Sing, or else!

There was much kerfuffle in the UK yesterday after the newly elected leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, failed to sing the national anthem God Save the Queen during an event to mark 75 years since the Battle of Britain.

Well, good for him. We are not Corbyn fans, but the idea that somebody has to sing anything is utter nonsense worthy of the 19th century. Corbyn is a republican, so singing ‘God Save the Queen’ (a bizarre dirge whose first verse – the one which is sung – makes no actual mention of Britain, remember) would have been to betray his principles (which are about all he has going for him).

By complete coincidence, Daughter of Bucharest Life was yesterday tasked by her teacher to learn the rather more rousing and generally superior Desteapta-te Romane, the Romanian national anthem written by Andrei Muresan in the 1840s. We of course told her to do no such thing, instead telling her that national anthems are outdated relics of a dark, nationalist past which have no place in modern society.

She learnt it anyway. So much for parental authority.

Anyway, here’s the only version of God Save the Queen we are happy to sing:


14 thoughts on “Sing, or else!

  1. More self-loathing by the English left.
    As Orwell noted: English patriotism is a “comelier thing than the shallow self-righteousness of the left wing intelligentsia”


  2. What on earth is wrong with tradition and a good old sing song and being proud of your country?

    I’m not one for the Royal Family as it is now, I think it could be scaled down and their funding drastically reduced, but for Christ’s sake Craig, your daughter is a kid, and you’re polluting her mind with your loony leftie garbage?

    Very poor, even for you, let your kids be kids and the same as the rest of the class – if the school teaches the Romanian national anthem, what harm is there in children singing it !!!

    Shocking rant by you, what a weird thing to do towards a child?


      1. @craig

        Ever thought of taking a day off too?

        You’re the one with ridiculous leftie ideas and quips – let kids be kids and leave your political agenda out of it. Whinging about kids being taught a Romanian song in a Romanian school … Do you know how ridiculous you sound !

        The amount you kick Romania and its ways, the more harder it is to understand why you live there?


      2. Singing a national anthem is as much a political statement as not singing one. Indeed probably moreso. It’s just familiarity with the idea that makes it seem a politically neutral act.


  3. On a side note I see all your desperate asylum seekers have resorted to violence and attacking the Hungarian authorities with anything they can throw at them – mainly men in their 20’s and 30’s behaving like animals ……. Let’s let these pillars of the community into our homes shall we?

    When are you opening your doors Craig?

    Thought not.


    1. @Craig. Have you finished decorating your apartment yet? Is it first come first served, or is it whose wife and daughter are the fittest gets in?


  4. I’m a republican, but Corbyn is head of the opposition and a possible Prime Minister of the UK. As such he would be representing everybody in the country and working within the current institutions. He should respect them. If when/if he is Prime Minister he wants to hold a referendum on whether to keep the Royal Family, all well and good. Meanwhile respect the system, it hasn’t worked too badly so far.


  5. People get very bored and annoyed with contrarian special snowflakes who will not perform harmless rituals in groups that last 3 minutes at most. Sometimes you just have to go along with things that bore you. Please don’t raise your son to be a special snowflake.


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