‘In tara mea fumez unde vreau’

We are not – as we have pointed out on these very pages – in favour of a complete ban on smoking in public places. Although we have become rather evangelical non-smokers in the year and a bit since we gave up the fags, we remain hopeful that the invisible hand of the market will come to the rescue long before drastic measures such as total bans (similar to those in other places around the world) have to be enforced.

Our recent list of restaurants and cafes in Bucharest which are totally non-smoking would suggest that our hopes are not entirely unfounded.

A few more incidents such as the one at our kids’ school this morning however, and we might have to rethink our stance.

One of the Dads picking up his sprog was holding a lit cigarette by his side just as a class of six and seven year-olds came running out of the school; most of the children were about the height of the cigarette. One kid brushed right by the cigarette, which caught his hat (and left a hole, no doubt). The kid was lucky: another inch or so and it could have been his eye.

Politely, we asked the dickhead holding the cigarette if he didn’t think smoking in a crowded playground was rather dangerous, not to mention a bad example for primary school children.

Evidently realising (from the accent) that we aren’t local, his aggressive reply was (and we will leave it in Romanian, for maximum effect):

Nu stiu din ce tara esti, dar in tara mea fumez unde vreau.

And that, we’re afraid, is the problem.


36 thoughts on “‘In tara mea fumez unde vreau’

  1. The next time you see this man smoking, you should tell him that he is not allowed to smoke on the school’s premises, not only from an ethical point of view but also from a legal point of view. Many would say ”But the law on banning smoking on the premises of public institutions is not in force yet” are wrong to assume this. I am aware that the Romanian Senat approved the change of Law 349/2002 (anti-smoking law) on 18.03.2015 and that is has now been sent to the Chamber of Deputies for their approval, and then sent to the president to become ”in force”. What we all forget is that the European Directive is already in force since the beginning of 2015, and therefore applicable whether or not is has been implemented as local Romanian law (EU directives always prevail over local legislation, as per Romanian Constitution)


    1. Which European Directive? There isn’t one that bans smoking in public places that I’ve been able to find.
      Directives just bind a member state to implement laws that satisfy that directive’s requirements, they don’t just ‘come into force’.


    2. @John only I understand EU directives and I’m the only person on this site who is right, about everything. I own a V8 Merc, and earn more than a median salary. I am only so critical of others spelling and grammar, because I own a linx – that’s a big cat for the uneducated amongst us.

      Some may claim I’m an unpleasant homophobic baby, but they’re wrong, and I’m right.

      Now if you don’t mind I’ve got a tram to catch, after an all night party, I’m not using any of my luxury cars today mofo.


      1. LOL Roger,
        I must have really gotten under your skin to make you keep flipping out like this. Have you considered seeking professional help for your anger over words over the internet.
        Why don’t you follow through with your promise to leave the site and instead go outside and get some fresh air. Maybe find a new hobby or go back to school and actually get an education?


      2. Sorry for my almost instant reaction to such an I’ll educated fool. He doesn’t bother me in the slightest, and you won’t find me reacting to his goading of me, I’ve gotten a V8 Merc mofo and a linx.

        I used to get angry over words on the Internet myself, now I’m practising the art of hypocrisy to claim it’s actually others who are upset, when really deep down I’m seething with rage.

        Alas I have my beloved EU to keep me at peace, and a leisurely trip on trams – when my 2 luxury cars aren’t in use.

        Gotten myself a new hobby mofo’s, it’s called ‘trying my best not to let strangers wind me up on the Internet’ – although for some reason I keep letting ill educated idiots get the better of me!!!

        Anyway if I tell everyone I’m not angry and it’s everyone else that’s angry – do you think I’ll be believed?

        Yours Anon/anon and sometimes Woger.


      3. Damn site Craig – I can’t correct my I’ll for ill – same as when I typed linx instead of lynx mofo.

        I’m not angry as such, just mildly seething, but everyone else is angrier than me, and that’s a FACT grrrrrrr.

        Anyway nevermind as I’m in my prime, rich, better educated than anyone else on here, and did I mention my 2 luxury cars, plush pad, tram fetish and hatred of the name Roger?

        It’s a good job I don’t have a median salary and live at home with my parents like Florin – ex pats like me are far better than any Romanian people mofo, read my views as Anon/anon and now Woger – I’m quite the man lol.


      4. HAHA and right on time we have another predictable Roger meltdown.
        Thanks for the laugh and never forget to keep dancing my little monkey pet.


      5. I’ve changed LOL for HAHA because I’m desperately trying to convince everyone he’s not annoying me in the slightest, I’ve even started calling him a monkey again, and I might tell everyone how he’s having a meltdown next time.

        Having said all that it’s clear I am bothered and annoyed.

        I mean how’s the bloke I claim is so thick and poorly educated running rings around me and taking the proverbial?

        We need Davin back posting or a Romanian on a median salary who’s English isn’t perfect like mine, just so I can bully and ridicule them.

        My life’s pretty empty apart from my 2 luxury cars, plush pad and pet linx, but as stated earlier, I’m in my prime, that’s why I live pretty much on Bucharest Life and allow complete strangers to annoy me.

        God I hate the name Roger, so I’ve decided I’m so unbothered I’ll change my username to Woger and only go back to Anon or anon when my pet monkey goes away, if it’s actually him?

        Until I find out I’ll just claim he’s having a meltdown or he’s a monkey, that’ll really tell him.


      6. I’ve decided to write a couple of words and not use LOL or HAHA and tell Roger he’s bothered and make out I’m not. That should fool them.


      7. @Expatescu

        It’s Roger and not me. He’s a dancing monkey who needs an education. I don’t need to netwank as I’m a hit with the ladies.


  2. Whats all this fanny about smoking now being banned in public places in Romania? Mrs Rearguard has got it into her head that it is now banned. I told her that’s a load of old bulldung mate! It is right, bulldung?


      1. Indeed, although you can often get the impression that smoking is a compulsory subject in Romanian schools at which all pupils get a 10. It would explain a lot.


      2. Well done to Chelsea on securing the title in what has been another boring and forgettable season for the neutrals. Only thing that may keep me interested is seeing if Man City slip out of the Champions League places?


      3. Ahhh 1992 the season of the last English Champions before Rupert Murdoch fucked it all up. That was a brilliant season, culminating in super Leeds pipping Ol Bacon Face (Alex Ferguson) to the title. After that heartache Murdoch promised Bacon face that he will help his club win title after title and in return become the main focal point in attracting overseas subscribers for his jew owned league.


      4. I am Romanian and I love the mix of English and Romanian I found here: “the cocalar brigade”, “Mercedes complete with pitipoanca in heels” :-)) I think it pretty well describes some of the things I thoroughly dislike in Romania and in Bucharest in particular – which by the way is my city that I adore and it will always remain my home no matter where I reside in the world. This being said, the cocalari – that usually come equipped with (white, slightly tuned and with blach road wheels) SUVs – with their pitipoance and the badarani droping their cigaretts on the jeads of children are parte of the citiy’s charm… that, toghether with the transformation to Mr. Hyde that every one driving on Bucharst’s roads suffers 😉


      5. I’ve worked hard and done enough to earn a V8 Merc as a ex pat mofo. It’s hardly my fault your median wages and work ethic don’t match mine, I’m in my prime and enjoying life, immigrants unite, and let the affluent boast, as is my hard earned right.

        The EU can help you, any criticism of the EU is unfounded and UKIP racism, it’s a perfect institution and I fully support their policies and removal of nationalist racists. I’d have been knowhere without their freedom of movement to manipulate the Eastern European culture and live life as a king, on the back of their directives and laws.


      6. I’ve a V8 Merc and a wealthy Brit mofo. I’m also far better at spelling and grammar than you.

        I’ve even managed to buy a pet linx, to help with my anger issues, I’ve decided to call it Roger.


  3. Toe-curlingly rude comment from the parent. I’m a Romanian living abroad and nobody has ever spoken to me like that. I really wish Romanians joined civilization in all respects, not just cars and cellphones.
    @craig: i think you’re a great advocate for Romania and you clearly have more respect and affection for it than some Romanians. I enjoy your blog very much, thank you.


  4. “Nu stiu din ce tara esti, dar in tara mea fumez unde vreau.”
    Excellent ! Very well said !
    He’s home, even when he’s wrong. If you don’t like it this way, feel free to leave.


    1. So what you are saying is this, you can only tell someone off for being a prick if you were born in that same town or city?


      1. more or less so, even though you’re trying to bring it to a kind of absurd derisory

        actually, being home also means the right of being wrong

        there are no such things like universal principles, making every asshole think he can give lessons in the name of it

        we are all locals

        local is real, universal is abstract


      2. Not sure I would agree with you on the universal principles issue. I think that shoving cigarettes in a child’s eyes, potentially causing lasting damage to sight is wrong, but then I am just a stupid foreigner I guess. Maybe your customs are different, and who am I to judge?


      3. Exactely !

        No need of self-pitying irony, this is exactely the situation: you’re just a foreigner, as such not entitled to all the privileges of the locals – just as your people treat our people in the UK.

        Actually, your condition here is not without a certain duplicity: you play the Englishman in Bucharest, while refusing to be treated as a stranger. Perhaps you should be more humble.


      4. @Miron Morar

        Are you related to Florin? I bet I earn more money than you and I’m better educated, is that why you’re racist, you don’t like wealthy ex pats?

        If you’re homophobic and love the EU though, then that’s alright by me, I’m kind of hypocritical like that.


      5. @ St Mirren. You read way too much mainstream media sunshine. Brits don’t treat Roms any different to your average gadgey in the street.


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