The (almost) abandoned Cotroceni Stadium

Not quite completely abandoned (the grass is clearly being regularly cut, although not short enough to actually play football on) Cotroceni Stadium is in a sorry state. Once the most modern football ground in Romania (dating from the 1940s it was entirely rebuilt for the 1998 European Under-21 Championships, held in Romania) it has been unused since 2009 when FC National, the tenants, were forced to leave by the National Bank of Romania (the owners) having repeatedly failed to pay the rent.

FC National – a team which finished second in the first division as recently as 2002 and reached the Romanian Cup Final in 2003 (Dan Petrescu’s last match as a professional footballer, by the way) – have since all but disappeared, and now ply their trade in the fourth division under their previous name of FC Progresul.

Anyway, making the most of an open gate, we took a few photos last night.






4 thoughts on “The (almost) abandoned Cotroceni Stadium

  1. It’s a pity to forget about football and their stadiums. Someone really need that field so he can succeed in the house and residence business.
    As everything is getting older in this country, the capital loses her share.


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