Stupid, unworkable Romanian laws (No. 8,527)

Imported tomatoes. Ban this sick filth!
Imported tomatoes. Ban this sick filth

That age-old Romanian mantra of ‘blame those nasty foreigners we’d be the richest country in the world without them’ is clearly alive and well.

The PSD-dominated Romanian Senate is not, we will admit, a place we usually associate with reason, logic and common sense. Far from it. Nevertheless, it yesterday set new standards for utter stupidity when passing a populist, protectionist, unworkable, nationalist and utter reactionary law that will require all food shops – be it a hypermarket or corner kiosk – to ensure that at least 51 per cent of the meat, fruit and vegetables it sells is of Romanian origin.

Even if the law (which still has to pass the lower house of parliament) were workable (it isn’t, see below), the only tangible effect it would have would be to raise the price of food, something which will effect the poorest Romanians the most. So much for the PSD being a party of the left (what a joke that idea always is).

Why is it unworkable?

Think about it just a for a few seconds.

Let’s say a shop begins the day with a stock of 100 tomatoes. To conform with the law, 51 are Romanian, 49 are Polish. Then the first customer of the day turns up, and buys five Romanian tomatoes. What happens then? The shopkeeper suddenly has more Polish tomatoes for sale than he does Romanian. He’s breaking the law. Does he need to close until he can replenish his Romanian stock?

Then of course there is the question of what happens in the case of shops that sell only imported products, such as the many Italian or French delicatessens you now find in Bucharest? Not to mention that fact that the law breaches just every founding principle of the European Union.

Finally, laws like this are often the thin end of a very thick wedge. Where does this silly protectionism end? Will we soon see a law stating that 51 per cent of all electrical goods need to be Romanian? 51 per cent of all cars? Will 51 per cent of the texts on Bucharest Life need to be written in (or by) a Romanian? Will 51 per cent of all music played on the radio have to be Romanian? Will 51 per cent of the tarts in a massage parlour have to be Romanian?

While we understand that the law is an attempt to help local agricultural producers, a group who have been right royally buggered by every Romanian government since 1990, it is – like all desperate legislation that comes too little, too late – bad. That Romanian agriculture is uncompetitive is a result of numerous political failings (the scope of which go way beyond this brief post) going back 25 years, beginning with the disbandment of the collective farms in 1990 and the redistribution of land to smallholders. Yes, we are happy to admit that breaking up the CAP-uri was perhaps morally the right thing to do, but it is perhaps equally correct to state that doing so condemned Romanian agriculture – and the livelihoods of those who depend on it – to a slow, miserable death. This stupid and unworkable law will do nothing to change that. The only people who could possibly benefit are the owners of Romania’s very largest farms: and they are often foreigners. It will do nothing to benefit those with small, subsistence farms. The point is to get these people off the land, not keep them on it in perpetuity.

For the hundredth time: small-scale subsistence farming cannot feed large urban populations. Subsistence farming can only work at a national level if everyone in the country becomes a small-scale farmer doing back-breaking work, day-in, day-out, from dawn to dusk. Perhaps that’s what the PSD wants. Another policy copied directly from the Khmer Rouges.


66 thoughts on “Stupid, unworkable Romanian laws (No. 8,527)

  1. Romania has the second largest agricultural capacity and surface after France in the EU. Read that twice please. Imagine the shame or fury or whatever you want to call it pops out when you visit a supermarket. A tasteless(injected usually) polish tomato? no fokin thanks! What a bad picture choice especially when Romanian tomatoes are somewhat world renown. From all your trips to the countryside you haven t noticed the difference? Shame.And the list goes on, you should really stop dabbling with agriculture and things related coming from a non existent agricultural country.You don t grow anything compared to romania. Large scale industries also extend to agriculture so stop promoting coca cola and monopoly at the same time.
    You want choice and rainbow colours everywhere but you forget all of them will eventually merge and then you ll have your communism back. not a bad plan for nwo lol. so stop whining in between.
    Really, ask Paul w about the tomatoes.


    1. What a magnificently incoherent rant.

      Of course Romanian tomatoes taste rather good, whoever said they didn’t?

      This is not about taste though: it is about the state telling merchants what they can and can’t sell, which is rank out of order.

      You do not address the new law in your reply however, nor any of the problems is creates, nor do you attempt to explain why Romanian agriculture is so uncompetitive.

      You can’t feed the world by subsistence farming.


  2. It is a terribly stupid idea and probably illegal under EU law. Just a thought on the irrationality of this law. If Romania really has got so much agricultural land, it would be interested in developing its agribusiness to its fullest potential, this would involve exporting to other countries. However, if other countries decide that they don’t want Romanian agricultural products, in retaliation for this law, Romania will be reduced to exporting to Moldova.
    Free trade is the whole point of the EU.


  3. What does Romania “need” the EU for ?

    The UK’s farmers and fisherman have been royally shafted by the clowns in Brussels, it’s about time we broke free, and can open up trade worldwide and not be dictated too by non democratically elected non entities.

    The EUssr in this current format doesn’t work – only the deluded or people who directly benefit think differently.


      1. Selling fishing quotas to the Spanish and French at below market rate then crying that they did themselves out of a job…


      2. Anyone with a modicum of understanding of the EUssr CFP, knows it’s flawed. Although in fairness the delusional or angry will argue otherwise.

        The fact remains, caught fish are thrown back into the water, dead – due to the ridiculous EUssr quota for landing fish.


      3. Yes, it is ridiculous to have a system of quotas designed to prevent our fish stocks collapsing and on-board inspectors to regulate it. Much better to let the fish populations vanish.

        Roger, you’re an idiot.


      4. I know you’re angry, no need to rant twice about it though πŸ™‚

        The EUssr’s flawed concept of landing fish and throwing dead fish back into the water – doesn’t help replenish fish stocks … It adds to the problem lol.

        You’re actually rather ignorant and haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, again lol.

        This one will make me chuckle for a while :))))


      5. You know after Uni I did a couple of stints on a boat as a fisheries inspector right? Can always tell you about the time I tracked a salmon to a wheely bin in someone’s back garden that had been tagged…good days, and quite funny.


      6. Yes, it is ridiculous to have a system of quotas designed to prevent our fish stocks collapsing and on-board inspectors to regulate it. Much better to let the fish populations vanish.

        Roger, you’re an idiot.


      7. Anon

        I’m well aware anyone who gives an opposing view to yours makes you angr, and spout your usual abuse.

        You’re even so angry and childish, that when agreed with, you ignore it. I suggest you grow up.

        Now back to the facts, the fishing stocks had been diminishing long before the CFP, furthermore, a scientific report in 2010 states the CFP has done little if anything to reverse that trend, in fact – the EUssr’s CFP’s mindless policy of throwing dead fish back into the water, does not alleviate the problem (even a child could work that out)

        Anon – you’ve told us all you live in the sex tourist capital of Europe, I’d suggest you concentrate on your seedy middle aged cravings, rather than getting angry about your beloved EU on here. Although your love for the EU makes sense now, you get unrestricted travel to prey on young girls with low salaries don’t you?


      8. My dear little Woger,
        Do you ever read or research the drivel you post? That was a rhetorical question, we all know you don’t…

        So you’ve said that the fish stocks were diminishing BEFORE the CFP. Good at least you can admit that.
        You quote a 2010 ‘scientific’ report (which I’m sure you’ve probably never read), but then are blissfully unaware that only a couple of weeks ago this was released and cod populations have been steadily increasing over the years.
        Considering the low fecundity of cod, and their 8 year+ maturity timespan, you’re never going to see an instant turnaround.

        Then you just go ahead and lie. The CFP does not have a policy of throwing dead fish back in, in fact they say the following:
        ‘Under the landing obligation all catches have to be kept on board, landed and counted against the quotas. Undersized fish cannot be marketed for human consumption purposes.’

        Now let’s address your little snipes. You seem you have an in-depth knowledge as to the ‘sex capitals’ of Europe, and you have even in the past recommended I try Thailand if I’m interested in taking advantage of ‘sex tourism’. I can only presume that you’re talking from experience in this matter, but as a chap in his 30’s with a decent career, I don’t need or wish to engage in that kind of practice. If you’re into that kind of thing Roger (and I’m pretty sure you are considering your expertise in the matter), then keep it to yourself…I’m not interested in your ‘recommendations’ or stories about Thai ladyboys.

        Secondly, I don’t ‘live’ in any one country, thankfully my business keeps me moving around on a regular basis so I have the pleasure of never having to enter the same office, everyday for years on end. Next week I’ll be jetting off to another country, checking up on some business deals and catching up with old friends. Not bad for a bloke who grew up in poverty on a council estate. See Roger, the difference between you and I is that I decided to better myself and rise above my station; you on the other hand would rather blame forrriners for your miserable existence.


      9. Anon

        For a man in his 30’s you don’t half get angry at strangers on the Internet πŸ™‚

        I know you like making stuff up, but it was you who first mentioned Thailand, it was you who I caught saying “picking up girls Bucharest is pretty easy” it’s you who lives in a sex tourist city, it’s you who boasts of your wealth and luxury cars (the news that you’re a council house dosser) must be why you now boast and ridicule others so much?

        What are “forrinners” by the way, do you mean foreigners?

        I’ve clearly touched a nerve with your sex touring of Europe, I simply googled where you live and low and behold your seedy life became clear !

        You’ve been busted son, and your massive rant proves it πŸ™‚

        Have a nice weekend preying on Eastern European women, as you attempt to lure them in with your boasts of wealth and luxury cars lol.

        The funniest thing about you is how you make out you’re better than everyone else and never wrong lol – and yet you allow people you “think” are below you make you rant !

        And now we have the admission you’re a council estate kid LOL with the ‘raised in poverty’ predictable story !!!

        Priceless :))))))


      10. Hey council kid lol

        Here’s proof from the BBC that dead fish was and some species still are being thrown back !

        Why not send the BBC an angry rant, telling them you’re right and they’re wrong πŸ™‚

        You’re meltdown today has been priceless !

        I reckon you’ve mental issues from your poverty upbringing – this is why you pay for sex, boast of wealth, mock Romanian salaries, homophobic, bully women on this site, and get so angry all the time!

        For a man in his 30’s, you’re tragic lol


      11. Woger,
        Are these your words or not?
        ‘Ukraine is a good a place as any for being a homophobe and preying on young girls with a low salary – if you’re an ugly middle aged man.

        It would make sense if you lived somewhere like that. Thailand would probably suit you better though’

        You seem to have an in-depth knowledge of sex in other countries, and recommended Thailand out of the blue, without prompting.

        Your memory is as wobbly as your reading ability.

        Is this where you do another ‘HAHAH YOU SO MAD’ post, then start playing the name changing game again to prove how not mad you are?

        Right, I’m off out with the missus to enjoy my evening. Have fun with the knowledge that despite winning the ‘born in a country with all the ace cards’ advantage, that you’re a failure in life feeling threatened by foreigners.


      12. You’re positively fuming council sex tourist lol !

        Yes, certainly did make those assumptions based on what you’d already said and done – turns out it’s clearly touched a nerve and you’ve been busted ! I reckon millions of people know what Thailand is all about, hardly ground breaking news lol – but you talking how easy ‘to pick up Bucharest girls’ (your words) – and your homophobic slurs, bullying that women poster on here, mocking Romanians on low salaries and your constant angry and abusive style – tell me quite simply you’re a nasty piece of work … Why are you defending this sex tourist thing so much ??? Usually we’d have your pro EU rants – says it all really !

        Off out with the missis lol – how much you paying her or are you using your 2 luxury cars to groom her !

        In your 30’s lol – yeah 39, judging by your tragic music taste and cringeworthy style like “righty and touch base”

        LOL πŸ™‚

        Sex tourist anon who preys on Eastern European women and allows himself to be angered by strangers on an obscure website !

        Now that IS tragic πŸ˜‰

        Have a lovely weekend with your “missis” hope she’s older than at least 25 ! Or you’ll just look like what you are – a sex tourist lol !!!


      13. “Right I’m off out with the missus”

        Not before I’ve told this stranger he’s wrong on the Internet grrrrrh !!!!!!

        MASSIVE LOL !!! πŸ™‚

        Hurry up please anon – “hang on love, I’ve got an obscure website to post on first”

        Lol priceless !

        Enjoy your weekend grooming people you can take advantage of lol


      14. Did you have a nice night being bitter and jealous Woger? It’s getting a bit chilly here now, but we had a great night out exploring the city.

        I see you went back to one of your many bookmarked pages to demonstrate your lack of reading comprehension again. You really should consider going back to school, maybe an education will help you improve your quality of life so you’re not so frustrated. It won’t cost too much, but you will have to cut down on your consumption of Thai ladyboys.


      15. Anon

        Genuine question here – if you’re so well educated, never wrong, rich, successful, in your prime, find picking up Eastern European girls easily … Then why are you always on here allowing me to make you so angry ?

        It just doesn’t make sense at all ?

        Normally I’d doubt your age, with you clearly making up this ‘Thai ladyboy’ thing – as I’ve never even been lol.

        You rant on about education etc … So you must know how stupid and immature you look, when you keep making stuff up, because a random stranger has angered you !


      16. My dear sweet Woger, I’m only angry in a figment of your imagination πŸ™‚ You’re quite good at strawmen I’ll give you that. You also seem pretty on the ball when it comes to sex tourism. Ever considered putting your knowledge to use and setting up a tour company for like minded individuals?


      17. Not having that – a self proclaimed man in his prime, who finds it easy to pick up Bucharest girls, has 2 luxury cars, a successful career, high salary, university educated, homophobic and enjoys mocking Romanian people on low salaries, boasts of his education, lifestyle and travel, and an all round nasty piece of work ……. And yet allows me to get so many ranting responses from you, at almost any hour of the day …

        Any you’re seriously trying to tell everyone you’re not angry lol, it seems your education has been wasted, based on how you conduct yourself on here lol.

        Me outing you as a sex tourist or at the very least a middle aged man who preys on poorer Eastern European women has really got to you hasn’t it lol πŸ™‚

        You have to ask yourself, for someone who claims to be so successful, why are you ranting at me on a fine Saturday evening !

        Oh and before you have a meltdown, I’ve never boasted as you do, that’s why your meltdowns are so funny πŸ™‚

        Enjoy your Saturday night grooming or prowling the bars of Kiev lol


      18. Phil

        Can you really lay the blame of foot and mouth on all UK farmers?

        I’d also imagine they were blockading because they felt aggrieved – but I suppose it’s a stick to beat anything British farmer wise with.


      19. It was caused by feeding pigs on untreated waste and failing to report the disease. And as a result they pretty much had to shut the country down.


      20. Phil

        So the reality is, if what you say is true – basically some (not all) farmers were to blame, and the other stuff you just made up?

        Any stick to beat the UK with is fair game around here though, so fair play for that.


      21. The farmers union cried and whined about the prospect of vaccinating animals to contain the outbreak. You know, the largest farmers union in the UK, representing it’s members. It’s not ‘some’, it’s the majority.


      22. No, wrong again anon – you’re making a habit of this aren’t you lol.

        It’s a fact that the majority of farmers in the UK, aren’t even members of the Farmers Union, so your point is false, as usual !

        It’s too easy this !


      23. @Phil “It was caused by feeding pigs on untreated waste and failing to report the disease.”…………………..Where did you get that old fanny from, mainstream media?


      24. Do you have an alternative conspiracy theory, Mr R? Maybe Uncle Albert started it while he was looking for the Peckham Spring?


  4. I’m less than convinced that agricultural labourers working for large agricorporations have a wonderful life unencumbered by hard work and terrible conditions. At least the Romanian smallholder has some control over his own labour.


    1. Not doubting that in theory, although what choice do most smallholders have given the poor transport links in the countryside which prevent them commuting to jobs in towns? Emigration has in the main been the only real option.

      Also, this law does not help smallholders in any way. If I were in charge I’d be training up an army of agents for change and sending them into the villages, trying to get people to organise, and setting up cooperatives which would be owned by the whole village. Then I’d offer them cheap loans to buy modern equipment that can help make them competitive. The collectives of Aragon circa 1937 are the model.

      That’s how you help small farmers. IMO.


      1. I largely agree. Though actually in many ways that’s what already happens – cows are taken care of communally, people share equipment, harvesting is communal, there is a village council (which is a kind of cooperative) that supports everyone as much as possible (round these parts anyway, not sure if that’s nationwide). The only area where they don’t do what you suggest is the cultivation of small plots of land – everyone takes care of their own, which means lots of very small plots of land growing different things. Combining those plots into larger plots which would be more efficient would make the boundaries more difficult to see (or impossible) and that – for historical / cultural reasons is a little bit far of a stretch for most people I fear. Ownership of property is a massively important issue here, however ramshackle or small that property is. (That’s what centuries of feudalism followed by communism will do for you I guess)

        By the way, haven’t stopped by for a while – these two blokes using your blog as an arena for their uber-childish abuse – can’t they get a room?


      2. Perhaps I should change names again – and we’ll see if he mimics it for the 3rd or 4th time as he is currently with CommonSense-Less, he even impersonated Geronimo a while back, but if his stalking and angry abuse stops … I’ll not engage with him again.

        He’s a bit of a weirdo to be fair, with his rants about spelling and grammar, bullying of women, homophobic slurs etc etc – I’d not trust him around kids, that’s for sure, I feel sorry for the girls in Bucharest he claims are “easy to pick up”

        Anyway, let’s see what happens when I change usernames – will his angry abusive stalking stop ?

        I mean he claims he’s in his prime, 2 luxury cars, great job, earns a high salary and likes mocking people who don’t ……. So it begs the question ?

        What on earth would a man who claims all he does … Be on here ranting at complete strangers ???

        It just doesn’t make sense πŸ˜‰


      3. They have put an end to any serious (or pointless and fun) discussion on here as everything descends rapidly into their impossibly pathetic running argument. I once had my sympathies for one over the other but that has long gone. As awful as each other.

        Wouldn’t want people blocked but wouldn’t be against the idea of some mass deleting of posts. Would be a shame if they ruined it completely.


      4. Have to agree with a lot of that to be fair Geronimo.

        I’ll actually hold my hand up and apologise to all normal readers and Craig for being partly to blame (but obviously it’s not ALL my fault) … I’ll have a name change and try to resist his baiting and abuse – I doubt you’ll ever see him concede any wrongdoing, which speaks volumes.

        This forum I’ve been on for a few years now, and he’s been far more abusive to others than I ever have – in fact it’s only him I’ve ever abused, and the way he ran Prisonerofyoureyes from here was disgraceful, she was a women poster too.

        Let’s see what happens and if he’s willing to apologise and concede he’s acted like a child, then we can all move on – we may all have different opinions and can agree or disagree on a mature level … Not his endless unfounded slurs, abuse, rants about people’s spelling, grammar or education – I’ve never seen him admit or concede anything on here, ever !

        Sadly I fear people like him can’t be humble or rational, and his baiting and angry rants will continue … Let’s hope this moderation by the users of the forum, will bring it back to how it used to be and hopefully previous posters will return, such as the ones he’s abused before.

        Now that really IS common sense!


      5. I give it a few days before you’re back to your old fun and games.
        Right, off to enjoy my evening! Toodles!


      6. As everyone can see – he’s just confirmed he’s got no apology, no humility and it appears he’s going to continue as he pleases !

        I’ll be changing my user name and it sadly appears he’s going to continue his abuse and ruining a forum he’s clearly not welcome on.

        If you’ve got one guy willing to apologise and move on for the good of the forum, and the other with no shame – what can you do ?


      7. I rest my case above ^^^^^^

        I tried an olive branch and to be mature about it – and this is what you get.

        I’m sure everyone else can see it too, pretty tragic really… But quite frankly it’s no surprise and panned out exactly as I predicted!


      8. I am going too – never gave a timescale, but it will be sooner than later.

        In the meantime, I’m happy to see you posting abuse, as it proves I was correct about you. Everyone can see who whose apologised and they can see who’s not … You really must be that bitter and positively fuming – that you can’t articulate an apology to everyone as I have … And you still continue with abuse and demonstrate genuine anger!

        Maybe give yourself a rest from the Internet for a while?

        Arguing and abusing strangers on the Internet clearly isn’t doing your health any good !

        Now if you apologise to everyone as I have been good enough too – we can all move on, but as predicted, I doubt you’ve got it in you ……… You’re too angry and bitter, in my opinion.

        We shall see πŸ˜‰

        Have a lovely calm day in your latest Eastern European “city”



      9. You mean ‘I am going to’, instead of ‘too’.
        You’re just like Farage, lots of talk but no follow-through.


      10. Probably do, but I’m not that tragic to spend my Sunday pointing out a strangers spelling or grammar mistakes!

        Are you going to apologise to everyone and calm down by the way (genuine question)

        Take a few deep breaths before you reply, as I know for a fact you’re angry with me – or you wouldn’t have declared you’re having a night out and then less than 4 hours later return to an obscure website past midnight – to rant at a complete stranger LOL

        If you’re not angry or obsessed !

        I wonder if your poverty upbringing on a council estate has made you so angry and bitter at strangers on the Internet? Not a dig, just asking what you’re so easy to wind up – lack of self awareness and ability to control yourself maybe?

        Anyway, have a nice Sunday ‘being wrong and angry’ on the Internet – you’ve clearly made it in life LOL


      11. Anon last night after he claimed he was having a night out in Kiev with his “missus” #sex tourist

        For a self proclaimed highly educated, rich, successful, owner of luxury cars, in your prime, man who finds it ‘easy’ to pick up women etc etc … Why on earth would a man like that – be on the hook of a complete stranger on the Internet LMAO πŸ™‚

        I reckon you’re actually sat where you live – genuinely FUMING lol :)))))


      12. Anon very well said in part, absolutely agree with you that actions speak louder than words … That’s why I’ve changed username as I promised and had the decency to apologise to Craig and other readers of the site.

        Until now you’ve sadly done neither.

        Actions do speak louder than words, indeed.

        Hopefully you’ll be able to move on and apologise as I have.

        Bearing in mind I said originally I’ll do all this IF you stop stalking me and ruining the forum – so are you going to comply or are we back to square one?

        Choice is yours?


      13. Andy point taken, it’s a good forum but as you can see the guy who claims I don’t bother him – has yet again made a mimic of my username !

        He’s generally unpleasant and bullied a great poster from here who was a lady, with his abuse.

        I’ll try and resist winding him up – but I won’t back down from his constant attacks.

        He keeps claiming I’m thick, stupid, idiotic etc etc – yet he still engages with me and allows me to anger him ……. So you have to ask yourself, who’s the catalyst?

        I got on perfectly fine with everyone on here – until this cyber stalker latched onto my every word – but apparently he’s a rich, successful former council poverty childhood bloke from the UK … Personally I think he’s got anger issues and a fraud, we’ll see if he’s mature enough and educated to take the hint, his stalking and anger issues are ruining the forum.

        I’m not without blame, but I won’t be bullied by anyone, certainly not by a bloke who bullies women and thinks he’s better than everyone else.

        More importantly, interesting and fair points in your post.


      14. It’s a word, who’s various definitions are in the English dictionary – here to help the angry and people who aren’t bothered by what I say … You clearly are πŸ™‚


    1. Apologies Crae – I’m just standing up to him and ruining his weekend in the process – then I’ll have a change of user name and wait for his angry stalking to start again… I think you’re a bit cruel calling him an idiot though – in fairness I think he’s mental health issues to coincide with his anger problems!


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