Bucharest Metro Challenge: A New Record

Remember the Bucharest Metro Challenge? We first did it in 2010, had our record beaten in 2011 and then failed to get it back in 2013.

Well, there’s a new standard to beat: Costin Iftode’s time (which had stood since 2011) has been beaten by Razvan Ionescu and Călin Darie, who did it a couple of weeks ago in 3 hours, 18 minutes and 15 seconds. You can read all about it here (in Romanian).

We plan on having another go sometime this summer.


3 thoughts on “Bucharest Metro Challenge: A New Record

  1. Isn’t it all about luck Craig?

    Meaning, as I understand it the trains arrive, when they arrive, no set times – so it’s basically if you get the rub of the green, you can get quite a good time.

    Obviously planning a strategic route etc is key, but ultimately aren’t you solely reliant on how long you have to wait at stations?

    Nothing worse than getting to a platform and seeing your train doors closing!


    1. Yes luck has a large part to do with it: one delay and you are buggered. I notice that these guys did it very early in the morning, which I think helped.


      1. Yes a delay could wreck any attempt. I guess finding out from the Metro when the frequencies of trains are at their highest is good planning and being ultra familiar with what platform or area of a station you need to be before you leave each train (obviously the latter you probably know like the back of your hand anyway!) and in the shortest possible route with a decent pair of trainers on, for speed 🙂


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