The new government’s programme

Is here (in Romanian) for anyone who wants to read it. We have read the edited highlights and have to say that if they deliver on even half of the policies listed in this document, then the future’s bright.

As it is, they face a hostile parliament and have given themselves only a year, so forgive us for being a little sceptical that they will achieve anything. Still, for what it’s worth, here our our own edited highlights:

1. Getting all political parties and future governments to sign up to a ten-year plan to develop the country’s infrastructure
2. Mayoral elections to be held over two, and not one round of voting
3. Removal of the electoral threshold and reduction of the number of signatures needed for independent candidacies
4. Allowing citizens groups and NGOs to propose legislation
5. Digitalisation of the electoral roll
6. Unequivocal support for the independence of the justice system
7. Promoting inclusive, progressive education via a new culture of tolerance and acceptance
8. Support for rural communities via the development and encouragement of collective action in agriculture
9. Introduction of performance-related-pay in the public sector
10. CAS reductions for those taking out private health insurance

9 thoughts on “The new government’s programme

  1. One has to be an idiot to tolerate gypsies and muslims. Good thing Romanian children don’t care much about school anyway and their mentality is formed by other means – including the internet nowadays.

    The possibility of brainwashing children via the educational system doesn’t exist anymore.

    And to be honest – if a teacher would tell my kids to tolerate muslims and gypsies, I’d throw him out the window.


    1. “And to be honest – if a teacher would tell my kids to tolerate muslims and gypsies, I’d throw him out the window.”………..What if the teacher was a gypsie who also happens to be a follower of the peaceful religion of Islam?


      1. Gypsies are the capitalist type, ready to squeeze money out of your pocket by any means. You’re never gonna see a muslim gypsy.

        Islam is a mental disease. If I had a muslim teacher, I would cause a great public scandal until either he goes away or I go away (but not without a fight).


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