Green Bucharest

Our Dear Leader Robert Negoita – Mayor of the Peoples’ Republic of Bucharest Sector 3 – today invited fresh ridicule with the statement that Bucharest was ‘the greenest city in Europe.’ Negoita said that he had visited Vienna, Berlin, Rome and Paris and yet had never seen a city as green as the Romanian capital. ‘Our problem is that we don’t do the calculations properly,’ he said.

Now, while Bucharest does have some smashing parks and public gardens it could never, ever be said to be particularly green: one of the reasons the city is so impossibly hot in high summer is the lack of green space. And we should not forget that if the likes of Negoita had his way what little green space there is would be gone overnight and replaced with two and three bedroom luxury apartments or mayoral follies (as indeed it sometimes is).

Which brings us nicely on to some other Negoita news.

You will no doubt not be hugely surprised to discover that the Great Wall of Unirii, which appeared back in November remains as unfinished as ever, six months on. We took a photo of its progress this morning:


It has, however – and all credit to Ionita for this – been joined by an equally unfinished fountain/pond, which at least offers a little symmetry:


Green Bucharest: File under ‘tell a big enough lie and you will make people believe it.’


9 thoughts on “Green Bucharest

  1. He’s way off with his comment about being the greenest, but it could be way way worse. Where I am now just lacks the large, beautiful parks found in Bucharest and I miss them 😦
    Would be interesting if they started planting rooftop gardens and the like on their towering blocks.


    1. We have enough trouble keeping the roofs of those things insulated as it is. 🙂

      I wonder if your average block would be able to take the added weight though, keeping in mind the no small issue of large and devastating earthquakes 2-3 times per century.


      1. Didn’t they build some of the roofs for the purpose of hanging plants? I’m talking about the ones near unrii with the terraces.


      2. I dunno, but somehow I doubt it.

        I always thought it was just some weird North Korea inspired communist architecture, never gave it too much thought.


      3. Lol you’re probably right mate. I’m thinking of getting some hanging baskets for my luxury pad though, for the summer.


      4. and it starts again…Roger, you really are one of the most pathetic little men I’ve ever had the misfortune of communicating with.


      5. He’s got me so angry I’m getting my grammar and use of correct words wrong…I hope my cry for help will make him stop, although I’ll claim he doesn’t bother me!


  2. You should add the circus park to your list BTW, small but beautiful lilly covered pond, complete with a chorus of frogs in the summer evenings.


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