Straight out of the petty-nationalist textbook

How many times have we seen this kind of thing?

If, as a foreigner, you dare to suggest that Romania is anything less than perfect (or that it may not have been perfect at some point in its entire history) you can expect a three-pronged attacked from petty-nationalists.

First off, a personal insult.

Second, the suggestion that – as a foreigner – you have no right to comment on Romania in anything other than glowing terms.

Thirdly, you will be told that your country is as bad or worse.

This, therefore, is straight out of the petty-nationalist textbook:


This was the original post we had the temerity on which to comment.


58 thoughts on “Straight out of the petty-nationalist textbook

  1. Actually, both you and your dialogue partner are right in your own terms.

    Technically, you`re right saying that interwar Romania was backward and miserable, however you`re severely missing the historical and moral reasons which made interwar Romania a legitimate legend for the later generations.

    In doing so, you`re proving a lack of knowledge and sensibility which validates exactly what your interlocutor was reproaching you.


  2. To call this exchange a “dialogue” might be a bit too charitable. I didn’t see Craig’s “fitze” , nor “arrogance”. It was a (correct) observation: indeed, many Romanians are not sufficiently knowledgeable about the history of the country.
    The moment you stoop to “sictir” and “cara-te”, it becomes clear that you have absolutely no arguments to address the substance of the remark. Reading further, it’s disheartening to see that Craig’s interlocutors chose to do a hit and run, and go with logical fallacies such as “your country is worse” (yes, it may well be, so what of it?).
    Contrary to popular opinion in Romania, foreigners are not always ill-intentioned, ignorant and purposefully insulting. Sometimes it may be unpleasant to look in the mirror the world puts in front of you, but a bit of national soul-searching might not only demonstrate the courage that we Romanians are so proud of, but also give us the opportunity to make amends and hopefully improve some things in the future.
    I remember my first encounter with a British journalist in 1990, and how he “robbed me” of my illusions when he told me that what I had learned in school about Romania protecting its Jews during WW2 was false. I was extremely pained by the realization that he was right. A few years later, when The Diary of Mihail Sebastian came out, the extent of the suffering and the prosecution became known to an even larger number of people, and many were forced, like me, to reconsider beliefs that we held since childhood.
    Well, tough. This is what happens when you live under a dictatorship. We were lied to. Now, what do we do next? do we just hope that we find somebody else to lie to us, so our delicate feelings aren’t hurt?
    I dare to hope we’ll be brave and honest with ourselves.


      1. Oh dear keyboard hard case, seems very much that the jew controlled monster mainstream media machine has got you hook, line and sinker! Of course you can always scream and shout and say ”but it’s all true, the television told me so!”


      2. The Brits are the most vile disgusting bigoted racists kunts that crawl this planet. Yet say one thing against the jews….well, they just lose their tiny minds!


      3. Firstly whether I’m a Brit or am not is irrelevant here you vile lowlife.Secondly I remind you and Mr Turp ( who by retaining the copyright is equally punishable under law ) that while the bigoted British decided that Holocaust denial would not be entered into the statutes as a crime, here in Romania it is and while it remains to have a test case I and my Jewish ancestors would be more than happy to sponsor one. At least I have the courage to post under my own name and enough education to know what is embellished history .

        Craig I insist on removal of his initial offensive criminal post or I will take it further.


      4. You’re the only Bullshitter here, denial of one of the worst crimes ever perpetrated by the human race, the systematic factory destruction of not just Jews but anyone who did not fit a Genetic ideal that’s what happened to free speech, haggle over the exact figure all you like but you have no right to deny it.
        I’d rather be foreskinless than have no balls like you Mr piece of crap anonymous , with my details you can find my address in Bucharest, please feel free to crawl out from under your rock and come and find me to debate it face to face.


      5. Sounds like Mr Reaguard and Mr Craggs have bonded.

        I don’t think it’s fair to threaten Craig for the post of someone else, perhaps an email to Craig to share you concerns or the realisation that words such as Mr Reaguards on an obscure website, is hardly the end of the world !


      6. Commonsense
        No the burblings of a paranoid are not the end of the world, but keeping the spark of the idea that the holocaust never took place is the beginning of the end, and these claims have to be fought wherever they are found. Unfortunaly as editor of the site Craig retains legal and moral responsibilty for those too cowardly , ashamed or frightened to publish under their own names.


      7. Mr Craggs

        Anyone of sane mind knows the holocaust clearly did happen … I think either Rearguard is on a bizarre wind up or slightly unhinged if he thinks it never happened.

        I just feel to take it so much to heart that you insinuate legal action towards Craig is a bit too much, time to move on and not allow some fruit case on the internet upset you so much …

        Craig is pretty much all for free speech, within reason – You should basically laugh at people who think the world is flat or the holocaust never happened … Not take it out on Craig or insinuate violence if Rearguard tips up at your home.


      8. Flat earthers , Intelligent design addicts and climate change believers I can laugh at, Holocaust deniers I can’t

        Looking back I don’t think I indicated violence , I just invited him to look into my one good eye and me to look back in pity at a coward to afraid to put his name to his beliefs

        Whilst I’m well aware of Craigs views and laud most of them, law is law even ones you believe are bad.


      9. Right then, so by law I have to be a good little sheep and believe in the holocaust. Even though I have seen enough evidence to suggest it never took place.


      10. Mr Craggs

        After just opening Reaguards latest bit of evidence to say the holocaust never took place, I am certain he’s either on a wind up mission, or mad.

        I understand you’re quoting Romanian law as regards this website? That might be a grey area would it not … More to the point, do you genuinely feel it necessary to hold Craig to account because you’re allowing a wind up merchant or mad man, get to you with words typed on the Internet !

        That’s all it is, hollow words !

        If you don’t like his strange posts, don’t be sucked in and read them !


      11. “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are
        presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new
        evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is
        extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it
        is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize,
        ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

        ― Frantz Fanon,


    1. dear Mr Rearguard,
      I found this website to be very informed in clearing up misunderstandings about the Holocaust.

      Unfortunately, there isn’t much info on Romania there, but I’d be more than happy to provide resources on that if you wish.
      The book I mentioned in my original post is also a moving and honest testimony.

      Regrettable as it may be that current Israeli politicians use the Holocaust in ways that many may find distasteful and dishonourable, it doesn’t change the facts of history.
      Obfuscation and spin are what politicians do best…some may say it’s the ONLY thing politicians do well.


  3. Imagine explaining to an ignorant foreigner why “Victorian era” is important for modern Britain: you simply don`t waist your time “expanding” on basics. Now imagine this very ignorant foreigner tells you how awful Victorian times were and that you should be ashamed of: it would be a silly, ignorant and arrogant attitude, that is, exactly the stance you and your fellow creatures take against us Romanians, ridiculously patronising us and celebrating an imaginary superiority.


    1. Actually I would describe the Victorian era in much the same way as the ignorant foreigner. That’s because we are taught at school – via Dickens in many cases, the great chronicler of the times – how bad a period it was for many people, and how nasty our empire was (alongside the many leaps which were made). This is the point I was trying to make originally: history has to be taught objectively, the good and the bad. As far as I can tell, in Romania only the communist period is taught objectively (in fact, not even that: ‘it was bad and that’s that’ appears to be the message). Every other period (if it is taught at all) is taught as if it were some kind of model that Romania should be aiming to rediscover.

      Are Romanian children taught that slavery was legal in Wallachia and Moldavia as late as 1856? Are they taught about the pogroms? The deportations to Transnistria? I have a child who will enter class seven in September, and so far none of these subjects has cropped up: he is only aware of them because we have ensured that he reads about them.


      1. I have no idea what is being taught today in the Romanian schools. I only know that the quality of the education has dropped dramatically. Nevertheless, I cannot figure out how elementary basics, like the slavery of the Gypsies could not be taught any more in the schools.

        excellent idea to built in a spell checker


      2. I tend to agree with you, Craig. Here in the U.S., we’re dealing with something similar. The South is finally starting to come to terms with its history and the delusional way they’ve taught it since they lost the Civil War. It’s 2015 and you’d be shocked at some of the things southerners believe about their history.

        The war we lost in Vietnam and the treatment of Native Americans have also been opportunities for us to re- learn our own history.

        It can be hard to do and as a patriotic American I know that firsthand. But eventually the unapproved and subversive version of events will be so well known that even the most ardent partisans will have to let go of the myths in their history.

        The Romanian people will get it right.


      3. “and the treatment of Native Americans have also been opportunities for us to re- learn our own history.”…………….Treatment? More like genocide.


      4. Hold on tightly to the hand of the monster mainstream media machine, otherwise where would you be without them to guide you through your fake life?


  4. They are not petty-nationalists. They are plain ignorant, full of inferiority complexes. But, of course, with strong opinions. Excuse me my French.


  5. “Not living in the UK full-time, I have no idea if it is socially acceptable to admit to liking Michael Portillo’s train programmes. Craig Turp”……………..Just to let you know that Michael Portillio is a paedophile. If that doesn’t bother you, then carry on watching re-runs of Jim’ll F*ck it!


  6. “Are Romanian children taught that slavery was legal in Wallachia and Moldavia as late as 1856? ”

    This made me curious to check it in the school books: Gypsy slavery is still at the same place in the history books where I left it three decades ago, under “Medieval Romanian Society”, social structure: domn, boieri, tarani liberi, clacasi (serbi, iobagi), tigani robi (domnesti, boieresti, manastiresti).

    You cannot put the blame on others for your own ignorance: they didn’t tell you that the earth is round and now you’re accusing anybody of conspiracy against the truth.


    1. You seem not to have observed that I was asking a question, not making a statement. And you talk about ignorance. Silly person. Take a day off.

      PS Why do you refer to ‘Gypsy slavery’, as though that were somehow different to ‘slavery’? Genuinely curious.


  7. Yours was not a plain question, but a polemic one and you know it very well, no need playing the fool.

    “Gypsy slavery” just because Gypsies were the only subjects of it, just as “Negroes” were the only subjects of slavery in the former British Colonies known today as “USA”.

    Not nice to lose temper.


    1. No, it was a question, based on the fact that our 13-year-old has yet to be told about Romania’s shameful past as a slave state, or about the pogroms or Romania’s role in the Holocaust. By the age of 13 children in the UK are well aware of Britain’s despicable, leading role in the slave trade, and have already been introduced to the idea that our empire brought nothing but grief to hundreds of millions of people.


      1. What about Africa’s own despicable leading role in their slave trade? They use to turn up in Europe gathering up as many whites as possible before fleeing off with their new slaves. I suppose that doesn’t fit in with the NWO agenda? ” By the age of 13 children in the UK bla, bla bla”……. I would have thought the indoctrination program would have started the minute they are born?


      2. Absolutely: Africa was complicit in the slave trade (and is still the only place where the practice exists) and this should not be overlooked.


      3. Sorry Craig but the average 13 year old in the UK hasn’t a CLUE about the name of the Prime Minister nevermind the slavery trade! In fact a large proportion of 13 year olds in the UK aren’t even British by birth.

        It’s been a while since you were in touch with the UK, if you ever were at all !


      4. According to the last Census the total number of Children not British at Birth was 0.92% or do you mean White? So it’s hardly a large proportion I keep well in touch in the UK and the bulk of children <14 I meet know the PM's Name as well as about Slavery, infact mist even know about The British Slaves of the Roman Empire, ( Not Angles but Angels.. ) Apocryphal as it may be.


      5. Paul Craggs

        No I didn’t mean white, so you’re ill judged assumption is wrong.

        The last census was 2011, since then their has been a rising UK population and most certainly would not be completed by all living in the UK, certainly not in 2015, where we now have the free movement of people within the EU. The percentage of 13 year olds not of British education or initial upbringing is a large proportion relatively speaking and is growing yearly, also you’d be best to convert a percentage figure into numbers, as it distorts the facts – 1% of 100 people or 1% of 500,000 people, can mean a greater number of people in the educational system.

        Of course some children are well educated, but the slavery period wasn’t in my curriculum at school, many historical periods were, but that wasn’t, however personally I was aware of it.

        We’ll have to agree to disagree I guess, but I stand by my opinion that the standard of education for current 13 year olds in the UK is poor overall, and I’d wager the vast majority of 13 year olds haven’t a clue about the slavery past of the United Kingdom.

        I think sometimes well educated people, aren’t as savvy as to the life of the not so well educated and average joe. I reckon if you ask 10 kids are they aware of the slavery past of the UK, less than 50% would know – and that’s being generous!

        You’re clearly as out of touch as Craig is, to the current education system and curriculum for children in the UK.

        A large proportion wouldn’t have a clue, you’d be better asking them to name the band members of One Direction or whose got the most followers on Twitter !


      6. Paul Craggs

        It’s interesting you say you ask most of the UK educated children you meet, who’s the PM and do you know about the slavery past of the British Empire?

        But I know you’re just making that up 😉


      7. Craggs

        There is no way you ask them all who is the PM and do you know all about the UK slavery past?

        No chance, you’re making it up Sir.

        Whilst there are many well educated 13 year olds in the UK, there is also huge numbers who are more educated in what hairstyle Cheryl Cole or Wayne Rooney has or what’s the latest song by Rhianna.

        You Sir, are out of touch and a liar.


      8. And you Mr hide behind a pen name, are a small minded little englander, nobody calls me Sir, not even at the office, like so many of your type you can’t handle the truth of another when it does not fit your obviously limited experience or your agenda.


      9. What’s all this hiding behind name cobblers all about for anyways eh? The username of ‘Paul Craggs’ means about as much to me as say, mine or most others made up on here. Are you famous Paul or what? Because I’ve never heard of ya? You seem to believe that by typing in ‘Paul Craggs’ will automatically make me believe you’re not hiding but actually wide out hidden in plainsight somewhere? Does anybody use their real names? I know the GermanJew royal family pretending to be British Christians don’t use their real names.


      10. Craggs

        You Sir haven’t a clue about me and saying I’m a ‘type’ based on what your agenda wants you to believe is par for the course with you, after reading what you type on here.

        I maintain you’re a liar and make up ill thought statements to suit a flawed argument.

        If however you do carry out a survey of every child you meet by asking who is the PM and get them to describe the slavery past of the UK, then I’d guess you’re seen as a bit of a weirdo by the parents of the children you ask …

        Why not be articulate enough to counter opposing views, rather than make up lies to suit your flawed agenda?


      11. I see I’ve angered anon/woger enough to log back on and angrily comment 🙂

        The irony is, neither of you have explained what it is I’m supposed to be, even though neither of you have a clue what my beliefs actually are!

        I thought Craig had banned you anon, or are you back to ruin the forum again?


      12. It’s only natural that most 13 year olds don’t know the name of the PM. The ones who do, learnt it after being raped by him and his cronies!


  8. Hello Craig,
    You have to admit that the way you phrased your comment was a bit instigatory. If you said: “The 30s period in Romania wasn’t the paradise that people thought it was, and the nick-name of Little Paris is mistplaced” which is the point that you are trying to make, I believe.
    However if you say: “Romanians in the 30s was a pile of crap”, then list a bunch of derogatory terms, then of course *some* people would take offence.

    Hope that helps. ☺


  9. In other news …

    It seems foreigners aren’t so scathing of the UK as the economic migrants at Calais !

    They can’t wait to get over The Channel and spout their pre determined story to claim asylum.

    Can we send them all to Bucharest and raise taxes on people’s wages to pay for them ?

    Or can we provide them with housing and jobs in Bucharest too ?

    Come on, you’re not racists are you ?

    It’s not as if they are Roma Gypsies (it’s OK to be racist to them!)


    1. I don’t want to sound like a kunt but all that fanny happening at Calais is just that…fanny! It’s all make believe cobblers acted out by a bunch of government paid actors to help push their agenda and of course, brought to your living rooms via the Dew owned monster mainstream media machine. And before you ask “Oh yeah, and whose idea is this then eh?” I can tell ya, it’s all; down to Paul Craggs mates over at Mossad.


      1. Craggs doesn’t like your views Rearguard.

        Night out in Bamboo with your Adidas originals, money and English accent … When you was in your prime !


      2. Craggs can take my views and stick them up his satanic arsehole for all I care. Bamboo is sooo 2008. I was in my pomp circa 2010. I’d just use to walk in to any joint and everybody
        who worked the room just went wild. I use to tip the barman 100ron just for keeping the ice cubes cold. The doorman would get 50ron just for opening the door. But now it’s all over for me. I’m a pipe and slippers man.


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