We knew it was too good to be true

As we alas suspected, the powers-that-be want nothing to do with the rather excellent idea PNL senator Teodor Atanasiu proposed yesterday, which would see all communication from the Romanian tax office, ANAF, arrive via email and not via the notoriously unreliable Romanian post office.

Sorin Grindeanu, the minister who would be responsible for implementing the idea – were it to pass into law – said this morning that ‘there are too many companies in areas of the country which do not have access to the internet to make the plan viable.’

We are calling bullshit on that. Any company which can’t read its email once a week shouldn’t be in business for start. Secondly, you have to go a long, long way to find even a village in Romania which does not have at least a basic internet connection these days. Some of these places might not have running water but they do have decent internet.

No, the simple reason that Grindeanu wants nothing to do with this is because it will give him something to do. It’s far easier to sit behind your big desk saying why things can’t happen than to actually try and implement them.


10 thoughts on “We knew it was too good to be true

  1. Again only my personal opinion from experience, but have to agree regarding the Internet – I’ve been through some remote parts of Romania and always had internet access on my phone, and the speed wipes the floor with the U.K. – so as excuses go, that’s a lame one.


  2. This was my idea, from 5 years ago. It’s the Liberals who proposed it because it was them who I discussed the idea with, back then.

    It’s hard to believe plain politicians could think that far by themselves…


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