The grass really is greener in Sector 3

We were asked on Friday what’s new in the People’s Republic of Sector 3.

Well, grass: that’s what new. Green grass. Expensive green grass, lawn-tennis standard. Heaps of the stuff is currently being laid between Calea Vitan’s tram tracks:


What’s more, an automatic sprinkler system has been installed to keep the grass as green as a leprechaun throughout the hot, dry summer.

What a fine new way Our Glorious Mayor has found to spend our money.


43 thoughts on “The grass really is greener in Sector 3

    1. Grass can survive pretty damn well over winter provided it’s the correct type…It’s only CommonSense when you think of artic tundra regions which have much harsher winters than Romania, but lavish fields of grass in the spring.


      1. Grass can survive pretty damn well in the right environment, commen sense would tell you that.

        However common sense tells me it’s laid on concrete, with a few inches (if that) of soil underneath. I’d take a wild guess the artic tundra regions have more than a few inches of nutrient rich soil underneath and the turf laid is your run of the mill stuff you’d do your back garden with.

        If the forums resident expert on everything knows different, I’d be highly amused to hear it?


      2. On slightly closer inspection and if my eyes are seeing right, I reckon it’s no more than a inch or two of turf laid directly on concrete?

        It won’t last until the end of the summer, it will burn up at the ends first, sprinklers or no sprinklers.

        Bringing more green spaces to the city isn’t a bad thing at all, but the right preparation must be used, or it’s a waste of time and money.


      3. This is the second summer, it came back to life this Spring. Also, how deep do you think the soil is at baseball or football stadiums? I can tell you for certain it’s not very deep.


      4. So you’re saying that’s not newly laid turf and the same stuff has been down for at least a year, and came back to life in the spring?

        Well at least my prediction of it dying a death in a Romanian winter was correct 🙂

        I’m not saying you’re a liar and I’m only making assumptions based on the evidence at hand, it looks like newly laid turf, Craig has insinuated it’s in his area and a new initiative, but you’re saying otherwise?

        As for sports surfaces which are grass, a few minutes on the Internet will tell you that none are on one or two inches of soil, or laid on concrete.

        You also seem to have conveniently overlooked the fact I DO like to see green spaces and this kinda thing in Buc, I was of the assumption it was new and poorly thought out and planned.

        Perhaps Craig could confirm if it’s just appeared this year or Steve is correct and it’s the original turf laid last year – which after a winter of death has come back to life, and it’s not just newly laid turf for a second summer.


      5. Don’t be too hard on him, he failed Biology at school, alongside English…
        Seen plenty of green tramlines around Europe and they all look lovely and seem to survive pretty well.


      6. You do realise your childish remark regarding education is making you sound obsessed and angry.

        You could be in for another telling off as once again you try and ruin the forum.

        I’d prefer to wait for confirmation about the actual turf in the picture and exactly how it’s been laid, as further up in the picture it appears to be struggling to survive and I can assure you rolls of turf laid on concrete (without soil underneath) won’t last the test of time.

        This thread needs bookmarking and a progress report from Craig. We’ll see what it’s like next Spring 2016. My money is on it’s not green anymore.


      7. Well seeing as it was you who’ve yet again gone out of your way to add nothing but childish remarks to the forum, I’d say you’re the one whose angry – but then again you did bully prisoner of your eyes (a women) from here and post abuse on a regular basis.

        Maybe one day Craig will have enough and ban you.


  1. You’re joking, right? Weren’t you the one bitching a while back about them tearing down fences around blocks that had Ivy on them and replacing them with new fences simply because they were covered in greenery? Your argument then was the fact that there isn’t enough greenery in the city and how dare they take it away.

    So in all seriousness I have to ask you, do you complain for the sake of complaining? I live in Titan, and I am quite impressed with the freshly planted grass and the time they invest in maintaining it. It’s evident by seeing the tramline that was completed last year on the other side of N. Grigorescu towards Dristor along Liviu Rebreanu. Oh, and the curbs that you so adamantly protested is there I imagine to keep dickheads from driving on the grass. However, I can say that I wasn’t a huge fan of them laying nice bricks at the intersection only to tear them up for the widening project. But hey, win some, lose some.

    Really, if there isn’t anything else to write about, don’t write anything at all. Otherwise, move to Ferentari and stop bitching. And for those that haven’t been to the US, grass is pretty damn resilient….


    1. Somebody’s rattled your cage.

      It is a waste of money. In six months time it will look shit and need doing again. I am all for more green space, but done properly and in the right place. You do not correct a mistake by making another mistake.


      1. The grass was planted last year…. Liviu Rebreanu between N.Grigorescu and Camil Ressu. This is the second summer that they are maintaining it. Care to revise your above opinion?


      2. If we are to believe it was laid last summer, then why is it looking like new turf and what looks like a roll of said turf on the kerb to the right?

        Is the turf from last year the yellow/brown and basically dying stuff further on down the tracks, as seen in the picture?

        I’m certain the green turf at the foot of the picture is freshly laid, can anyone confirm?


      3. It is freshly laid. Craig makes it clear his photo is of new turf on Calea Vitan, whereas Steve and I are talking about last year’s turf, laid along Camil Ressu/ N Grigorescu.


      4. I have also seen what went underneath (nothing). It is a very thin layer of turf placed directly over concrete slabs. That’s why I give it little chance. Let’s hope I am wrong!


      5. Thanks for the info Richard, so at least it confirms I was right.

        I think it’s a great idea adding more and more green spaces, but my concern was this particular green space looked ill prepared and if as it appears, it’s a inch or two of turf laid on concrete, it won’t survive. So the article makes fair and valid points. I just added a touch of common sense and calmness to the debate 🙂


      6. Roger demonstrates his lack of reading comprehension. Steve pointed to similar grassed tracks having survived pretty well over the last year through a typical Romanian winter in order to address Roger’s opinion that the grass will not survive…Roger misses the point.

        At least I will always get a giggle out of the username ‘CommonSense’ coming from Roger. Oxymoron comes to mind.


      7. The irony is it’s the serial abusive and angry stalker Woger/Anon whose misses the point.

        The article and picture is about a new area of laid turf which looks laid on concrete, as far as we can tell and from the photographers eye witness opinion.

        I’ve maintained that proper preparation can make it possible for grass to survive a Romanian winter, of course it can – but I’d have severe reservations about grass laid on concrete. That is indeed common sense being applied.

        The adult debate is about this specific area of grass which looks ill prepared. Nobody is doubting that grass can’t survive in Romania, just that this specific area looks poorly prepared and naturally doubts would surface.

        If you wish to use this forum as a place to take out your anger and behave like a child Woger/Anon – I’d suggest you seek help or hopefully Craig will ban you.

        You were boasting about your wealth and mocking Romania people on median salaries a while back, along with claims you own 2 luxury cars, so what is such a successful man like you claim, getting upset for on an obscure Internet forum ?

        As Craig asked you not so long back, either contribute positively to the forum, or take your issues elsewhere.

        You Tube ranting might be a good place for you, plenty of your types on there.


      8. It’s only a matter of time before someone points out that they dug up the concrete blocks before laying the sprinker system and turf as can be seen in the background of the photo…
        You’re too easy Roger. Funny too!


      9. My bad, they never had concrete blocks. It was soil covered in gravel like a normal railway track. You can even see grass growing on the old stuff before the refurb. Google maps is a nice bit of tech eh?


      10. In fairness I’m not that annoyed to take the trouble of Google maps to try and score a point against a complete stranger.

        Craig has confirmed it’s laid on concrete, and flush up against the rails as anyone can see in the picture. There does appear to be yellow dead turf further up the track though – is that the successful turf from last year ?

        Oh and while we’re at a common sense and calm approach, I reckon Google maps isn’t up to date either 🙂

        This thread isn’t going anywhere, I look forward to a progress report from Craig and the look of lush green grass after winter – we’ll see 😉


      11. Dear dear Roger, Google maps has images from 2009-2014 of the area. Further up is where they are removing the old gravel and adding new sod.
        Craig is mistaken that it’s just laid on concrete slabs.

        You’re doing that thing you do where instead of admit you’re wrong, you go full retard and try to find a way of wriggling out of it.

        Interestingly enough they are doing similar things at calae victoriei, but the sprinklers are aimed at pedestrians walking on the pavement. Oops.

        Tell me Roger, when the grass is still there next year are you going to impersonate Geronimo to try and make excuses as you did when UKIP got a kicking in the election?


      12. What am I wrong about? I’ve made some perfectly fair and valid points – I’m not sure you can say Craig is wrong when he’s seen it in person, taken the photo and all you’re doing is looking at an out of date Google Maps.

        If the proper preparation is done of course grass will survive and it’s a good idea to add green spaces (as I’ve said in many of my posts on this thread already) perhaps you’re anger and strange stalking behaviour means you misread simple english?

        If as Craig states it’s laid on concrete, or simply won’t last, if it’s been properly prepared and is looked after it will last.

        Is that simple enough for you Woger/Anon and all your other copied names?

        As for you childish quips about a UK election, why clog up a decent thread with your childish antics and at least post them on the relevant ones, like the UK election one Craig did a while back.

        You’re starting to ruin this forum yet again, you can’t be far from a ban, and it’s no more than you deserve after your homophobic abuse, impersonations, abuse of many posters and ultimately bullying of a women poster prisoner of your eyes (although she did run rings around you) You always resort to abusing the ones who do that 🙂

        Now if you won’t take some sound advice, let’s hope Craig gets tired of your constant goading and childish antics and bans you.

        You’d have thought after all your claims of wealth and status you’d have more important things to occupy your life?

        I reckon by your behaviour you’re nowhere near the man you claim you are – you’re far too angry and obsessed for that.


      13. Truth obviously hurts you, let’s hope you either go away or stop your abuse and ruining the forum.


      14. Very combative there, Steve.

        Still, you have a point, the turf was in place along Camil Ressu between Ramnicu Sarat and Dristor since at least last spring, and my in-laws tell me it’s still thriving. And like the insulation on the blocks and the flower baket things it is making the place immeasurably more pleasant, which – whatever other demands may be out there – is a worthwhile use of money, I’d say.


    1. Sounds like Charlie boy isn’t just a nemesis for Romania and is doing more than most to the benefit of the country.


      1. Charlie the woofter is only interested in getting his hands on young boys. Lock up your sons, charlies on the prowl!


  2. Completely off-topic:

    Will the Romanian Parliament vote to strip Ponta of his immunity, or let him keep it?

    Worry #1: Vote to strip immunity, and wonder if Ponta will finger them in further conversations with him.

    Worry #2: Vote to keep immunity, and wonder if they will be investigated as a result of their vote.

    I’m betting on them taking their chances and opting for Worry #2.


    1. They will circle the wagons and protect their own. They are all corrupt, the only question is how long can they hold on before their time runs out?


  3. Mid-August update: I was crossing Grigorescu between IOR and Parcul Ioan Cuza yesterday evening and the grass alongside and between the rails was looking lush and healthy. Likewise the grass alongside the tram tracks on Camil Ressu about half an hour ago (when the automatic irrigation was giving them a good watering).

    It may be costly, but the effect on the liveability of the area justifies it, in my opinion.


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