Anyone ever seen Bucharest’s famous Michael Jackson statue?

Yes, there’s a statue of Michael Jackson in Bucharest. It’s in Herastrau Park apparently, and although nobody who lives in Bucharest has ever seen it, we know it exists because Mark Hillsdon at the Daily Telegraph says so. Right here:


According to Hillsdon, Herastrau is home to ‘an odd mix of statues from Charles de Gaulle to Michael Jackson’. Indeed it is: nobody would dispute the first part of the sentence. From the shockingly awful statue of de Gaulle at the entrance (although it could be worse: Stalin stood here between 1952 and 1961) to the large collection of busts inside the park dedicated to global literary figures as diverse as Ady Endre and Taras Shevchenko, we have ourselves long admired the eclectic nature of Herastrau’s statuary. In fact, we have often suggested that the park would do well to publish a map of them all, which visitors can tick off as they walk around. We may even do so ourselves, if we can find the time.

Yet quite where the Michael Jackson statue would be placed on that map is, however, a bit of a mystery. For you see there isn’t one, at least not that we (or anybody else for that matter; Mark Hillsdon excepted) know of.

Which leads us to wonder where Hillsdon got his info? We assume he visited the city in order to write his piece, so if he could tell us where the Michael Jackson statue is (or even just send us a photo of it) we’d be very grateful, as we’d love to share that information with our own readers. We are not huge Jackson fans ourselves (although Off the Wall – the last album he made before going bonkers – is rather good), but we’re fairly certain that there are plenty of sad bastards reading our guide who would like to know where any Michael Jackson statue is.

Alternatively – and we would like to point out that this is just a theory, not an accusation – could it be that Hillsdon simply took a look at Bucharest In Your Pocket’s text about Herastrau, put two and two together and came up with five?

We ask because we write the following about Herastrau:

Charles de Gaulle is not the only historic figure honoured in this part of the park with a statue or bust, however. In fact, the alleyways and paths which fan out from the entrance are all dotted with famous people, from Romanian revolutionary Nicolae Balcescu to Bengali literature’s most important figure, Rabindranath Tagore. Look out also for local artists Nicolae Grigorescu, Constantin Brancusi and Theodor Aman, as well as writers George Cosbuc, Alexandru Vlahuta and Romania’s national poet, Mihai Eminescu. Other foreigners honoured with statues include William Shakespeare, Ady Endre, Sandor Petofi and Victor Hugo. There is even a statue of Prince Charming (Fat Frumos). We have long suggested that the park should publish a map of all its statues so that visitors can tick off those they see as they go around. Oh, and there’s a memorial to Michael Jackson too. Yes, really.

Note that we say ‘memorial’ to Michael Jackson. Not statue. For while there is no statue except in the imagination of Mark Hillsdon, there is most certainly (and no less bizarrely) a memorial. You can see it here. There is even an ‘Aleea Michael Jackson’ in Herastrau:


But no statue. Unless Mark Hillsdon can tell us otherwise.


35 thoughts on “Anyone ever seen Bucharest’s famous Michael Jackson statue?

  1. Haha brilliant article, especially if you like a fair dose of sarcasm – to quite rightly mock someone who’s nicked someone else’s hard work !

    Having read the article in the Telegraph myself – I did notice the ‘Michael Jackson statue’ claim myself – and thought it was strange, as I was pretty sure I’d have heard about it already … As barring that, everything else in the article I knew about!

    Good stuff Craig.


  2. Anybody ever seen the famous Bucharest Micky Jackson statue? Yes I have. I mean it was there two years ago when I lived at Aviatorilor. I saw it most mornings on my morning run around Herry Park. Maybe someone has half inched it? Try outside Fulham’s football stadium, it could be found there?


      1. Oh yeah, typical me, always full of shite. Memorial, statue…what’s the facking difference eh? At least I don’t go about with cotton wool in me fackin ears pissing and moaning about fackin current you facking kunts!


  3. Churchill once described De Gaulle as resembling a female lama who has just been surprised in her bath.
    BTW, yes there is, or was, a statue of Jackson.


    1. “One Chelsea fan, who asked to not to be named, (How convenient?) said: ‘It was orchestrated (sounds like he’s thinking over Jurgen Klopp and his heavy metal football?). Five guys turned up at the pub and sussed us out. (Must have been the blue shirts that gave ’em away?)
      ‘One was texting at the bar (message to his Mum?) and they were obviously lying in wait (foaming out the mouths were they?) to have a dig (dig, do people still use that term?).’……………………..Who makes this shit up?


      1. First time I went to Kyiv (in 1997) one of the first things I saw after getting off the train was a bloke openly carrying a gun. Probably a not very well disguised plain-clothes copper. Been back several times since, never seen any trouble. V. nice city, v. nice people.

        PS On that first trip I saw Dynamo beat Barcelona 3-0.

        PPS Will be at the return of the Dynamo Chelsea game at the Bridge in a fortnight.


      2. When you get there, phone up the Evening Standard and tell ’em a group of drunk beer bellied black blokes stopped you getting on the metro. When they ask for the colour of your skin, don’t be surprised when they slam the phone down on you.


    2. I’ll ask some friends if they saw anything, I’m somewhere else now. Things in Kiev are a bit dodgy at the moment though, last week, Right Sector threatened to blow up a concert venue if the organisers let it go ahead. The building was surrounded and the performers had to leg it.


      1. Why would a Ukrainian football hooligan be texting at the bar all sneaky beaky instead of talking? Surely the elderly and female Chelsea supporters don’t understand Russian? Unless they hang out with Chelsea’s club owner?


      2. So yea, my mate said there was a bunch of police around that area and the bar was shut for a while. That’s all I know.
        A couple of months ago riot police were in the center after a ruckus between Polish and Ukranian fans. Not unheard of for football violence here.


      3. Big problems with racists in football and homophobic bigots the closer you get to Russia. You just don’t see black players openly taunted by thousands of people in a stadium in the UK, USA and Germany, but I guess some places are more liberal and accepting than others – so it’s not really a surprise so many strive to enter these types of countries … The benefits and wages aren’t bad too, national health, schooling, scamming opportunities etc etc.

        I wonder if CSKA will taunt Marcial, Depay, Smalling etc tonight – hope not!


      4. This had nothing to do with racism Woger, just football violence as tends to be the case with die-hard ‘supporters’ and gangs.
        Ironic that you yourself come across as racist when talking about racism again.


      5. CommonAnger-Less

        I’m not talking about this particular case?

        I’m talking generally, hence I didn’t direct it nor address it to you?

        That was the clue that it wasn’t a direct reply to what’s been typed previously …

        So please stop stalking me and ruining the forum, by all means debate maturely but don’t start making things up and continuing your angry stalking of a complete stranger who winds you up – don’t read my posts if you can’t stay calm and rational, thank you.


      6. Roger, stop being a dick with a persecution complex, look up, you were replying to a nested post of mine. And while you’re at it, stop being a racist, illiterate piece of shit.


      7. Yep, less than two weeks before you reverted back into a tit.
        Have fun simmering in your hate, I’m off to enjoy the wonders of a Slovak night-time.


      8. What’s with all this ‘Keep Calm’ bollocks this and ‘Keep Calm’ bollocks that coming out of everywhere in the UK? Talk about sheep.


      9. Have you ever been to a Russian football match that featured a black fella on the pitch and heard racist chants and boo’s directed at that particular black fella? Or do you still rely on the bbc and the Daily Chimp to tell you what to think and say?


      10. Actually Rearguard I’ve been in 3 stadiums in Eastern Europe where I’ve heard and seen racism with my own eyes – I’ve also heard it on the television too, hence the most recent punishments for the clubs involved.

        Surely you don’t believe all that conspiracy rubbish stuff about practically everything in life, do you? Although someone had to I suppose – let me guess, you’re one of these who thinks 9/11 never happened or it was set up by the CIA 🙂


    1. Merkel has made one of her biggest political mistakes when she told millions of people to come to Europe – it’s suddenly amazing how millions of people miraculously turned into genuine full blown asylum seekers overnight !

      Thank God we’re not in mainland Europe and we’re an island, at least that gives us some form of control – which is what is needed.

      Ideally you’d want to see stabilisation in Syria, but a significant number aren’t fleeing Syria or even Syrian nationals – a large proportion are from a multitude of countries and economic migrants, which is understandable but still needs control.

      I wonder if Cameron will get his wish of stopping people claiming child tax credits for their children in another country? Or do British tax payers keep picking up the bill … I guess we’ll be finding out sooner than later !


    1. Meh, there will be drama about lifting immunity (i.e. they won’t), and eventually she’ll be sent away for a couple of year and out after a few months to a year. She’ll keep her riches.
      I don’t think justice has been served in any of these high profile cases yet. What they have done is not corruption, it’s treason given the scale of it and should be treated as such.


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