Since when have refugees had to be poor? (And Victor Ponta gets something right)

We’ve read some utter shite over the past few days about the refugees and migrants currently transiting (or attempting to) Europe, but nothing matches this ‘news report’ (on a particularly vile little Romanian news blog) which popped into our Twitter feed yesterday.

For those of you who do not read Romanian, the jist of it is this:

A Romanian woman who lives in Vienna is fuming – fuming we tell you – about the fact that some of the refugees she saw at Vienna railway station were wearing nice clothes, had decent luggage and were using smart phones. She works ten hours a day (good for her, by the way) and yet these people receive handouts greater than her salary (they do not). ‘These people are not refugees, they are criminals who have come to turn Europe into an Islamic colony. The real people in need are those who have stayed in Syria.’ She backs up these claims by pointing at the Romanians who left for western Europe immediately after the 1989 revolution: ‘the first to leave were the petty criminals’, she says. ‘It’s the same with these people. In two years Romania will be like Germany and Austria.’

If only love, if only.

She is wrong on all counts, not least the fact that the first to leave Romania after 1989 were petty criminals. Actually, many who left were genuine refugees. We know of at least one regular reader who had to flee the mineriada in June 1990 and was accepted as a refugee in Britain.

Yet of all the woman’s ignorant claims, one sticks out as being particularly nasty and misguided: the idea that you can’t be a refugee if you have nice clothes. That is utter crap. If the town or city you live in has been blown to bits or you’ve got ISIS at the door threatening to barbeque you alive it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. You run. In fact, those who can afford to run as far as possible – to Europe – are more than likely to be those with a bit of cash. Does Violeta Luminita Ghibanescu (for she has a name) think that they should change into rags before leaving?

Oh, and another thing: she repeats the now oft-recited mantra of the bigoted that Muslim refugees should go to Muslim countries. Ignoring the fact that they already do (one in four of the people on Jordanian territory right now is a Syrian or Palestinian refugee: that’s about one million people), this is a bit like saying that Christian refugees should only go to Christian countries. It also ignores another fact: that Islam is – much like Christianity – a far from united religion. Many of those fleeing Syria are Alawites and Shia, unwelcome in (or unwilling to go to) Sunni countries. When the French Protestants fled Catholic persecution in the late-17th century, where did they go? It wasn’t to another Catholic country.

We would also point that we find the idea (mooted already by the Hungarian and Slovak governments, although not – to his credit – by Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta) that Europe should only take in Christians appalling. It reminds us of that story in the Bible about the Evil Samaritan who refuses to help the injured man lying on the other side of the road because he isn’t also a Samaritan.

Oh, hang on…

Indeed, it’s at times like this you realise how many so-called Christians who bang on and on about saving ‘Christian Europe’ are anything but Christian in their attitude to others. We refer them to their own Good Book: Luke 6:31 or 10:25-37 for starters.

And that coming from an Atheist.

Anyway, back to Victor Ponta.

We do not like the man, but credit where it’s due: this week he made perfect sense when talking about the refugee and migrant crisis. He said, rather eloquently in fact:

‘When millions of Romanians emigrated to western Europe we liked the idea of open borders. For some politicians to suggest that we should now close our borders and refuse to accept any Muslims because they are all terrorists is appalling. Romania is a country which is by and large a model of peaceful relations between various religious confessions. If there is a lunatic intent on carrying out a terrorist attack in our country we have security agencies to deal with the threat.’

Ponta was replying to Traian Basescu, who earlier this week said that Romania should refuse to accept any refugees, declaring that ‘it is not our problem’ and that ‘they will bring their families and never leave.’

Imagine that. Romania remains a country from which more people depart than arrive. Romania needs migrants. As we have said before: Let them in and let them earn.

37 thoughts on “Since when have refugees had to be poor? (And Victor Ponta gets something right)

  1. “We know of at least one regular reader who had to flee the mineriada in June 1990 and was accepted as a refugee in Britain.”………………….Why not Bulgaria or Albania? Silly me, no money in those countries!


    1. first of all fleeing a mineriada (a semi local bucharest only good old beating easy to avoid) compared to constant bombing and murder is a uselesss comparison.To Bulgaria or Albania you mean to the same system?? yeah right what s the point. Everyone who left romania left for a different system entirely.the ones who left early were only the brightest>You think a working class dude in the 90s with little education and no language capabilities dreams of america.very few. The latter bulk emigration from romania happened under european treaties and was legal in all of its forms,nothing compared to the refug situations we have now now. How easy is it now for a sem isis guy to sneak over???very easy. we will many more false flags in the future in western europe peppered with real events going on nonstop.and how many borders do they need to pass before they are safe? they were safe in turkey already.the jordanian refug are all christian by the way. why not saudi arabia? oman .qatar.kuweit..iran..There are very few christians left in west europe…majority is atheist being busy with something else like consuming lots of shit..the atheist and satanists are in charge there.
      the christians are in such a minority mode they will never be heard.
      Everything is going according to the plan.Go Go Nwo


      1. You are right: there should be no christians and if we spot some we should be quick in showing them how the rage is all about ”being” atheist. The warm heart of an atheist.. Funny how you never see poor atheists along with gays..Ahwhh look at that miserable atheist family trying to make ends meet…
        Atheists must belittle christians whenever there s a chance…e.g their god book.
        When all hell breaks loose on this planet.. books like this will be picked from the rubble and they will look like gold.
        Finally…calling yourself a christian is only 1% of the thing…most of the christians rarely manage to act in a christian way most of the time.Some christians have some limits..but by their logic all atheists should have no limits..because there are no consequences apart from the legal viewpoint. I f they were to not be seen they would surely smash a rock on a kids head.Really what would stop them? there is no good or bad no? really why not? or are you applying the moral lesson s from a millenial book without paying copyright? You think your morals are your own creation??


      2. Being muslim doesn’t give you the right to throw people overboard only because they’re Christians and pray to another God. Turn them back or Europe is gonna find its end soon enough


      3. “Let them in, every last one”

        At what point do Western European countries become full?

        What point do housing, social, health, infrastructure etc become strained?

        Nevermind the erosion of national identity and culture.

        It’s a problem Romania doesn’t have, although you’re quite happy to be racist to your Roma community.

        Racist hypocrites.


      4. Craig

        When are we seeing pictures and your article on how your family have taken in asylum seekers from Muslim States ?

        Can’t wait 🙂


      5. Stop trolling. I actually find the likes of Geldof etc. ‘They can have my home’ appalling leeches exploiting the crisis to keep up their profiles.

        Were Romania to take in its fair share there is no shortage of accommodation for them. How many empty apartments are there in Bucharest, built but never sold: the result of over-speculation during the real estate boom? Thousands.


      6. “When are we seeing pictures and your article on how your family have taken in asylum seekers from Muslim States ?”………………He is Roger, that is why Craig’s been decorating.


      7. Ah the age old “trolling” line once faced with a fair counter argument or in this case a tongue in cheek quip.

        It was actually a valid point to an extent. Those of you so vocal on lecturing everyone else on what we should be doing – are as far removed as most from actually doing anything salient themselves, you seem to fit that bill quite successfully!

        Craig I often wonder if you think things through sometimes, you say Bucharest can house thousands or potentially millions of these migrants ?

        Who is going to provide them with jobs?

        Whose going to pay for their healthcare?

        Whose going to pay their rent, supply child benefit, tax credits etc etc ???

        How will the Bucharest residents feel about a few hundred thousand or potentially millions of extra bodies in the city?

        The two points above my last is why so many want to come to the UK – free everything for the so called non economical migrants lol.

        Give your in part intelligent head a wobble.

        Tackle the problems at source … Not place the burden on a couple of rich pickings countries every single time.

        No wonder even the most lunatic leftie of the Conservatives didn’t want Turkey in the EU – Jesus wept if that ever happens!


      8. Let me take just one point (the key one: jobs).

        Anyone currently unemployed in Bucharest (and note I refer just to Bucharest, not the rest of the country) is a lazy bastard (same applies to London imho). Nope, you might not find the job of your dreams but a job you will find. Let these people in and let them earn. This is the key to it all. In most countries refugees are not allowed to work for some time after they arrive – if ever – which is counter-productive. It means they are reliant on state welfare, which breeds resentment amongst locals and alienates the recipients. Cut the welfare and let them pay their way: I really do not see the problem with that.

        Tens of thousands of people arrive in Bucharest every year from all over Romania. A few more will hardly even register.


      9. Satan Bob Geldof was skint on the morning of Live Aid85, but now has millions in the bank…I wonder where all that came from eh?


    2. Reaguard actually has this right on why they don’t stop in Albania or Bulgaria, and it’s no surprise to see a liberal leftie loon resort to only abuse (much like Anon does)

      All these desperate asylum seekers looking for the nearest safe haven !!!!!!

      But they all want Germany or the UK ?

      Of course a small fraction may have fled for genuine asylum reasons… But let’s not kid ourselves that every last one has, they’re not even all from war torn counties for Gods sake, but I guess it’s an oppourtunity for a better life – as long as someone else pays for it.

      So come on Craig, Anon etc … When are we going to see pictures of your homes full of these poor migrants who you say desperately need help?

      I await with interest ……………


      1. Oh come on!

        The argument that they’re all golddiggers is weak. Yes, most of the them don’t want to stay in Bulgaria, Albania, Romania Hungary (the last is even in the current Schengen-zone) but because those countries are most unwelcoming to them: Hungary hasn’t approved a single one of the asylum applications filed this year. Would you like to remain in such a limbo, or travel on to a country were it will only take you a week to find a shelter (not a camp) and a few months to get papers (school, work permit, bank account)? That’s not golddigging, that’s running from the barking dogs.

        The vast majority of refugees is actually in Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, it’s a very tiny percentage that gets into Europe.

        The argument ad hominem (‘why do’nt you take in refugees’) is a weak one since the invention of rethorics.

        And as for ‘the muslims will overrun us’, that’s utter populist racism straight from the Pegida-school. Not all these refugees are strictly religious, most of them probably want to return in the long term, and did you see the fanaticism they’re actually threatened by in their own country?


      2. Karl

        Who say they are all gold diggers?

        The fact that Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary aren’t as welcoming as you say shows the EU is flawed – as why aren’t they showing similar compassion to fellow EU countries?

        The fact remains genuine asylum seekers or the economic migrants want a better life (and who can blame them!) BUT at what long term cost? And yes, there is a cost, a financial and social one.

        Have a look at this link to migration – it’s an eye opener alright.

        Now yes it’s only applying to the UK’s situation, but at what point does a country become full to breaking?

        Tackle the problem at source – just allowing millions to come to countries that have an attractive social security system or health service is not the answer and won’t last long term.

        Oh and finally – IF and it’s a big IF – once the “genuine” asylum seekers country is stabilised – will millions go back ???

        I think we all know the answer to that one!

        I’m sorry, like it or not, mass migration on this scale is unsustainable and needs control.


      3. A “small fraction” for genuine asylum reason? Man, you need to do some further study. It’s the other way round – a small fraction are NOT genuine asylum seekers.


      4. If they were genuine asylum seekers, they would have stayed in Turkey. That’s what international law says: seek refuge in the first safe country, not wherever you want.

        They are economic migrants looking to tap into the European welfare system (more accurately – into the German, British and Swedish welfare systems, which offer the most benefits).

        That’s why they cross 7-8 safe countries illegally before reaching Germany. If they were genuine refugees they would have stopped to seek protection in the first safe country on the route.

        No country needs welfare seekers disguised as refugees, and definitely Romania doesn’t need them and won’t give them anything. We have our own people to take care of.


  2. “Traian Basescu, who earlier this week said that Romania should refuse to accept any refugees, declaring that ‘it is not our problem’ and that ‘they will bring their families and never leave.’”……………He’s right, they will never leave and they will bring all of their relatives. They have got more relatives crawling out the woodwork than Blake Carrington and Del Trotter put together. And they will never, never intergrate with the locals. They will just create the same shit that they left behind.


      1. You’re a proper simpleton Ricky sunbeam. You gotta learn to let go of the mis-guiding hand of the jew controlled mainstream media. Open your eyes and think for yourself.


  3. I used to work for a refugee resettlement agency as my hometown was at one time a preferred location for resettlement. Thousands and thousands came from all over the world but primarily a mix of Christian and Muslim from Sudan and south- east Europe.

    My experience was the refugees were eager to settle down and quietly work hard at their new life. I think that’s a general trait of a refugee.


    1. ethan

      What if there’s no work?

      What if they don’t intergrate and stay in their community?

      What if they need housing, social benefits, healthcare, education etc etc – who pays for it?

      How many million can each country take?

      What about those left behind – do we do nothing to resolve their country or do we help make their country safe again and then send them all back … After all that’s all a genuine asylum seeker wants – isn’t it ?


      1. How many million can each country take? No country needs to take any “million” if the burden is shared. A million have arrived in Europe till now, let’s say another million come, that’s 2 million distributed among a population of 550 million. If all EU countries take some, they won’t make much of an impact.

        YES, if their country was safe, most of them will go back, that’s what most want, most of all.


      2. Only countries who need them should take them. Romania doesn’t need them.

        Forcing them upon countries who don’t need them is a reason to break out of the European Union.


  4. The reason there is so much corruption in Bucharest for example is because Romanians want to live the good life after the diabolical exploits of Ceausescu and yet the economy doesn’t offer most Romanians a Western European standard of living. So, some people here cheat and steal from the State and the European Union. The migrant crisis only threatens their pursuit of middle class living:


  5. About the “nice clothes” – most if not all refugees get a fresh set of clothes when they arrive on the Greek Islands. They land cold and wet so the first thing volunteers do is give them dry clothes. Sometimes their old clothes are quite nice – Syrians are as fashion conscious as anybody – and these clothes get washed and recycled for the next group. So yes, it is possible that sometimes they will have nice clothes, but that doesn’t make them any less refugees. Same with smart phones – most of the middle class have them at home, makes perfect sense to bring them and they are essential for communications and plotting their journey.


    1. They should be confined to Greece together with their fresh clothes and smartphones.

      The entire crisis is the Greeks’ fault because they had the obligation to protect their borders. And if they couldn’t, they should have asked for help from NATO to protect their borders.

      Either we have countries or we don’t.


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