The law is the law

Unless you are a Romanian senator, it would appear.

Angry that the Romanian anti-corruption agency, the DNA, is currently cleaning up Romanian politics, a group of senators have tabled an amendment to the penal procedures code designed to make it very difficult for the DNA to do its job. If the amendment becomes law it would be almost impossible for the DNA to make arrests, to question suspects and – most crucially – to gather information via denunciations. Indeed, DNA investigators could easily end up breaking the law themselves simply by doing their job.

If this were not troubling enough, of the ten senators who have proposed the amendment (all bar one being members of the PSD, we hardly need to add) four are currently under investigation for corruption.


10 thoughts on “The law is the law

  1. At least we have a transparent and democratic commission of the European Union to sort out the corruption in Romanian politics. The sooner power is handed over to Brussels completely the better.


  2. Can’t wait to hear of the Brits election results tomorrow and into Friday no doubt, perhaps beyond.

    I’d urge a vote for either the Green Party or Liberal Democrats. Although many of my values and loyalties would be Conservative ones, but I couldn’t vote for a party who’d allow a referendum on the membership of the European Union.

    If anything I desire for the spread of the European Union, and countries shouldn’t allow the uneducated dictate their membership, leave it to the educated liberals amongst us to decide.

    Tear down countries borders, fight global warming, more freedom of movement for all, one anthem, one flag, one currency, one governing commission – this is what we need.

    Anything else, other than above, is uneducated drivel from retards like Roger.


    1. Glad you’ve came to the self-realisation that you’re a retard Roger. Have you sought medical treatment for your split-personality disorder yet?
      (p.s. wouldn’t vote for any of the pricks standing for election)


      1. ^^^

        He’s NOT angered or bothered by an uneducated retard one bit, his rant proves he’s not 🙂


      2. Remind me Roger, who’s the one who melted down and started crying about never posting here again? 😀


      3. ^^^

        Hooked a big one here 🙂

        Can’t say I’ve seen Roger post for a while to be perfectly honest, you seem a little upset and obsessed by the uneducated retard as you call him – and if you allow such a bloke to upset you so much, what does that say about you lol !

        Keep wriggling Anon 🙂


      4. Remember this?

        ‘Roger says:
        February 23, 2015 at 6:40 pm


        Yes, I’ve finally after 2 years of your shit and abuse lost my own temper and I apologise to all and on that note I’ll bow out from posting on here.

        I’ve become what I accuse you of, and even though 2 years of one way abuse, doesn’t justify my reaction.

        So you’ve won Anon, I’ll not be posting again and I’ll leave you to bask in the success in your life.’

        Nice meltdown Roger 😀

        You lasted what? 2 days before returning. I wonder is Farage will show the same lack of commitment you did and quits when he loses South Thanet tomorrow?


      5. Didn’t take me long to affect you so much to have you trawling the archives to vent your fury 🙂

        Keep wriggling Mr I’m not bothered 🙂

        Seems like Roger really got under your skin hehe 🙂


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