Craft fair this weekend @ Peasant Museum

Forget the utter shite you will find in the many souvenir shops that have recently sprung up around the city (not least in the Old Town, where there are three or four), if you are in the market for genuine Romanian arts and crafts then take note that the excellent Peasant Museum is this weekend holding one of its regular craft fairs.


We’ve been going to these things for years and they are invariably brilliant: you will find everything from beautifully embroidered ie (those traditional Romanian blouses which are all the rage with the hip kids these days) to pots, pans, painted icons, honey, jams, kurtos and gingerbread. The one thing you should not expect is cheap crap: the stuff on sale here is the real deal: hand made by craftspeople, and priced accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Craft fair this weekend @ Peasant Museum

  1. Isn’t this the kind of stuff Prince Charles actively supports?

    I’m still waiting for a shred of evidence he’s enemy number one of Romania.


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