The Week in Bucharest Life

Sotin Oprescu. Click for source
Sorin Oprescu. Click for source

Mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu (nominally independent, but backed by the PSD) was arrested for taking bribes, allegedly having been caught on film in delicto flagrante. One of Oprescu’s advisors, Simona Cretu of the PNL, blamed ‘negative energy’ for the arrest of her boss. We couldn’t help thinking of this.

Another disgraced former mayor, Constanta’s Radu Mazare, was found to have more than €750,000 tucked away in an undeclared Israeli bank account. And in a week in which the DNA announced that it had returned from the summer break in fine form, Romeo-Florin Nicolae, a vice-president of ANAF (the Romanian tax authorities) was on Wednesday placed under investigation on charges of taking bribes in exchange for helping a company avoid paying tax. Nicolae promptly resigned.

Romania was allocated the modest number of 4,600 refugees as part of the EU’s proposed quota system for the relocation of refugees. A significant sector of public opinion, alas, appeared to be hostile to the idea, making a mockery of Romania’s reputation as a hospitable nation. The increasingly nasty former president Traian Basescu said that Romania should not accept any refugees, and that it could not be forced to do so. Current president Klaus Iohannis said that Romania would be able to take just 1,785 refugees – the same number the country had agreed to accept voluntarily at an EU summit in July – stating that Romania only has space in its refugee shelters for such a figure. Iohannis called the EU quota system a ‘bureaucratic’ and ‘accountant-like’ way of doing things.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta paid a mysterious, unannounced visit to Turkey on Thursday, fuelling new rumours that he is poised to resign and perhaps even flee the country. Ponta – facing charges of tax evasion and money laundering – spent a month in Turkey earlier this summer, ostensibly to undergo a knee operation. Coincidence or not, Ponta had been at the DNA earlier this week and was be told that investigations into his alleged wrongdoings were ‘nearly complete’.

The Ministry of Education announced plans to begin charging pupils in years 11 and 12 for their schoolbooks. The DNA (yep, them again) meantime announced that it was charging two former education ministers, Alexandru Athanasiu and Ecaterina Andronescu, with various acts of corruption (mainly related to procurement contracts) while in office.

Romania’s men’s football team were held at home 0-0 by Greece on Monday, the side’s third 0-0 draw in a row. Northern Ireland’s late equaliser in Belfast against Hungary the same evening, however, means that Romania needs just one point from two remaining games (against Finland and the Faroe Islands) to qualify for the bloated, 24-team European Championships in France next year.


16 thoughts on “The Week in Bucharest Life

  1. How many Romanians are campaigning for thousands of migrants to be housed and settle in Romania then?

    Or is it just the liberal loonies who dress like scarecrows and pastel type clothing?

    What next? More wind farms.


      1. The millions that left, only left because there is fack all real work! Flippin burgers in some shitty burger joint aint work winkle!


  2. Look at Chelsea, back where they belong!
    P GD Pts
    1 Manchester City 5 11 15
    2 Manchester United 5 3 10
    3 Arsenal 5 2 10
    4 Crystal Palace 5 2 9
    5 Everton 5 3 8
    6 Leicester City 4 3 8
    7 Swansea City 5 2 8
    8 Norwich City 5 -1 7
    9 Liverpool 5 -3 7
    10 West Ham United 4 3 6
    11 Southampton 5 0 6
    12 Watford 5 -1 6
    13 West Brom 5 -3 5
    14 Aston Villa 4 -1 4
    15 Bournemouth 5 -3 4
    16 CHELSEA 5 -5 4
    17 Tottenham Hotspur 4 -1 3
    18 Newcastle United 4 -3 2
    19 Sunderland 4 -4 2
    20 Stoke City 5 -4 2


  3. Romania should agree to host a high number of refugees just to create the impression that it is a compassionate country. Anyways none of these refugees will want to come or stay in Romania. This movement of people from countries like Turkey or Lebanon is only due to Germany opening its doors, they are looking for the higher standard of living that Western Europe has to offer. It would be cruel to send these people to Romania after they paid a lot of money to get to Germany.


    1. Some fair points Radu, it’s interesting as I presume you’re Romanian, that you’re articulate enough to understand why Western Europe is so attractive to economic migrants and basically anyone wanting a better life or in to be blunt – money.

      The EU isn’t a fair organisation, the UK is better without it, but sadly the lunatic left will probably gain a marginal victory to stay in.


      1. The idiots with the refugee welcome signs is nothing but narcasistic virtue signalling, white guilt and a complete disregard of their children’s best interests.


  4. What has Merkel to say now…?..The statement, that Germany’ has no limit to the number of refugees that can come and settle’, has well and truly backfired on her…The chaos now seen at the Austrian Border, and the thousands still on their way from Greece, and the further thousands in Turkey planning to cross to Europe, has highlighted this silly woman’s stupid and ill thought out remarks…What about the latest boat load of children, women, and men to drown in the sea of Turkey..?..Will the photographers be on hand to take pictures of the latest ‘victims’ of the refugee crisis..where are the celebrity’s now, including Saint Bob Geldof et al, and the rest of the’ hand wringing’, self righteous liberals…Oh of course we now have Saint David Milliband, spouting on about the evils of our own government, and the lack of response to this human crisis..


      1. Eat it, ButtBolt:

        Update: A close up of the soles of both shoes has found they are different boys. Although we were wrong on this occasion and quick to the conclusion it is always good to remain vigilant and open minded.

        (Evidently the last phrase was not intended to be a joke)


  5. Watch out if you’re one of those annoying ex communist kunts who likes nothing better than to push and shove your way around the supermarket checkouts! Learn to respect other peoples personal space. Funny video below!


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