Romanian senator in ‘rational intelligence’ shock

Miracles, it seems, do happen.

A Romanian senator (Teodor Atanasiu of the PNL) has proposed a law that would require communication between the Romanian tax authorities (ANAF) and Romanian companies to be carried out via email. Every Romanian company would receive a unique email address the moment they registered at the local tax office and all notifications, requests for payment etc. would be sent to that address. The cost of sending (often rather pointless) communication by registered post would be saved, as would a great deal of time and hassle. Existing companies would have six months after the introduction of the law to re-register at the tax office and pick-up their email address.

It is a simple, rational, intelligent idea that will make things just a little bit easier for the average Romanian taxpayer, as well as lightening the load of the already overstretched post office.

As such we can’t see it ever becoming law.


5 thoughts on “Romanian senator in ‘rational intelligence’ shock

  1. “intelligent idea that will make things just a little bit easier for the average Romanian taxpayer, as well as lightening the load of the already overstretched post office.”……………Went to a couple of Rommy post offices recently and this happened. I asked for a simple envelope to send something. Was told, ”we no longer stock them”. Another time I was told “We can’t take parcels that are destined for overseas”. Could someone please tell me what the fack is the use of the post office here in Romania? Answers on a postca……Ah forget it.


  2. I’m not one to normally moan about the frustrations of Romania, as I’m a guest in the country and to be fair what country doesn’t have frustrating elements … But I did once try and send a letter from a post office in Buc, never again, in fact it never got sent – it did seem overly complicated and the cashier didn’t seem to like fact I spoke in English with a blend of poor Romanian (to try and help her!) … This could have been a one off, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard the post office can be a nightmare, and that’s from Romanians!


    1. What you have to understand Roger is that all the post offices here are family run. Meaning that in each and every branch all the staff are related to each other. Like a little mafia. So they see us all as a nuisance. They are simply not interested in maintaining a smooth operation and offering good customer service etc. So long as they get their paycheck then the post office will carry on facking the likes of you and me around. If the Rommy post office was a race horse, it would have been shot decades ago.


      1. Didn’t know that rearguard – and yes, I was made to feel like I was a nuisance, just walked out in the end. Similar experience when trying to buy a train tickets too and complete jobsworths at Garanti Banks …

        But on the other side of the coin – when going into any ‘family’ run grocery type store – people couldn’t be more helpful and friendly, especially when I used my limited Romanian to try and be polite.

        So I know it’s not based on anything other than my own experience, but people working in ‘perceived authoritive’ roles, can be awkward as hell – and yet people working in shops are pretty much as helpful as they can be.

        I think that’s my first ever whinge about Romania, so I’m blaming Craig for that 🙂 but on a scale of things, it doesn’t really bother me, but the way the UK post office works, I can see why it frustrates people!


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