Well that didn’t last long

Update: Ciolos has published a new version of the government’s programme. The part about mayoral elections being held over two, and not one round of voting is missing. In better news, Mihai Selegean is not now the proposed Justice Minister. The far more worthy Raluca Pruna – erstwhile of the European Commission – is set to take the job.

New dawn fades. This time, faster than ever.

We should have known it was too good to be true. Having waxed partially lyrical yesterday about the proposed new Romanian government, it’s all gone a bit wrong overnight.

Most importantly (and most disastrously) the prime-minister designate Dacian Ciolos has withdrawn the nomination of Cristina Guseth as Minister of Justice. Although Guseth was given a hard time at her parliamentary approval hearing yesterday, she was, reluctantly, given the green light to become a minister. It appears that Ciolos – understandably rather worried about getting his government passed by parliament – ditched Guseth after fierce criticism from lawyers that she did not have a law degree. A prime minister who runs scared at the first sign of trouble is really not what we need right now. Ciolos has instead reportedly nominated Mihai Selegean as Justice Minister. Selegean is best known as being an adviser to Rodica Stanoiu, a securitate collaborator who held the justice portfolio from 2000-2004 (during the government of convicted criminal Adrian Nastase). So that’s a great move.

Secondly, Ciolos has alas not withdrawn the nomination of Marius Bostan as Communications Minster. Bostan is the owner of a notorious website, inliniedreapta.net, an extreme right-wing online rag that regularly publishes outwardly racist and homophobic articles.

All very disappointing.


38 thoughts on “Well that didn’t last long

  1. I’m not sure you understand Romanian. If you do, you should have been shocked by the miserable show given by Guseth before the commission. Guseth is knowingly an incompetent and greedy impostor. Being on the right side of the barricade, in favour of the rule of law and friend with Monica Macovei doesn’t make things necessarily better for her. (The world is full of crooks and morons being “on the right side”).

    I think Ciolos did the only right thing withdrawing this cathastrophic Guseth. Agree that Salagean would have been a coup of the old guard. Fortunately, Mrs. Pruna seems to be the right choice, so eventually everything did go OK.

    Inliniedreapta is actually no “extreme right-wing online rag that regularly publishes outwardly racist and homophobic articles”. It’s only silly, still cultivating that provincial Romanian interwar right wing ideology which appears so outdated in a modern world. Actually, “they” are dr. Anca Cernea, a thoroughly decent person. Things are more complicated in real life, not always being what they seem to be.


    1. Yes, Pruna looks OK. But what have you got against Monica Macovei? A thoroughly decent politician to whom we owe much, not least the vast improvements made to the justice system during her tenure.

      As for inliniedreapta, why is it silly to call it extremist? It is extremist. It openly calls for discrimination against migrants, women, gays etc. with Anca Cernea often leading the charge. It also has (or had, until recently) a somewhat ambiguous attitude towards the legionnaires, a group who were, let’s not forget, basically a mioritic ISIS.


      1. no, it not extremist, it has never had an ambiguous attitude towards legionnaires. it does not call for discrimination. The inliniedreapta team helped immigrants, muslim and christians, that were in real danger, so they could get asylum in Romania. this is just an example to let you know how confused you are.

        so, dear Craig, you should be ashamed of yourself. you are either a victim of lies, because you probably don’t read Romanian and listen to people of bad faith, or you spread lies and slander, fully knowing what you do.


      2. Actually, I do read Romanian.

        Anyway, can you confirm that ILD has never – at any time in the past – written anything positive about any former member of the legionnaires?

        Also, would you confirm ILD’s stance on women’s reproductive rights (especially the views of Anca Cernea)? And what about equal rights for LGBT minorities? Where does ILD stand there? Is it non-discriminatory?


      3. I write there from day one. So, I understand that your are not sure that what you write here is true, and you wrote it anyway?

        You said you read Romanian. Read.


      4. SAR it’s not a trust worthy source.

        But wait, about the article you linked to, did you read the first line?

        “Nu sunt homofob. Homosexualii nu-mi trezesc panică, nici vreun alt fel de teamă, și nu-mi provocă acele reacții fiziologice necontrolate ce constituie simptomele medicale ale fobiei.”

        Maybe you don’t read Romanian, try with google translate.


      5. And I would end the discussion here. I don’t have a lot to say to somebody that, based on things that are not true, calls people “mioritic ISIS” and other nonsense.

        Have a great day!


      6. Well I’d argue that the legionnaires were a mioritic ISIS: an evil death cult driven by a dogma of pure hatred who set out to achieve their goals through unspeakable violence. Fortunately, they did not succeed, and many of them got what they deserved.


      7. “He opposes equal rights for a section of the population. That’s discrimination.” — no, he did not, but this is just to complicated for you.


      8. I never called you ISIS, I called the legionnaires ISIS. For they were: the Christian equivalent at least. Anyway, I’ll take being called Stalin as a compliment.


  2. I thought Ciolos’ job was to put together a government of technocrats. A technocrat would be some specialist in a particular field. Not only is Guseth no specialist, she actually has no qualifications whatsoever. So exactly what is so disastrous about withdrawing her nomination?
    A disaster, if you want to call it that, was nominating Guseth to begin with.


  3. Regarding the minister of telecomunications.The site which he owns is in fact a blog conglomerate with a big number of independent blogs(much like Adevărul bloguri).It is true that a few blogs are extremist but most of the are perfectly fine and anyway he does not have any influence over what is written there.
    Also,since major decissions regarding how will the elections be held can’t be taken less that one year before the respective elections,the proposal with two roung mayor elections was simply futile


    1. There’s nothing bad about being extremist. It’s just what left-wing liberals want us to believe.

      But we never vote for left-wing liberals so it’s ok for us to be extremist.

      us = people who love God, people who love their nation, people who are proud of being white, men (as opposed to feminists), real men (as opposed to homosexuals), Christians, people who cherish freedom of speech, etc…


      1. It’s coming down on their heads, Mr Rearguard… they can’t control the internet and even if they could – they don’t enough jails for all of us.

        People will demand and politicians will obey, rather sooner than later.


      1. Just saw your update to the original piece…even better choice for justice minister.
        When’s the vote of confidence again?


  4. You know what I found out?

    I found out that my radical speech creates much rumour and emulation on Western right-wing web pages.

    I think people in the West are so afraid to speak their mind because their governments might punish them, that whenever somebody like me comes and speaks things which everyone feels but are afraid to speak – it’s like a revival of hope in their souls.

    We should plan revolutions in some countries and execute them in other countries. Just like terror attacks…


    1. The government doesn’t punish people in the West much for popping off. But a provincial person who has rarely left Romania would not know that.


      1. And then they say you’re racist and they kick you off your job. And your life is ruined for saying bad things about muslims who threaten to kill you.

        It even happens in the States – the country of absolute freedom of speech.


      2. Well there are cases of PC Police causing trouble for people with ‘incorrect’ opinions, but it’s not as bad as you make it out to be Parma.
        Been nice and quiet without Woger hasn’t it?



    “Prime minister Ciolos knew perfectly who Mrs. Guseth was. Both of them were MISA members, I saw Mr. Ciolos on the internet while he was attending MISA meetings in France. There were even pictures of his wife attending those meetings”

    – Senator Daniel Savu (PSD)


    They used to drink pee at those MISA meetings. There are videotapes of MISA members drinking pee.

    Somebody should ask Mr. Ciolos if he drank pee =)))))))))


  6. This is where the world has gotten because of immigrants. It make me sick. Our European communities are being destroyed by savages and we’re even afraid to vote for politicians who are willing to save us because we risk being named extremists.

    For how long are we gonna sit back and watch these tragedies unfold before our eyes, before we realize that the least we can do is vote for those people who stand strong against the elites and the controlled media to try and make a change?



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