general al TVR, fost director al Realitatea TV

        -Laura Ștefan – membră a ONG-ului “Expert Forum”, director în Ministerul Justiției( 2005-2007), a fost declarată expert – anticorupție de către Ambasada SUA

        – Adrian Cioroianu – istoric, decan al Facultății de Istorie a Universității București, a fost unul din susținătorii introducerii Manualelor alternative, inițiativă a Fundației Soros. Fost senator, de Timiș, fost europarlamentar, fost ministrul de externe (aprilie 2007 – aprilie 2008)

        – Rodica Culcer – jurnalist, fost referent la Ambasada SUA de la București( 1985 – 1991), fost director al Știrilor TVR

        – Adrian Cioflâncă – cercetător științific, fost membru al CNSAS, coator al Raportului Tismăneanu și al Raportului Elie Wiesel.

        – Stere Gulea – regizor, fost președinte al TVR

        – Gabriel Liiceanu – filosof, director al Editurii Humanitas( fosta Editură Politică)

        – Sorin Ioniță – politolog, fost consultant al Consiliului Europei, Băncii Mondiale şi UNDP pe Europa de Est şi Balcani; reprezentant al României ȋn Comitetul Economic şi Social European (EESC), sectiunile Transport-Energie şi Mediu-Agricultură, fost membru în Comisia Prezidențială Pentru Analiza Riscurilor Sociale și Demografice

        – Smaranda Enache – președinte al ONG-ului Liga Pro Europa, fost ambasador al României în Finlanda (1998 – 2001)

        – Edward Helvig – șef al SRI, fost director General al Institutului de Studii Sociale, Fost consilier al Ministrului de Interne, C. Dudu Ionescu, Fost consilier al lui Mugur Isărescu, fost deputat de Bihor, fost europarlamentar

        fost Ministru Dezvoltării Regionale și Turismului în Guvernul Ponta

        – Radu Filipescu – nepotul fratelui lui Petru Groza, membru fondator al GDS

        – Armand (Armant-Constantin) Goșu – istoric, fost consilier al Ministrului de Externe (2010 – 2012), fost membru al Comisiei Prezidențiale pentru analiza Dictaturii Comuniste în România, fost director al Institului Român pentru Istoria Recentă

        – Dan Perjovschi – desenator, ilustrator

        – Mircea Toma – activist, ActiveWatch.

        – Mihail Bumbeș – istoric, co-fondator al ONG-ului Miliția Spirituală, cercetător în cadrul IICCMER. A obținut, prin Miliția Spirituală, o bursă de 30.000 de dolari de la CEE Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.

        – Claudiu Crăciun – politolog, lector al Catedrei de Științe Politice și Studii Europene de la SNSPA, fost expert în cadrul Secretariatului General al Guvernului şi Ministerului Educaţiei (2004-2009). Lucrarea sa “The Learning Government Research Project:Assessing Policy Making Reform in Romania” a fost editată sub auspiciile Open Network Society și a Centrului pentru Studii Politice din cadrul Universității Central Europene, ambele înființate de George Soros

        Tracing back their activity from various sources, ALL OF THEM can be accused of political undermining of the Romanian State.

        The best example is the protests of November 2015 which originated from Soros-backed NGOs and had thrown the country in a political crisis (which was the best alternative to social instability).

        I KNOW that Soros was behind the protests through his NGOs and minions. THE SRI KNOWS that Soros was behind the protests through his NGOs and minions (we’ve seen them all at Cotroceni talking to Johannis, all – including Nicusor Dan).

        Unfortunately we can’t do anything right now because the tide is still against us. But in the same moment the political tide will change and Ultra-Conservative politicians will be back in power in Europe and the States and Soros will be dead – all of these people will be charged with Treason.

        All of them.

        Like Alexandru Visinescu. It’s worth waiting even 25 years from now for that moment!


  5. This is a HUGE discussion that needs to be saved for future reference.

    What I did in this post was to set up the theoretical basis for the destruction of Liberalism in Romania.

    Anybody who reads what I wrote here can, from now on, respond effectively to any Liberal argument. This is the day when Liberalism in Romania has taken the biggest hit in its history. From now on in 20 years – Liberalism in Romania will be remembered the same way as Communism!


    1. The article linked above is only about Mungiu-Pippidi, not a word about Nicusor Dan! Parmalat you’re a patent liar. Are you actually paid to spread this nonsense? Or are you just a moronic, lonely troll having his own version of “fun” online?


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