Three things

Three things about the UK’s general election results:

1. The Greens took more than a million votes and kept their MP. We donated to their campaign despite not being able to vote and are delighted with the result. They also picked up 18 local council seats.

2. For all those calling for proportional representation (PR), think about this: if we’d had PR last night Ukip would have taken 80-odd seats.

3. If Cameron is good to his word the UK will now hold a simple, in/out referendum on EU membership. We think that’s actually no bad thing. The government will campaign to stay in, so will Labour, so will the SNP, so will the Greens. The ins will win by a fairly big margin, and with that the whole issue of the UK’s EU membership will be put to bed for a generation. Ukip – particularly after Farage’s personal humiliation – will be toast. Forget all that talk of coming second in so many constituencies: once their raison d’etre no longer exists, they will disintegrate quickly.


17 thoughts on “Three things

  1. 1) I just wouldn’t be able to vote for the Greens because of their odd attitude towards nuclear power…in-fact, I couldn’t vote for any of the parties because I feel it doesn’t matter who gets in. I’d love a ‘none of the above’ box on the ballots, with a rerun if that percentage is high enough.

    2) Thankfully we don’t have PR. As much as FPTP gets flack, considering the structure of the Kingdom, I think it’s the fairest form we have. PR would just lead to tyranny of the majority with any country other than England having a very quiet voice.

    3) Totally agree. Expect UKIP to eat their own come September with the leadership battle. I can imagine many former Tories starting to distance themselves from UKIP once the insanity starts up again. UKIP as a brand is toxic, as is Farage.


    1. And how is it done in the UK to cast your vote, by putting your finger in some ink and putting it next to the paedo of your choice?


      1. ^^^
        Anger issues or simply unable to add anything mature to the debate?

        Clearly the vast majority of politicians come across as out of touch and career politicians is essentially their role. However there is the odd good one or two, who are in it for the right reasons, and equally importantly are in touch with reality. Sadly these types are to far and few between.

        Whilst I don’t agree with her parties policies by all account Caroline Lucus from the Greens is decent and Andy Burnham from Labour, but as stated far too many are out of touch with reality and the recent election rhetoric from their party leaders sadly showed their ignorance of ‘normal people’


      2. Andy Burnham hangs out with nonces and is most probably one himself. Is that what makes him a decent bloke in your book Roger?


  2. Point 2 contradicts point 1.

    Do you realise how many seats the Greens would have if PR existed?

    Far more than the solitary 1. So it’s weird you contradict your support for the Greens in that respect?

    PR is also a far fairer outcome of votes and democracy in its purest form.

    I don’t think you’ve thought your post through properly. However it’s not uncommon for liberal loonies to make bizarre statements in all fairness.

    Also as I understand it from David Cameron, he’s going to ‘try’ and reform the terms of the current membership of the EU – and if he succeeds (which I doubt) the referendum will be based on the new reforms he claims he wants to implement.

    I doubt the EU will give Cameron what he claims he wants, but ultimately I imagine that the UK will vote to stay under the control of the EU, but I doubt it will be a overwhelming majority, if Cameron doesn’t get the reforms he wants. However If Cameron gets some concessions from the EU, only then could I foresee an overwhelming majority to opt to stay in.

    Perhaps the UK should let the rest of the EU decide for the UK whether we stay in or out, in true EU democratic style?

    The one thing on point 3 to consider, how many people who voted Conservative would want out of the EU, I’d hazard it’s a fair few, also Labour and then the 4 million racists from UKIP. Lord knows what Jimmy Krankie’s lot would do either, the Scots could well vote out just to spite the English and Conservatives.

    Whatever you political views, interesting times ahead.

    One final note, does PR exist in Romania, and if it doesn’t, wouldn’t the likes of Iohnnis (who I personally support) have been much better off?

    Pays to think bold statements through doesn’t it, and not let your agenda blind to the bigger picture 😉


    1. The fact that I do not like PR does not mean I like FPTP. I actually think the French, two-round system is the fairest (if a candidate takes 50 per cent of the vote in a constituency in round one, he or she wins. If not, the top two candidates in round one run-off in round two). The French system importantly keeps the connection between candidates and constituency: PR does not have that, so MPs are never really loyal to a set of voters. Romania’s electoral system is one of the world’s worst: in some cases the candidate finishing third or even fourth can win a constituency.

      As for the EU referendum, save this comment: the score will be at least 55 per cent in favour of staying in.


      1. That’s very similar in practice to the Alternative Vote System that was proposed in the referendum and soundly rejected. AVS has the advantage though of not having to run a second round.


      2. Yes, AV is a bit different, in the sense that you have to state who is your second choice before you know the finalists. Still think the French way (which was also, until recently, the way Romania chose its mayors).


      3. In all fairness I think Craig Turp IS Craig Turp but the bloke formally known as Anon, anon, Woger etc etc is the main man for username buggery.

        Hey at least you can mask your abuse of decent posters who you’ve run off the forum like PrisonerofYourEyes under your various guises.


      4. Yes Craig i reckon the French way isn’t so bad, at least fairer than FPTP at least – so what about the Greens though ???

        Under PR you’d have more than one seat?

        Or are you that bitter and blinkered to UKIP you’d rather scarifice Green votes just so UKIP don’t get PR ?

        Liberal loonies at its finest I’d suggest 😉


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