Romania & Migrants: The Numbers Don’t Add Up

Romania – alongside the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia – predictably went rogue yesterday and voted against the EU’s proposal to allocate quotas of refugees to each of the Union’s countries.

Poland, much to the chagrin of its Eastern European neighbours (and a fair percentage of its population no doubt), sensibly broke ranks and voted in favour. Romania’s disgraceful stance made not a jot of difference, however, given the EU’s qualified majority voting system.

As such, Romania can now expect to receive a modest 6,500 refugees in the very near future. Unlike Slovakia, which has already said it will not take a single refugee (and may be penalised by the EU accordingly), Romania has hinted that while it will continue to oppose the quota system, it will not refuse to take its share of refugees. If this is the case, it will go at least some way towards repairing the country’s reputation as a hospitable place, which has been hurt by its rather knee-jerk reaction to the refugee crisis.

That the Romanian government voted no yesterday did not come as a surprise. As easy at it is to condemn Romania, it should be remembered that the vast majority of the population is right behind the government’s stance. Indeed, only yesterday – shortly before the vote in Brussels – an opinion poll appeared which made for shocking reading (particularly if, like us, you are an immigrant in Romania).

Asked if they would welcome refugees, just 35 per cent replied positively. More than 56 per cent want not a single refugee on Romanian soil. And here’s where the figures stop adding up.

Earlier this year, another opinion poll found that more than 90 per cent of Romanians consider themselves to be Christians. And yet only 35 per cent are willing to help those in need (at no actual cost to themselves, we might add)?

Something’s not quite right there…

Oh, and another thing: we keep reading about how Romania has ‘nowhere to put the refugees.’

Bullshit. There are currently more than two million refugees in Lebanon (from Syria, Palestine and Iraq, as well as some Kurds from Turkey). Lebanon is only slightly bigger than Timis county. Think about that the next time you hear the ‘we’ve no room’ argument.

Update: Iohannis confirmed on Wednesday that Romania would accept the refugees it had been assigned. What’s more, he said that the number of refugees Romania was expected to take ‘is not big’ and that Romania would cope easily enough.


112 thoughts on “Romania & Migrants: The Numbers Don’t Add Up

  1. If you think that bringing young males from a region that’s known for (at least) a thousand years of inbreeding (look up “arab world cousin marriage” if you don’t believe me) – with the resulting stupidity and propensity for violence – is a good idea, then you’ve got head screwed on the wrong way.

    But then again, you also think feminism is a good idea. You Westerners are you own worst enemies.


      1. In terms of intelligence (and clanish-ness, for that matter), the average Romanian is below the average North European. And above the average Middle Easterner.

        That’s a fact.

        Deal with it.


  2. First of all, you are not an immigrant. You are a European citizen, and as such, you are free to set up your home in any of the European Union countries.

    Secondly, the fact that 90% of Romanians declare themselves Christians can only explain this attitude towards migrants. The Christian religion in Romania has very little to do with the principles in the Bible, and tends to have an (extreme) right-wing orientation, showing very little tolerance towards anyone different than the majority of white, ethnic Romanians. The church and the church-goers will frown upon even people who are in a (straight!) relationship, but are not married yet, let alone a gay relationship, or someone coming from the Middle East. Hence, Romanian hospitality myth busted! ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: Also, please do expect a lot of trolling and extremist comments on this blog post. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Surely an immigrant is anyone who moves to a country other than his or her own with the express intention of remaining there?

      As for the church, your portrayal is a little unfair. I personally know priests – mainly in the countryside – who would do anything for anyone (and indeed perform minor miracles with almost no money). I did not intend this post to be against the church, far from it in fact: more an attack on the utter hypocrisy of those who claim to lead the good life but do nothing of the sort.


    2. I may not be an expert on the word “hospitality” but when you invite someone in your house you can show hospitality but still expect the guests to leave eventually. Europe can take a number of refugees but expect that these refugees leave when things get better in their countries.


      1. Radu

        A genuine asylum seeker would leave back to their own country after the problems why try fled claiming asylum were resolved.

        I’d hazard a guess not many return, as the vast majority are economic migrants – or they’d have all stopped at the first safe haven they found … Not all head for Germany and the U.K.

        It’s pretty obvious what the majority are, I just feel for the few genuine asylum seekers amongst the violent rioting young men.


  3. It highlights two key areas for me personally.

    One is that whilst many Romanians are only too happy to become economic migrants themselves – many appear to not want it to work the other way and racism or xenophobia or whatever you label it as, is rife… Just look how they treat the Roma community.

    Having said that, I also quite admire (to a degree) the standing up to the EUssr and its non democratic dictatorship of telling counties what they should do – it’s Romania and its people’s business how they control their borders, but as you can all see ……….. Whilst a member of the EUssr – you’ll be told how to run your country from non elected European fanatics in Brussels.

    As I’ve said countless times and I’m sorry Craig disagrees – but removing democracy and borders is shear lunacy and the likes of these people have the blood of dead migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean on their hands.

    The only positive I can take out of this uncontrollable mess – is that the IN or OUT referendum in the UK – may have been given a boost to the NO side, by the incompetence of the EUssr and the few countries who made a stand for democracy.

    Oh and anyone who follows the EUssr closely, will know why the Poles changed at the last minute … Just google Donald Tusk, the ex prime minister and now 300,000 euro a year EUssr bureaucrat …

    So well done Romania for making a stance for regaining your democracy but also highlights it’s not as non racist and liberal as anon makes out!

    It’s no fun being wrong all the time, no wonder the resident board stalker and mimicker gets so angry lol.


      1. Have you heard him speak Craig? He needs a few more lessons from what I’ve heard – although so do I, and many other Brits!

        I do admire how other countries seemingly take to other languages (particularly English) extremely well – in comparison to the majority of British people, but I guess in reality we’re lazy to a degree – as no matter where you go, pretty much you’ll find English speakers… It’s a global language and most people’s second in my experience.


  4. I just flew in from Kiev and at passport control at Otopeni there was a Finnish border agent overseeing the two Romanian officers in the booth. She noticed me wondering what was up and told me she was from Finland. She wore a big blue EU arm band with the stars. So, maybe Romania is really close to getting in Schengen?! It would help I imagine if Romania hadn’t voted against the refugee quotas. I always get the feeling that the Romanian government doesn’t really want to be in the EU. Ponta and the rest just like having their cake and eating it too which is very typical of this rural backwater.


    1. Good point well made Casey.

      No wonder Richard Branson is a lover of the EUssr and is even deluded enough to think we should join the euro!

      He’s obviously a very good businessman, so I don’t doubt his intelligence, but that also makes me believe his love of the EUssr is for personal benefit – not because he’s a loonie leftie who wants to remove democracy, borders and abolish nation states.


      1. Expatescu

        You’re obviously getting annoyed – so why not simply not read my point of view, if you don’t like it?

        Surely for an educated man, it’s a simple concept to grasp?

        Besides all that, this thread is about the EUssr – so me commenting on the topic of the thread is no coincidence.

        You posting a rant because you are stupid enough to read posts you don’t like – says it all really !

        Why not contribute to the topic of the thread, rather than seeking a high five from anon?


      2. How is he supposed to know if he likes something without reading it first?
        How is 7 words a ‘rant’?
        How many GCSE’s do you have?


      3. As predicted you’ve got your high five from anon, he’s so predictable ๐Ÿ™‚

        To me it appears much like anon you don’t like anything I’ve got to say – so it’s really very simple – don’t bother reading it, problem solved! It’s hardly rocket science!

        Why not contribute to the topic instead, I’m quite sure you’re mature enough to add to the debate, rather than anon’s relentless childish attacks and ruining of threads.

        Alternatively I guess you could become like anon and get annoyed over spelling mistakes and a complete strangers education – but then again I’m sure you’re not that sad and tragic expatescu, leave that level of mentality to the bloke who keeps mimicking my username – it gives him something to do in his life ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Quotas are a stupid idea, and I think they were right to vote against it.
    Will be interesting to see if the dissenters ratify the agreement or continue to oppose it; they can’t be forced to accept refugees.


      1. …and facking Israhell Craig! Don’t forget to include Israhell taking onboard some paid actors/refugees as well! You lot on here are sooo facking dumb you can’t see the sh1t Israhell are doing before your very eyes! Shame on you sheeple!


      2. How many are welcome and where are all the homes for them to live and who’s paying for it all?

        Can millions just keep coming and we’ll all pay for it ?

        Why not give up your families home for them

        Thought not.


      3. @Craig Except that densely populated European countries with a high price of living are not the most efficient places to help refugees: places with cheap housing and cheap food are.

        While some refugees have a case for resettlement in the West due to cultural differences (e.g. Assyrian Christians and Druze minorities) the drive to welcome all over here has two primary motivating factors:
        1) White guilt – an unproductive emotion based on a poor understanding of history

        2) Neoliberalism – the capitalist desire to drive down our wages to increase their profits.

        3) The desire for infinite growth – the levelling off of European population to manageable standards frightens those who cannot imagine a world where the rich do not continuously get richer. It’s an attitude that is destroying the planet along with every welfare state in the West and we need to move beyond it if we are to thrive as a species. Shrinking an oversized population during an automation revolution is not a bad thing


      4. For some perhaps. My ‘drive’ to welcome anyone who wants to come is simply that of respecting what I consider to be two fundamental freedoms: freedom of movement, and freedom of the individual.


      5. Thatโ€™s a fine sentiment on a lofty ideological level; but applied to the actual real world itโ€™s just bollocks. Itโ€™s the working classes who suffer the most from this issue, not the elites making the decisions in Brussels who live in nice leafy estates.


      6. Phil

        If you’re going to tell lies, that’s fine – but at least have the intellect to explain why you think controlling borders is racist?


      7. Actually, Roger, chances are you are quite a racist, even though you have not to my knowledge posted anything technically racist on the blog.

        There is a difference between racism and ethnocentrism. What you have been posting since you started commenting here has been ethnocentrism to an extreme, showing a great deal of either condescension or discomfort about those who are different from you, albeit from the same race. Your love of Romania seems to be based on its “quirkiness,” which from the context of your comments means “backwardness,” which is without question condescending. You automatically fear the worst about refugees coming from the Middle East, ignoring historical evidence of refugees making positive contributions to communities once they have arrived. More discomfort and automatic suspicion of otherness. Ethnocentrism is at the heart of the majority of what you post.

        “Racism” is a term that has become much-misused. It needs to refer to a different race. Romanians are not of a different race from yours; neither are those born in the Middle East. Both groups belong to your race – Caucasian.

        However, given your considerable discomfort with Caucasians who are different from you (especially on a class and socioeconomic level), it’s easy to see how your ill-informed ethnocentrism would easily transfer to racism if given a chance. So it’s pretty easy to deduce that you’re a racist.

        And let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of lower-income Europeans who fled as refugees to northern Africa during both World Wars. I hope you’re just as negatively-judgmental towards your ethnic ancestors are you are with your ethnic companions today.

        So whinge all you want. Just admit that if you’re not an active racist, you are most certainly an active bigot.


      8. Expatescu

        That’s a fairly lengthy rant, and yet mainly ill judged and hypocritical in part.

        You’re correct that I’ve never posted a racist remark on this forum, nor do I anywhere else. However anyone who’s pro EUssr, pro freedom of movement, pro economic migration or simply someone who’s annoyed with someone else on the Internet – always throws the “you’re a racist line” at anyone daring to suggest immigration needs some form of reasonable control (that’s all I’m asking for in the UK) …… Now of course you and others may cry racism for such a notion, but it’s not racist, as by definition – yes maybe an element of ethnocentrism I will admit, as I’m not a bigot to argue otherwise …… However I did smile when you called me a bigot, because by definition you’re one too ๐Ÿ™‚

        Look up the definition of bigot – then read all your intolerant rants at me. I’d call you more a hypocrite and lacking in self awareness to be fair.

        As for Romania and it having quirky elements – well what country doesn’t?

        I explained quite clearly the quirkiness wasn’t in a backwards manner as you lie about – not at all, go back and read what I found quirky, it certainly wasn’t anything remotely backward, so you’re wrong once again.

        Having said all that, you do make some fair points to which I’ve conceded, certain cultural differences I never want to see in the UK, and I make no apologies for that – I don’t want to see a culture where children are used as sex toys as age of consent is so low, I don’t want to see homosexuals or women persecuted and degraded, I don’t want to see animals treated barbarically or unethical punishments for crimes etc etc etc

        So yes, you’re quite right to say I am against certain cultural practices and they have no place in the UK or indeed any modern society.

        As for Romania, well I’ve never said on any occasion that Romanian people or culture isn’t welcome, in fact to be clear on this matter once and for all – I’d welcome ANY Romanian to come to the UK as long as they behaved in a law abiding manner (no reason to suggest they wouldn’t) and if they qualified for admission due to us adopting an Australian style points systems for immigration – they’d be as welcome as anyone from anywhere in the world – let’s make immigration into the UK fairer for ALL … And not just biased to people within the communist derived EUssr …..

        So in summary you’re a bigot and have falsely claimed I’m many things I’m not, however if you are mature enough to debate and concede others points – then by definition id be only to happy to remove your current bigot status.

        Thanks for confirming you’ve never seen me post a racist comment and I’m glad I’ve explained what cultural differences I’d not want to see in the UK or modern society ……….. If that makes me a tad “ethnocentrismic” if that’s a word, then yes I’d happily concede I am, as looking up its definition, I am against certain selected cultural differences as mentioned above.

        *if anything my long winded reply will give the sex tourist anon a chance to troll for spelling and grammar mistakes, at least I’m helping him do something with his time ๐Ÿ™‚


      9. ‘I donโ€™t want to see a culture where children are used as sex toys as age of consent is so low’

        Are you talking about your adventures in Thailand again Roger?


      10. Anon

        Never been to Thailand, so once again you’re wrong.

        I’ve touched a nerve when I found one of your many creepy posts about “picking up girls” as you put it.

        You’re a sex tourist aren’t you, or a middle aged man with a few quid in comparison to the median salaries you mocked.

        Why do you keep mentioning sex and places to do things like this?

        You mentioned it a few times now?

        Lol anon the sex pest – it all makes sense your attack on Davin now!


      11. Expatescu

        If have hoped you’d had a bit more about you than that. You probably do but you’re annoyed and already prejudiced in my direction.

        Shame really, as you’ve clearly got a brain, but I think you misunderstand me
        on a few levels, and maybe me on you too.

        Remember a bigot is someone who doesn’t accept others view – something I can’t be accused of, as I’ve conceded some of your views I agree with.

        It does sadden me that so many with a pro migration slant, can’t comprehend that any questioning of it, is anything other than racist.

        Must be lacking in dictionaries.


      12. Radu

        Why do so many millions of people want to come and start a new life in Western Europe?

        Is it because they are in the main, economic migrants?

        If so, who pays for this, whose housing or hospital beds do they get, whose school places, whose jobs, who pays their social security bills?

        No problem with people coming, but without any control is sheer madness and irresponsible.

        The crackpot lefties stating anyone can come and tearing down borders as these poor violent young men are doing – doesn’t seem a very balanced and sensible thing to support.

        Sending out a message for millions to come and many to try and cross the med is irresponsible and they have the blood of the dead who try – on their hands.


      13. I too would be worried if I failed school and a whole bunch of people with better education and working ethics wanted to show they were better than me.
        You won the jackpot in terms of where you were born and the opportunity handed to you Roger, shame you pissed it up the wall.


      14. What are you ranting on about now anon?

        Whole bunch of people? What are you, American lol

        You let your anger at guessing the education of others get to you too much – you need to get out more son. Find yourself a nice women, rather than paying for it lol


      15. I don’t need to guess, your idiocy is evident by your writing and feeble attempts at discussion.

        This guy is talking about you ๐Ÿ™‚

        So Thailand? did you go for a girl, boy or ladyboy?


      16. Didn’t open your link in case it was child porn.

        I’ve never been to Thailand so I’m wondering what you’re ranting about you busted sex pest.

        You’ve been busted and now you’re backtracking and trying to turn the tables – but this time it won’t work, I’ve worked you out and to be honest, your own posts incriminate you lol

        You don’t find me posting about how easy it is to “pick up girls” as you said or “how rich and in your prime you are” or your endless nasty vile posts on this site.

        You’re actually quite a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?

        I’ve touched and nerve and got you rattled over your sex tourism though!

        3 ranting replies only minutes after I’d busted you!

        Oh dear, the middle aged sex tourist AKA anon, Woger, common senseless etc etc lol


      17. I don’t agree with you at all Craig, you are being too hard on Romania in this article. First of all if you believe in freedom of movement you should be against quotas, people should be able to go wherever they want not assigned to a particular country right? Second what you are talking about (open borders for all) sounds good in theory but so does communism and we all know how that worked out. Eastern Europe just got out of an utopian experiment (communism) and Western Europe wants them to embark on another one (multiculturalism)? I do agree with you that open borders should be a goal in the (distant) future when Internet and jet travel and other technologies not yet discovered will bring cultures closer together. Right now it is not the time for open borders as it would lead only to disastrous culture clashes the difference between world’s cultures is too great.


      18. Quotas are stupid simply because of the fact that when registered, there’s nothing stopping an asylum seeker moving to another EU state.
        Huge difference between expanding the EU, and allowing non-EU migration. But then again…it’s out countries that have been banging the drum and prolonging a nasty civil war in the likes of Syria, and overthrowing ‘gatekeepers to Europe’ such as Gadaffi. Reap what is sown…


      19. I’m mature enough to agree with the first part of that post from anon – so it makes you wonder why the fools running the EUssr didn’t think of that simple concept.

        It just highlights how flawed the EUssr is, and the lack of vision and basic common sense lacking from the unelected commission of the EUssr … However as they want a European state, the movement of people within one, isn’t really seen as a big deal. These people would be reckless enough to remove all borders if they could!


      20. Anon

        I’m mature enough to agree with you, despite your constant attacks and now bizarre slurs about Thai lady boys or whatever else you’ve made up – I’m not sure you’ve grasped the fact that I’ve never been to Thailand, not have I ever mentioned the country and its sex industry … Where are you on the other hand seem very well educated on the subject?

        So you laugh at my lack of maturity and yet I’ve been mature enough to agree with a well made point – and all you’ve don’t is post a childish made up slur in reply!

        I’ll leave others to deduce who’s the mature one in this particular debate ๐Ÿ™‚


      21. Explain this: if multiculturalism is such a bad thing, why are the most successful nations in Europe (indeed, the world) by and large also the most multi-cultural? It is the more homogenous nations which tend to struggle (Romania included). Besides, it’s hardly a ‘utopian experiment’. It is free market libertarianism in action.


      22. Depends what you class as “successful?”

        Let’s be clear (even for my most angry readers) immigration and multiculturalism are GOOD things – however there is a balance to be made.

        You’re not a daft bloke Craig and sometime I wonder if you declare the abolishment of nation states and removing any form of borders is you making mischief… As surely you know this will cause problems – people by nature will head for where is best for them, and that means only selective countries suffer the burden, is that fair in liberal land?


      23. Absolutely not Craig, border control and immigration are emotive subjects and of course the race card if always thrown at the side of the debate that believes in some form of control.

        A balance means many factors, and these include in my opinion; is their housing, schooling, healthcare, transport infrastructure, social security funds, university places etc etc for such a mass influx of humans (if you remove any form of control)

        I wouldn’t think twice about heading for the UK if I was an economic migrant, because the UK is an attractive place for millions – however how much of an influx of humans can that island take?

        You could end up with vast parts of the world practically empty – and small sections as full as Japan, where space to live is at a premium – is there enough jobs for say 100milllion people (current population 60million) OK this is a hypothetical scenario, but a realistic one if borders are torn down tomorrow… I feel for people wanting a better life and anon made a fair point amongst his usual abuse – that I as a human was fortunate to be born in the part of the world I was … I’d like the same opportunities for everyone, but that is a process if taken, might never be achieved …….. Maybe right now the UK, America, Germany etc are seen as global paradises or somewhere to dream of living BUT how long would that last, if millions all descended on the same plot of land?

        Look it’s a difficult one and I can actually see your side of the argument and actually your question made me think I’m not as bad a hearted person as anon and his cronies make out – but right now, in 2015, there needs to be some form of control, if everything I mentioned above was in place world wide ……. Then I reckon a few million Brits would be on the move to sunnier climates !!! But if you can’t take your way of life with you, or improve it, then how many viable options to settle on this earth are there?

        Craig I guess I’m trying to say, there isn’t enough of the cake to go round, some will miss out no matter how many times you split the cake. Does this make it right, no – but it’s pretty much a fact of life so to speak. Removing the borders just means the cake gets eaten quicker!

        Just a last note on multiculturalism, I welcome it as do the majority of Brits, we are generally a fair and tolerant bunch and we’re much the richer for our multicultural society, whilst retaining our own culture too! We’re allowed to be proud of our heritage too Craig, that doesn’t make us racist ………. Because ironically if you want us to erase that, you’re the ones who are in danger of being hypocrites for your own cause.


      24. There is more than enough cake to go around: the problem is that far too many people want all of the cake for themselves. Not to mention the seafaring powers which long ago simply stole all the cake they could carry.

        Jamaica’s proposal this morning for reparations is a worthy one: the world needs a massive redistribution of wealth (most of which has been stolen) from north to south. That’d stop the ‘invasion’ of migrants.


      25. Craig

        Ah now that’s opening another can of worms though !

        Yes I’d agree there could be enough cake, but the bankers and politicians are human, greedy, selfish and interested in self preservation (as many of us are all guilty of, to varying degrees)

        The world has a history of this since day 1 …

        You have some well meaning ideas mate and maybe you’re ahead of your time to some degree, but here and now is what we have – changes you want could take multiple generations and arguably it’s not happened yet, so I doubt it ever will. Life isn’t fair, it never has been – why should more suffer and bear the burden of unfairness, just so people can do as they please and go where they want ?

        What you want can’t happen overnight, and the current way of doing things isn’t working, so what’s your plan B?

        Isn’t a collective foreign aid budget done on say a world wide level to improve other areas of the world an area that needs more work?

        If only the world would give up nuclear weapons tomorrow (Russian and USA included) and all that money put towards improving the areas of the world more in need ……..

        But I’m a realist, it won’t happen Craig.


      26. “the world needs a massive redistribution of wealth (most of which has been stolen) from north to south”. Would you care to elaborate Craig? Which countries in the north stole from which countries in the south?


      27. Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany etc. It’s a long list. Britain could start by handing back all of that loot currently in the British Museum.


      28. You lot are talking absolute facking whank! All this fanny โ€œthe world needs a massive redistribution of wealth” and this daft little gem “Britain could start by handing back all of that loot currently in the British Museum”! What the ruddy hell are you on about eh? The real greedy fackers who need a good kicking in the bollocks are the Rothchilds…kunts got trillions pugged away. Those kunts have got the world by the goolies. They could easily say bonjour to the world debt, but they won’t because they are zionist scum!


      29. Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany….that’s not the whole “north” now is it? And Germany? Why, because of Namibia? You must be kidding… Your theory is bs, if the former colonial powers owe their prosperity to what they stole from the “south” then Portugal should be much richer than Switzerland and Switzerland should not have a problem with too many Portuguese moving there for work. How do you explain Norway, Sweden, Finland being more prosperous than any of the former colonial powers?


      30. ‘How do you explain Norway, Sweden, Finland being more prosperous than any of the former colonial powers?’

        Multiculturalism and a healthy attitude towards immigration.


      31. “Multiculturalism and a healthy attitude towards immigration.” That’s bullshit they were rich and successful before they became multicultural. Besides Norway and Finland are hardly immigrant friendly nowadays. And what happened with the north became rich by stealing from the south? Who did Finland for example steal from to become rich?


      32. Radu is right on his last point – you can hardly call the Scandinavian counties being the most accepting of immigrants – but why should they ?

        Some don’t think before they type, or just ill informed ?


      33. All the countries that I think you are talking about (UK, Germany, etc…) were successful first and then they become multicultural not the other way around. No immigrants are flocking to Romania or other developing nations to help build them and make them better they all go to countries that are already built. Rich Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, etc…) are still very homogeneous and have no intention to become multicultural. And, few people doubt that Asia is the future and Europe, North America are the past and maybe the present so that kinda gives you an idea what the future looks like. I am not saying that people should not move abroad I am just saying that you need some controls in place until cultures come closer together. EU was a step in the right direction, next step would be an Arab Union, an African Union, etc…and then in the distant future a world Union, there needs to be a gradual change with small steps in the right direction not a tearing of the borders overnight. It took tens of thousands of years for the different cultures to develop separately it will take a long time to bring them back together.


      34. In the short term I’m anti EU Radu as it’s not just about immigration – it’s undemocratic in its current format and needs radical reform.

        I’m also proud and in favour of different cultures and countries – I’d be a proud Romanian as much as a proud American etc … The changes to world unions is as you say …… A million miles away and can you ever force so many differing cultures together and all live happily ever after ?

        Sadly I doubt that could ever happen.

        So that being said, I think Romania or indeed even the UK, has a fair right to control their own affairs and borders.


      35. And also Craig, Romania is multicultural, ethnic Romanians make up only 80+ percent of the countriy’s population. Roma people make up 10% of population and they are a group that came from Asia they are not even European. Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq are also multicultural and that didn’t work out too great for them. If there were were only Shia or Sunni Muslims in Iraq they would not have these problems,….


      36. ‘Romania is multicultural, ethnic Romanians make up only 80+ percent of the countriyโ€™s population’
        ‘Roma people are not even European’

        Keep digging sunshine…


      37. I’d agree with anon and Craig on this one Radu, I’d say Romanians are European as much as I think Russia is too … And look how far east that country stretches.

        I suppose you could argue in part, that the majority Christian and Jew religious following in Romania (atheist too) is more prevailing in “European countries” too.

        Personally I’m a atheist, more a Charles Darwin fan and these blokes who’ve found h20 on Mars.

        Might even get an agreement off anon ๐Ÿ˜‰


      38. Well Craig, then by the same token if the Roma people are European then all of UK’s visible minorities are British so Britan is not a multicultural society after all or any other “successful” western country as you earlier claimed. Most visible minorities in Britain are better integrated in the British society than Roma people are integrated in the Romanian society. And what is that “Keep digging sunshine”? Do I detect sarcasm? Have you ever heard the expression ” sarcasm is the recourse of a week mind”?


      39. Why reduce everything to ethnicity? Roma, Romanian, British etc. I don’t view people like that. Ultimately, everyone on earth is a migrant, or descendants of.


      1. Well unless you can prove it (which you can’t) then as usual I’m right, when it comes to your weird misguided stalking anon.

        Although I do recall your mocking of Romanians salaries and your homophobic slur. Oh and your 2 luxury cars cringeworthy claim lol


  6. I understand the need to help people and feel the West and Romania can afford to be generous.
    At the same time the fighting crowds and the baying young men are scary. This whole wave of people has been disorganized and borderline violent.
    Not sure what to think.


    1. Trump is exactly the sort of person you wouldn’t want heading a debate about the pitfalls of mass immigration.

      He’s pure gold for the type of people who aren’t willing to have a mature debate on immigration, and whilst he may have some valid points – he’s not aiding a rational and adult debate on the immigration issue in America.


      1. If you think Trump is an America Farage, you’ve not seen enough of either men speak, or you’re just too entrenched with anger and hatred to be objective.

        In your case, you generally demonstrate the latter.


      2. Have to agree for once. For all his appalling views I have no doubt that Farage would help an old lady across the street. Trump would ask what’s in it for him first.


      3. I agree Craig. Trump is cringeworthy and embarrassing on a political stage.

        It’s people like him who do the whole “immigration debate” more harm than good – as he appears genuinely xenophobic/racist to the core, and not willing or able to have a mature and objective debate about immigration.

        Farage isn’t perfect, but he’s managed to do one thing – He’s been key in helping to bring about a referendum on our membership of the political union that is the EUssr.

        No matter what side of the fence you’re on, you’ll get an equal say as the next man or women, as to whether we are to stay in the current political union, or claim our democracy back, and be in full control of our country again.

        I welcome immigration with control, I want our own Supreme Court to rule on human rights and not be overruled by Brusells or Strasborg, I want our own laws and legislation to be our own, I want a democratic vote for our parliament, to be for our parliament and not some non entity on the EUssr commission. I want to trade with our European neighbours, have friendly ties and travel openly, all this can be achieved without being in a political union.

        To be honest we’re being very disrespectful to our commonwealth friends, who we’ve got some fantastic communities of West Indians, Indians, kiwis, Aussies etc etc etc … Who we now treat less favourably than members of the EUssr – that’s not fair, and taking back control of our borders and adopting an Australian style points system – makes immigration fairer for the whole worlds community – and not just 450 million members of the EUssr.

        Immigrants out welcome to the UK, that’s mine and Farages view, just that it needs to be fair for all, and have some form of reasonable control.

        I know you don’t agree Craig, but I also sense you’re mature enough to see the other side of the debate – and sadly your idealism for borderless countries is clearly well meaning and has its merits – this is not an ideal world and perhaps never will be, so I make my opinion based on what we have to deal with now – and a complete free movement of people is not the answer … Not at this moment in time anyway.


  7. IF (yes I did say if) these Isis mindless murderers turn out to have infiltrated the borders due to being “refugees” or lapse EU border control due to the mindless free movement of over 450 million people – I’d hope it makes the people that count have a long hard look at themselves – but I’d be amazed if the over paid, selfish and undemocratic care less.

    Early reports are saying that some are from Syria (where only asylum seekers come from) if you believe the lunatic left – or perhaps the wise words of many should have been believed, when they pointed out Isis said they’ll use the so called asylum seekers only wave of millions … To infiltrate civilised Europe and wage their mindless war in the name of some random made up ‘God’ – who if such a thing existed, I’m sure it would be proud of slaughtering innocent people in his/hers name.

    Some of the footage of people hanging out of windows to avoid being slaughtered is sickening – but the pro EU fanatics, liberal left and angry trolls can’t bear to admit that borders need control and millions of people can’t be allowed to go where they please without proper and lengthy vetting.

    You’ve blood on your hands for encouraging them to come and many die on the way, and you’ve blood on your hands for the poor people in Paris.

    Shame on you.


      1. You were ranting wrongly predicting Ponta wouldn’t leave after the fire in Bucutesti, whilst people still lay in hospital and some still tragically dying …

        So it makes you one of two things, either you’re too stupid to realise you’re a hypocrite or you’re just an angry stalker looking for anything to throw at a man who keeps upsetting you?

        To be fair, I think it’s a bit of both.

        I trust you’ll condemn the millions of others who’ve condemned the terrosism of Isis like President Hollonde? Or is your mock outrage just saved for a stranger who makes you angry ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. You’re really clutching at straws aren’t you? Someone saying that they doubt Ponta would step down, and you using the tragic loss of life in France to forward your ingrained racist views are not one and the same thing.
        You’re a horrible excuse for a human being.


      3. The only one clutching at straws is you lol.

        Earlier you claimed I shouldn’t make a political statement as the bodies were still warm did you not?

        BUT you did exactly the same thing with the tragic fire …

        I’ve also not made a single racist comment on this site, ever …

        Prove I have and I’ll never post again!

        BUT last time I asked you to do this you failed then, as you will now.

        You can call me names as you wish, it’s only words on the Internet, it’s not as if you’d ever say them to my face, as you’re a coward of a man ๐Ÿ™‚

        It’s amusing you call me a horrible human being though – when you’ve been homophobic, abused women on here, often swear and abuse posters here, mock Romanian people on median salaries, poke fun at Romanian people without perfect English and spend an unhealthy percentage of your existence on here in an angry and abusive rage.

        I’m not saying you’re a horrible human being though – your own actions determine that.

        Have a nice evening, I’m off out with a smile on my face ๐Ÿ™‚

        Look on the bright side, you’ll get a chance to make a few angry posts up and high five anyone who agrees with you.

        That should make quite an exciting evening for you, so I’ve done my bit for care in the community today :))))


      4. Last time you said you would never post again, you just changed your name and continued as normal. You got all our hopes up.

        I’ll give you credit for one thing though Roger, you’re great at deluding yourself.


      5. I’ve proven time and time again you’re a hypocritical coward and your original user name “anon” suited you perfectly.

        You were quick to post your ill judged political remarks about Ponta, as bodies were still warm, but you choose to ignore that fact.

        No wonder I make you so angry old bean, it must be infuriating being humiliated and proved to be a hypocritical coward, practically every time you post your abusive drivel ๐Ÿ™‚


      6. Craig, a disappointing BUT entirely predictable response from someone with your beliefs. The problem is, you’re taking everything out of context.

        I’ll try and make things clearer (but no doubt the resident stalker will claim otherwise and you’ll just ignore a fair response as usual) but we will see ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Ok firstly, I’ve never said ALL the Syrians fleeing are terrorists (so stop making things up please) I’ve simply said proper vetting is needed and we are naive to ignore Isis telling us they’ll use the genuine ayslum seekers to hide its terrorists … Surely you can understand that ? (Depends on how inbred your agenda is, granted)

        Secondly, the travelling bit isn’t my logic at all, so please stop making things up … I welcome the right to travel for ALL and welcome immigration (is that clear for you and the stalker?) BUT it needs control, for British, American, Indian, Chinese, whoever or whatever the nationality (this you won’t agree with as you’ve gone on record as saying the world should be borderless) … I’d not call you a awful man for believing this, just naive and misguided, but you don’t have to spout abuse if you don’t agree with someone else’s views.

        Thirdly, whose blaming ALL Muslims? Not me, (so please stop making things up) … Of course IT IS NOT all Muslims fault, I’ve never once claimed it was … But Isis are claiming the cowardly acts are in the name of that religion, so what does that mean? It means that it’s NOT the religion at fault, but the mindless people who use it as their justification (although some of this religion does promote degrading women) but Christianity hasn’t exactly been the most squeaky clean in its history either !

        So in summary I do understand your reaction, people like you have been throwing the same generic accusations on social media all day … If you want it to really be effective, aim it at the right people, or you’ll end up havin no effect and looking silly ๐Ÿ™‚

        The fact remains I’ve said none of what you claim I’ve said or insinuated – I’ve merely questioned the things close to your heart – if that makes me an awful man, that’s your opinion – but I know I’m not, but I will concede I’ve been angered by the needless slaughter of innocent people, I’ve mentioned it a few times and in my very first post this morning ………

        It’s pretty telling neither you or the stalker who shares similar views to you – haven’t once expressed your sorrow at the loss of life or condemnation of the Isis Muslim extremists.

        That’s pretty awful from my point of view – but when reading your replies to a perfectly reasonable viewpoint, it comes as no real surprise!

        Regardless of the discussion or misguided abuse on this forum – I’m glad we’re further from allowing murderers to roam where they please and more stringent border control and vetting of so called asylum seekers will no doubt be introduced. So thankfully these people didn’t die in vain. IF you can take any positives from this, and even that’s clutching at straws as a positive, but if it makes our world a safer place, then the Paris heroes, will forever be remembered by people who stand up against terrosism !

        Shame on you who would rather put your liberal political views, before the lives of human beings.

        Cue the stalkers rath ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Is anon in that 0.001 %

        It genuinely wouldn’t surprise me!

        Of course anyone engaging in that sort of sickening behaviour needs the full force of the law thrown at them – I’d be hopeful ALL would agree on that!!!


    1. One more thing: When I were a lad the IRA blew something up in London on an almost weekly basis. Did we blame all catholics? Did we stop all Irish people coming to Britain? No, we got on with life (although a number of senior coppers with axes to grind did frame innocent Irish catholics).


      1. Agree that some Irish people were wrongly framed, and that’s inexcusable.

        As for your childish attempts at making out I’ve said something I haven’t, I’ve answered it pretty clearly in my main post (see point 3)

        You’re obviously hurting that your “liberal values” and desire for no borders for any country has been questioned and made to look like sheer madness – but you’ve got to understand it doesn’t work in our society in the year 2015 Craig.

        I’d love it to be so, and we all live happily ever after – BUT it’s not a realistic ideal, not anytime soon and certainly not with these radical extremists intent on slaughtering innocent people!

        Surely you as a fair minded bloke can get that ???

        If you can’t, there’s not much more to debate.

        Save you attacks for the mindless idiots who just blame ALL Muslims or blame ALL asylum seekers – because I’ve done not of that, and can’t be much clearer either.

        Pretty sure after you’ve calmed down, you’ll be more measured and balanced in your next reply – you’re certainly not as agenda driven as the stalker (at least I hope not)


  8. No, Romania’s rightful stance. The forced quotas are in clear breach of whatever national sovereignty we have left. Those are not “refugees” for the most part but criminals and oportunists,mostly males intheir 20-40s . Are we to believe that they just left their women and children to be slaughtered in the war? So they either are liars or cowards. Either way I do not want these savages in my country.


  9. It is shameful that so many Romanians favoured taking migrants – evidence of decadence. I thought the figure was 25% – which was bad enough. Europe should stop accepting asylum seekers from other continents and pay to house them in countries we give aid to


    1. If they asked Romanians abroad, the figure would be much lower.

      Romanians abroad know what muslims stand for and they hate them. They would never agree for this country to take in muslims.

      The real figure is around 25% and that will drop sharply when the first muslim will start behaving like a muslim and all media will be broadcasting.


      1. Since Cologne everything has changed. We have to be thankful that what happened at Cologne happened this year not in two years’ time and that the murders in Paris happened last year not in five years’ time. I agree with Andrew Roberts the historian who said that all the migrants must be deported but who will rid us of these turbulent people?


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