Romania’s new government: Not all bad

Not bad.

Romania’s new government was announced yesterday by prime minister-designate Dacian Ciolos, and is at first glance a decent enough team of largely independent experts, untainted (as far as we know) by corruption or by association with Romania’s zombie political parties. There are exceptions (the government must face a vote of confidence in parliament before it can be sworn in, hence the presence of the odd party stalwart) but make no mistake: this is a pro-European bunch that looks west and represents at least a small step in the right direction.

The proposed new cabinet of 22 ministers features eight women, a nod towards full recognition of the important role women must now play in Romanian public life. Men have by and large failed Romania: much of the country’s woes can be directly linked to its medieval attitudes towards women, assigned for far too long the role of baby machines and little else, ignoring the vast potential of millions. This new cabinet succeeds in partly redressing these wrongs, placing women – all of whom have bags of experience either in Brussels, at the IMF or at various progressive NGOs in Romania (including Freedom House) – in some of the most crucial and important portfolios including finance (Anca Dragu) and justice (Cristina Guseth).

It’s not all good news though. Initially nominated as Minister of Health, 28-year old Andrei Baciu was un-nominated just hours later after it was revealed that he had, ahem, revealed too much in some modelling photos a few years ago. (In fact, it was Baciu’s lack of experience which saw his name withdrawn. At least we hope so: if it’s true that earning honest cash by posing in your underwear is unacceptable behaviour in Romania then perhaps we are already living in some Sharia state).

PS As an added bonus, this cabinet is going to piss off lots of people (nationalists, misogynists, scumbag Legionnaire-apologists, pan-Slavists and pro-Russians especially). Wonderful.

PPS (Added later) It appears that the proposed Minister of Justice (Cristina Guseth) is not a lawyer. This has pissed off Romania’s lawyers. Another massive bonus.

8 thoughts on “Romania’s new government: Not all bad

  1. I stood next to Andrei Baciu and Raed Arafat yesterday afternoon outside the French Embassy. I noticed his better than average looks and well tailored suit and wondered who he was. . .


    1. Yeah, porn movies is what we were missing in Romania, that’s why they brought Andrei Baciu in the government…

      I’m gonna send Johannis and Ciolos some pictures of my d*ck, maybe I get to run a ministry too…


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