The return of the DNA

Romania’s Anti-Corruption Unit, the DNA – led by the heroic Laura Codruta Kovesi – is back in business.

After a quiet summer the DNA last night arrested Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest since 2008, for corruption. Specifically, he is accused of taking large bribes in exchange for awarding council contracts to certain companies (a practice which, truth be told, goes on in just about every town and village in Romania).

We will of course wait for justice to take its full natural course before passing judgement on whether or not Oprescu is guilty of the charges, but of one other thing we can be certain: he has been an appalling mayor whose obsession with grandiose, white elephant projects – not least the Arena Nationala – has almost bankrupted the city and prevented real investment in the kind of infrastructure project Bucharest actually needs.

With local elections due next year it is now highly unlikely that Oprescu will even be able to run, let alone win. Which begs the question: who will be the city’s next mayor?

Update… It appears that Oprescu was caught trousering the cash more or less in flagrante delicto. Bang to rights. As we write, the DNA are searching Oprescu’s four (yes, four) homes.


9 thoughts on “The return of the DNA

  1. Bravo!
    But…the punishements are not long enough. Elena U was out after a couple of months, a year or so for the others and they get to keep their riches. That’s not justice.


      1. Righty, that’s a bit of good news at least, but still the point remains with others, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Năstase was out after 9 months in both of his convictions, and still lives like a king compared to the people he stole from.
        Becali gets 3 years and a fine, but gets to keep the millions he made as a result of the initial crime.
        These guys should be asset stripped and the proceeds being returned to the taxpayer.


  2. Florian Busca (Walter), whose criminal exploits were sanctioned by Oprescu, illegally towed my car in Bucharest back in 2010. His S.C. CFR Transauto S.A. company made hundreds of thousands of euros if not millions towing cars in Bucharest in Sector 1 for the sheer hell of it. Florian fled Romania after being indicted for cheating the city of 4.5 million euros and tax fraud and was picked up in Dubai by Interpol this summer.–cumatrul–walter–omul-care-face-bani-ridicand-masinile-din-sectorul-1–154397


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