The club with no name: Copa90 on the woes of Steaua

The lads from YouTube channel Copa90 were in Bucharest recently to make a short film about the woes of Steaua, the once mighty Romanian football team currently being dragged through the mud by their racist, homophobic owner Gigi Becali (currently serving a prison sentence for corruption). That Steaua actually remain top of what passes for a football league in Romania (Liga 1) tells you all you need to know about the standard.

Steaua have been in the news for various reasons of late, few of them anything to do with football. Last week they were ordered by UEFA to play their next two European games behind closed doors after their fans displayed racist banners at a game against Dynamo Kyiv in December, while their ongoing dispute with the Romanian Ministry of Defence regarding use of the Steaua brand has forced the club to change name: officially, Steaua are now called FCSB.

Anyway, here’s the short yet rather informative Copa90 documentary.


62 thoughts on “The club with no name: Copa90 on the woes of Steaua

  1. The irony is that the MoD got fucked by Becali over his Pipera land deal/theft, and now they are fucking his little vanity project:)


    1. Is that the same Becali whose liberally accepting and champion of diversity and cultures of all sexes, races, creeds, et al?

      Perhaps he’s just the man to rid Steaua of their racist supporters and stop the unfurling of racist banners at his club.


  2. The well published racist nature of these people makes you wonder if a city like Bucuresti could ever be as accepting as diverse cultured cities such as London and Paris.

    Racism is a world wide problem and sadly significantly inbred into the culture of many Romanians and indeed many of the Eastern European cultures.

    I suppose it’s a good job these Eastern European countries aren’t as desirable for immigrants, as the racist barriers and discrimination exist on a large scale, as cases like this sadly prove.

    The Roma gypsies appear to get the most racist and discrimination against them currently in Romania, but clearly a large influx of immigrants of varying races wouldn’t be well received. Fortunately that’s never going to happen though, so the racists can carry on getting their teeth into the Roma population and foreign footballers.


    1. You’re full of bullshit Beety my son! I know of a fair few chaps from Western Africa living in Bucharest and none of them have ever encountered racist behaviour. Even on a trip out into the sticks the locals treated them with respect.
      And don’t start with all that fanny about the Roma because I think you’ll find it’s they that don’t like us.
      My bet, is that you have been reading way way way too much bullshit being pumped out by the beastly mainstream media machine, again?


      1. I was thinking of an influx of immigrants or diverse cultures on similar scales to the cities mentioned, or quite a lot of other countries throughout the world.

        A couple of foreigners is hardly a fair example to conclusively prove a large influx of foreigners to certain Eastern European countries would mean no prejudice would be shown, as it happens everywhere world wide.

        My opinion is that certain Eastern European cultures aren’t as liberal and accepting as other cultures. You do see an awful lot of racism from football supporters on a mass scale from Eastern Europe and yet you don’t from the French, German, Americans or British on the same scale.

        They are just a few examples, and yet there are multiple examples of mass racism and supporter bans from Eastern European countries on a regular basis, unless the media are lying and the sound feed from games rigged?

        It would be very interesting to see the harmony and reaction of the citizens of Bucuresti to say the mass immigration of Somalians or Pakistani’s as just two examples, I wonder if these wonderfully diverse cultures would be welcome with open arms as you say?

        Or how long would it be before the residents were blaming their woes on the immigrants and burning mosques?

        I think racism is as much as problem in Romania as anywhere else. I think there would be less tolerance from creating Eastern European countries than some of their western and further eastern counterparts.

        Why are the Steaua supporters so racist on such a large scale?



        Just from a couple of minutes on google.

        Nothing unique about Steaua when it comes to racism. it wasn’t too far when you would have an entire stadium of supporters in the UK shouting monkey or paki chants.

        Oh and as for accepting and multiculturism…UKIP, Daily Mail, Daily Express.


      3. Apart from the Jewish Tottenham supporters singing Jewish songs all the cases you raised aren’t relevant to my points as they are a small group of individuals or in the case of Louis Suarez a single player whose from Uraguay?

        You seem to be rather missing the point somewhat. However you do appear to acknowledge that the mass scale of racist chanting isn’t such a problem in the UK, America or France as 3 balanced examples in direct comparison to say Romania, Russia and the Ukraine.

        I’m not sure what you point about United Kingdon media groups is aimed at?

        My point is about the behaviour and well documented as recently as this season, the behaviour of thousands of people within many Eastern European stadiums.

        If you can find just one example of this from this season or indeed the last 10 years of a stadium ban being placed on any United Kingdom club I’d be pleased to hear it, I can’t find a single one?

        Surely it’s generally accepted racism in a universal problem and that the Eastern European countries Steaua Bucuresti included have more cases of stadium bans for racism than anywhere else in the world, so how do you explain or excuse that?


      4. That would be all very well if it wasn’t for the fact that stadium bans only went through as a punishment last year…


      5. Partial or full stadium bans have existed prior to last year (2014) as it’s now generally accepted to be 2015. Basic research into a fellow Eastern European club called CSKA Moscow would tell you that.

        I admire you trying to make an excuse for your point of view but being factually inaccurate weakens your case.

        However if we were to take your inaccurate excuse as fact (which it is not) how does that excuse the fact Eastern European clubs including Steaua have been sanctioned more heavily and in in greater proportion than the 3 western counterparts I mentioned?

        There is a clear problem with racist Romanian Steaua Bucuresti supporters, and it’s such a significant number, the authorities have sanctioned the club and imposed a stadium ban.

        I’m not sure a fair minded individual can make excuses for racism, but I don’t doubt some will try.

        Please note I’m not denying racism is a world wide problem, so let’s be clear on that, however I am highlighting the overwhelming evidence that large numbers inside stadia in the Eastern European stadia are being sanctioned for their racial abuse, and perhaps you can explain why such prehistoric attitudes and abuse is so rife, on such a large scale?

        Equally alarming is that I think it’s clear that for example, an individual superstar such as Louis Suarez in one of the most high profile leagues in the world (premier league) receives high exposure for an individual act of racist behaviour. Yet racism on a far larger scale in numbers, goes relatively unnoticed in comparison.

        You appear to have been duped and fooled into the same mistake many make, and I guess that’s a form or mainstream propaganda and ignorance for you.

        It may not sit comfortably with some, but it’s a problem in 2015 for many Eastern European clubs who have racism in large numbers inside the stadia, and Steaua Bucuresti has just been punished for this, that is factually correct, whether people like it or not.


      6. I am not aware and nor can I find any evidence to prove your claim that an entire stadium in the United Kingdom were shouting monkey or paki chants?

        I’m sure you know you’ve either be mislead or you’re aware you’re lying to try and strengthen your point of view but as mentioned previously you’re only weakening your case with false claims.

        I would confirm there have been many instances on a smaller scale and indeed the improvement in the United Kingdom to kick out racism is a well known campaign (you can factually research this organisation) along with a progressive attitude towards a common goal.

        I’m not aware of The Romanian Football Federation or indeed Russian or Ukrainian going to similar lengths, why is that, when you have such a vocal and visible problem in such large numbers?

        I will say again, racism exists in many forms and its a world wide problem.

        However in relation to the subject of Steaua and some fellow Eastern European countries, you have a greater problem than the progressive and culturally diverse neighbours in the west.

        It makes me wonder how such attitudes in such large numbers would be of accepting as more multicultural diverse nations if these countries had a similar influx of immigrants?

        I think I already know the answer, as do many of you. Some will just be in denial, but that’s to be as expected.

        I find the hypocrisy amusing though, and it’s quite therapeutic highlighting the ignorance and hypocrisy.

        I wonder what the liberal and morally superior owner of Steaua thinks of his large element of racist fan base?


      7. You’ve claimed that racism in Eastern European football is significantly larger problem than in Western Europe, and pointed to match closures as evidence, while ignoring the fact that UEFA have only enforced match closures since 2013 (my bad previously on the dates).

        I’ve simply said that racism is not exclusively a Romanian or Eastern European problem.
        Pointing to a lack of sanctions as evidence that racism is not a big problem in other countries simply highlights that maybe punishments are just not being applied equally. It would appear that whereas the club is punished in Romania or Russia, individuals are imprisoned instead in the UK and the club gets off with any sanctions. – Spain – No punishment – Italy – suspended match ban – Spain again – No punishment

        3 racist incidents in a non-Easten Europen country, one receiving a match ban (which I believe was the standard of proof you were asking for).

        Nothing excuses the behaviour of Steaua fans, but it’s not correct to single out Eastern Europe as having a racism problem in football.


      8. Yes you were completely wrong in your claims and at least you’ve admitted your claims were in fact false.

        I’ve said quite clearly racism in football is a world wide problem and not confind to Eastern Europe. What I am claiming with available evidence in direct comparison to the three Western Countries namely France, America and United Kingdom is that in comparison to Romania, Russia and the Ukraine, I feel with the evidence at hand, on the face of it Eastern European football has a particular problem in combating racism and the stadium bans are heavily weighted towards them – in fact not a single stadium ban has been implemented to the 3 nations I clearly referenced.

        It comes across as you don’t like to be wrong, but it’s not unreasonable to suggest that when you use false claims in your opinion, that you’ll be rightly challenged.

        So once again, racism is a world wide problem and that includes sport, specifically football.

        However under the most recent sanctions (with the correct dates and not the made up ones by you) we have a scenario where for some reason the 3 Eastern European Clubs are more prominent than the 3 Western Countries I mentioned, and that’s a damn site more clubs than Eastern Europe.

        Oh and yes I agree and fully acknowledge that Spain and Italy are serial offenders too, that’s why I omitted them from my original comparison. However I have always maintained my view based on fixed statements and facts, and tried to open the debate to the ancillary issues on how counties with such racist behaviour, would react to a mass influx of immigrants?

        I appreciate people like you struggle in a reasoned debate, so if that’s the case I’d appreciate you take your false claims elsewhere, as you add nothing to the debate.

        It’s noted you are ignorant to some of the more difficult questions, but should I be surprised? I think not after seeing some of your previous contributions to some recent articles on here, only on the natural assumption you are the same Anon as on previous articles?

        Please note I have been clear in assuming you are the same individual posting as Anon. I am happy to retract if that’s not the case.

        In the case of Steaua, maybe the morally pure owner and liberal icon Becali can lead his supporters to be as anti discrimination and tolerant of creeds and cultures as he is?


      9. The attacks on the United Kingdom suggest you’re imbalanced or biased in your reasoning. I deliberately compared 3 Western countries with 3 Eastern European counties for balance.

        You’re making assumptions regarding the UK as you admit yourself, somehow claiming the UK is dealt with leniently in comparison to Eastern Europe Clubs? Yet you have no grounds for that whatsoever?

        The odd individual of small group on a metro in Paris aren’t indicative of a whole fan base or vast majority in a stadium. Mass chanting and or unfurling banners (and not removed by the club) is far and beyond a couple of drunken bigots.

        I suggest you research more thoroughly the mass scale of racism of the Eastern European fan base and the lack of sanctions of action by the clubs and directly compare to any club in the 3 countries I mentioned for balance.

        It really is no secret the differing levels of racism in certain countries in relation to football and it’s well documented too.

        Eastern Europe and I’ll happily add Spain and Italy have a far worse record in racism on a mass scale than any or a combination of the far more liberal and accepting countries in relation to football that I mentioned.

        I’m sorry you can’t take constructive criticism but the fact remains Steaua have a problem with racist supporters on a large scale and they’ve rightly been punished.

        The hypocrisy of some of the cries of racism and xenophobia is rather amusing from some Romanians, as some may well show a similar attitude as the the Romanian Steaua supporters.

        Perhaps yourself excluded but unless all the Steaua supports who are racist aren’t Romanian, and the clubs powers aren’t Romanian, many of my points are fair and valid.

        And for that I make no apologies.


      10. So you cherry picked 3 Western European countries and compared them to 3 Eastern European countries…
        Spain and Italy are Western European countries are they not? It seems unfair to leave them out especially when they have an endemic problem with racism and one of them has met your criteria of having a closed doors match imposed on them.

        You’re starting to get personal with your ad hominem and to be quite frank I can’t be arsed, so enjoy shifting your goalposts (no pun intended) and cherrypicking in order to make some kind of East vs West point.


      11. No need to get upset. I simply compared 3 countries which I felt are more liberal, accepting and diverse to the 3 Eastern European countries. This was deliberate or hand picked if you like, to make a fair point that when making positive steps tackling racism and xenophobia it is possible to make great strides and improvements – however not to completely eradicate the discrimination as it’s not something any nation or sport can remove completely, but it’s used as an example of how some countries and cultures are far more tolerant and accepting, not least very willing to strive for change.

        Once Romania, Russia and Ukraine do the same, I’ll praise them as warranted.

        The fact remains Steaua have a large vocal element of racists and their owner is quite frankly a disgraceful and unpleasant human being, he’s racist, sexist, homophobic, criminal and basically everything undesirable in an individual – surely you don’t have any of his traits do you? If not, I’m surprised if you defended how his club conducts itself, but as so many of you are racists, perhaps it’s not that surprising at all, just a little sad and ignorant.

        Steaua could do more to remove the racist banners, sanction the supporters, be pioneers for a kick racism out of football campaign etc – but they won’t will they, there is a culture of racism and that’s something you can’t deny.

        The closure of stadia due to racism isn’t my criteria by the way, it’s a UEFA lead initiative under the FIFA umbrella, so that’s another of your claims proved false yet again.

        If your leaving the debate through frustration or anger, my only advice would be to research your facts a little more carefully in the future and practice engaging and answering the points raised. Making wild assumptions and allowing anger and aggression to take control significantly weakens your argument.

        Racism, xenophobia and discrimination against sexes and religious beliefs is sadly alive and well in Romania, as it is the rest of the world. Let’s hope the premier football club in Romania will one day have a change of direction and condemn such prehistoric views.


      12. No, just leaving the discussion because of continued ad hominem attacks such as this.
        It’s sad that you have to resort to them.

        ‘surely you don’t have any of his traits do you? If not, I’m surprised if you defended how his club conducts itself, but as so many of you are racists, perhaps it’s not that surprising at all, just a little sad and ignorant.’


      13. Well once again that’s clearly a lie by you as something you class as an attack on a man, wasn’t prior to your claims of leaving the debate.

        I perhaps shouldn’t have asked if you any of the other traits and just called you a liar instead, that would have indeed been more appropriate.

        That being said, I took it upon myself to peruse some of your previous behaviour on this website and it’s pretty clear you do have some of the traits mentioned. If the poster by the name of Anon is you?

        Sadly it also appears you’re the type to take his ball home (no pun intended) when you’re proved to be a liar or indeed your opinion challenged.

        You have quite some history and track record on here, or at least the poster Anon does, and you don’t come across as particularly pleasant, so any assertions on your character are fact based.

        I have little doubt you’ll display some of those traits in the future, which is a shame, but given your history, it will come as no surprise.


      14. I forgot to add, the hypocrisy and humour from your mock outrage regarding ad hominem is quite frankly hilarious – considering the catalogue of ad hominem attacks on other posters, if what I’ve read is the same Anon as you?

        Are you really complaining that your character has been assassinated unfairly? When I’ve shown many of the traits I attributed to you, to be true?

        I think this is a classic case of the boy who cried wolf, or indeed people in glass houses should not throw stones – or quite simply a hypocrite.

        Naturally my apologies if you’re not the poster whose littered this website with ad hominem attacks, as practically every single article contains them, and he uses the name Anon.


      15. Self awareness clearly isn’t a trait of yours.

        I think it’s your lying and hypocrisy which are the ultimate cause of your angst, especially when highlighted by others, and I’m not the first to highlighting your behaviour, am I?

        Or alternatively you do find individuals did life who when faced with a counter argument to which makes their own look weak and exposes their lies, frustration ultimately boil over, and I can only presume you’ve taken your ball home, as you’ve become frustrated and upset once again.

        Steaua have a serious problem with racists and that’s something not even the most biased and blindly patriotic Romanian can deny.


      16. I’m sorry you felt the need to shift away from civilly discussing the topic at hand towards attacking the other party in the discussion.
        Do continue your meltdown though, it’s quite amusing.


      17. Not at all, in fact you’re the one who appears to have lost your temper and taking your ball home once again. It was a perfectly resonable discussion until you used false facts and I highlighted how it had weakened your argument. Perhaps you have somebody else posting as Anon, because if you read the comments on here, an individual with the same username has posted false facts and appears very frustrated, are you saying it’s not you?

        I’ve happily and wait some ease countered your points and highlighted your false claims, I’m more than happy to continue any reasoned debate but I’m not the one taking my ball home and throwing toys out of the pram, you’re the one doing that.

        So as self awareness and hypocrites go, your leading the pack in that respect. I can only presume you type the word meltdown when you’re frustrated and trying to deflect from your faults?

        That being said if you are intellectually able to continue and counter the salient points, please do so, however given the clear evidence at hand of your previous exploits on here, you’re clearly an unbalanced individual and lacking in self awareness and humility.

        Fear not, if you don’t like reading it, you can just call it a meltdown and respeat how you’re leaving the debate – yet again!


      18. I’ll tell something though, an individual like you telling us all how someone whose highlighted your flaws that they need to move away from attacking another poster – with a track record for attacks and abuse is hilarious as it is tragically lacking in self awareness and a large dollop of hypocrisy for good measure.

        Do carry on, it’s highly amusing and all too easy to generate.

        Unless you want to continue justyfying racist Romanians on a mass scale as is a large proportion of Steaua supporters.


      19. No I ‘took my ball and went home’ when you decided to move away from discussing the topic and started ad hominem attacks in a lame attempt to try and get under my skin; like water off a swans back it rolls off me. On the other hand it seems that I’ve bothered you enough to motivate you to go trawling over past topics and write long drawn out rants about me.
        Good job!
        If It makes you feel better about yourself I’ll let you have the last word, but for this weekend I’m out. It’s lovely outside!


      20. The fact you’re still replying long after you said you wouldn’t tells me quite clearly you’re far from not bothered, and my debate is still as it was when I made my original points.

        You started getting angry when I pointed out some of your links were useless and you’d lied about the stadium bans introduction, your research was poor and you are struggling to defend racist Romanians.

        I’m more than capable and happy to continue, so let’s see if you are calm and capable enough too, but reading your replies it’s clear you’re lacking in self awareness and a hypocrit – not ad hominem attack pe se, as it’s a fair reflection based on your behaviour!

        If it’s so lovely outside, why are you spending so much time making a fool of yourself on here?

        You’ve been arguing on here with many and for some time now, it was only a few clicks of a mouse button to see the clear evidence your previous acts of abuse and mock outrage and Becali esque traits.

        Let’s see if you’re able to continue a reasoned debate?


      21. I’ll let you have the last word and you’re not getting under my skin, because I said so.

        Classic and textbook replies from someone who is genuinely fuming. Enjoy the weather, as posting on here clearly isn’t good for your health.

        If you ever calm enough to return, you can perhaps explain why such a large majority of Romanians are so racist and intolerant of diversity and sexuality of others?


      22. “and yet there are multiple examples of mass racism and supporter bans from Eastern European countries on a regular basis, unless the media are lying”…………….You’re finally getting there! Yes lying because a nice juicy sensational bit of bullshit really gets the sheeple talking, and most importantly….sells lots of papers. I won’t comment on anything else you’ve written because it’s too pitiful the bullshit you’ve been fed over the years from the mainstream media machine.


      23. The racist abuse from supporters within these football stadia is very well documented and can hardly be described as a illusion by the media.

        Given the persistent nature of the abuse, the only surprise is the often weak sanctions of the governing bodies towards this behaviour.

        Racism is a world wide epidemic. It’s not exclusive to Romania or Eastern Europe. However it’s more predominant in certain countries than others or certainly there is a tolerance as opposed to a genuine desire to eradicate it.

        I fully acknowledge it can’t be eradicated, but the lack of desire in Romania along with the racist nature of many isn’t helping the cause.

        It’s rather sad that a incident involving a few individuals is more highly reported than regular instances by thousands of people, in relation to racism. However I think that’s indicative of the lack of tolerance by the majority towards racism as opposed to the wilful neglect in Eastern Europe.


      24. It’s Tigger actually.

        Your reply doesn’t really make any sense and you’ve used you’re in the wrong context, made an anti semitic remark and it’s clearly a wind up as tens of millions would have viewed and been made aware of the couple of drunk Chelsea bigots on the metro, and I’ll guarantee you were one of the millions who viewed or read about it.

        Apart from all of that, I know what you mean.


      25. Well I imagine time will tell, to a degree. I await with interest the first stadium ban handed out to an American, British or French sports team, for racism on a large scale.

        For me some areas of Eastern Europe have a problem, as do Spain and Italy, Turkey etc. This was the point and the facts prove my point to date.

        Let’s see if it begins to even itself out, or a single racist banner is allowed to be displayed at the next New England Patriots game, PSG or Manchester United ?


      26. “If you ever calm enough to return, you can perhaps explain why such a large majority of Romanians are so racist and intolerant of diversity and sexuality of others?”………………………They are not, it’s all in your messed up mainstream media controlled brain, you pranny!


      27. Sorry perhaps I should have been clearer and related it to the thousands of Steaua supporters who are, and the thousands who are racist towards the Roma community.

        Of course not all Romanians are racist, and if you think I am saying they are, I am not, and I’ll happily go on record and apologise if you of anyone else has misunderstood.

        However I am quite clear that Steaua have a problem with racist supporters and I can only presume that they didn’t remove the frequent racist banners at games because their eloquent and fully accepting of diversity owner is himself an unpleasant individual, much like the thousands of racists involved at his club?

        So ones again, not all Romanians are racist, neither are Americans, Russian, Brits, French and any nation you care to mention, but some are and Romania’s best supporter club has a large portion of racist supporters and that’s a well documented fact.

        Imagine the uproar and world wide condemnation if Chelsea, PSG, Bayern Munich or New England Patriot supported unfurled racist banners and chants, and the clubs did nothing?

        That’s my point, oh and Anon has told us he’s not at all angry, and I believe him, because he’s told us he’s not in no uncertain terms.


      28. Not sure what that’s got to do with anything.

        It’s pretty obvious that if significant racism occurs inside the stadia of the biggest club in Romania is hardly likely to go unnoticed.

        Look at Chelsea the other week or so, a handful of drunken blokes made world wide news for racism.

        If Steaua fans persist with racism on a large scale and their club don’t seek to condemn and stamp it out, then the authorities quite rightly sanction them. Romanian football supporters aren’t above punishment if they’re racist, and Eastern Europe has clocked up more sanctions since they were introduced, so it’s clear there is a significant problem, that may not sit well with the hard done by Romanians where it’s everyone else’s fault – but tough, accept your own faults and deal with them.

        I wonder how long before Chelsea, PSG or the New England Patriots or in fact any football team from these more liberal countries display the same level of racism as Steaua fans have, and been sanctioned for.

        Time will tell, but I’d put my life on the fact Eastern Europe leads the way on racist abuse inside modern day stadia on a significant scale. Banners such as what they displayed wouldn’t last 5 minutes in most other countries football leagues.

        Oh and once again, not all Romanians are racist, but there is a significant problem with your premier club, and maybe it’s owner has questionable morals too?


      29. ”Look at Chelsea the other week or so, a handful of drunken blokes made world wide news for racism.”………………..Oh deary me, you’re really are a simpleton. Is your real name Trigger by chance? A video only watched by a handful of people on jewtube suddenly appears in the Daily Mail. That is a big giveaway proving that it was just a hoax.


      30. It’s Tigger actually.

        Your reply doesn’t really make any sense and you’ve used you’re in the wrong context, made an anti semitic remark and it’s clearly a wind up as tens of millions would have viewed and been made aware of the couple of drunk Chelsea bigots on the metro, and I’ll guarantee you were one of the millions who viewed or read about it.

        Apart from all of that, I know what you mean.


    2. No country accepts the Roma mate; only a couple of years back the French was deporting them back to Romania, and Italy were doing the same.
      Racism and football go together like bread and butter, you find plenty in UK football. In fact it was only a couple of weeks ago that a bunch of Chelsey fans in Paris were giving abuse to some black dude in the metro system, then there’s the decades of paki bashing in London…
      None of this is exclusive towards Romania or Eastern Europe.


      1. Chelsea fans dishing out racist abuse on the Paris metro? And where did you hear of this? I heard it on the TV, the Radio and it was splashed all over the papers my saan, so it must be all true I tell ya! The fookin telly told meh it’s fookin true man!!!!!


      2. I would suggest that countries rejection of the Roma is on a social level regarding integration mainly and of course xenophobic and racist mind sets.

        European Law regarding the movement of people in and out of France and Italy allows this, if they are part of the agreement in relation to the free movement of people within the European Union. So Italy and France aren’t able to kick out as you describe.

        Regarding football and racism of course it’s not a problem exclusive to Eastern Europe. The United Kingdom certainly did have a problem of a large scale and was well documented in the 1970’s and 80’s. However if you compare the last 20 years or so, there is a lot more evidence of racism on a mass scale within football stadia in Eastern Europe than the United Kingdom, America or France, as just three examples. Stadium bans and racism on a mass scale is a regular occurrence in Eastern Europe and Steaua Bucuresti is sadly a prime example of that.

        That being said I would have grave concerns as to the social reaction to a mass influx of foreigners to many of these Eastern European countries. As the racism is clearly apparent on a larger scale than some of their Western and indeed further Eastern counterparts.

        I know of not a single stadium ban in recent times of a football club from the United Kingdom, America of France as just three examples, but I know of plenty for the Eastern European countries on a regular basis, and Steaua Bucuresti are almost perennial abusers and racists on a mass scale.

        I wonder if any Romanian observers can offer a series of explanations as to why the Romanian people connected with Steaua are so racist?


      3. As for french deportations, here’s a source
        and for italians…

        So regardless of the right of freedom of movement, they have indeed been kicked out (which in itself isn’t actually illegal since there is a clause that intra-EU immigrants have to be able to support themselves without being a burden on the host country).

        Regarding football; maybe it’s simply because the UK went through a phase of increased non-white immigration, had it’s racism problems which have now declined (but still present), whereas Romania simply doesn’t have a huge non-white immigrant population. Maybe it’s just a couple of decades ‘behind’ the others.

        Ignore Rearguard, he’s gone off the deep-end. Everything’s a Jew to him these days.


      4. I’m of the assumption it means your post is awaiting moderation, as a rough guess.

        I wouldn’t let it stress you out.


      5. I’m not anti Jewish so please leave me out of anything of that nature.

        It’s interesting your articles are dated as far back as 2011? That’s some time ago and I wonder if you have anything remotely recent as evidence of the complete deportation of anyone with Roma background?

        The reason I ask is after some research it’s rather apt that one of the counties I championed as liberal, has a rather large and settled Roma community, it’s called the United Kingdom.

        It actually appears the often discriminated and oppressed Roma community in Romania is treated far better in the United Kingdom, than I and by Romanians.

        That certainly was an eye opener and thanks for leading me to source that information, to further strengthen my point of view.

        Whilst stated from the start racism sadly exists world wide, it’s also evident in Romania too. Especially in the football at your most famous and successful club.


      6. I’m not one for false claims like yours about stadium bans so I’ve sourced some exact quotes from some fair and non racist Romanians about how the Roma community is persecuted and discriminated in your country.

        In Romania the far right has been kept in check, but not for altruistic reasons. “There isn’t really much need for extreme-right groups because you find racism and stereotyping in all the mainstream parties,” explains Marian Mandache, head of Romani Criss, a Bucharest-based group that campaigns for Roma rights. “Roma face hardship, exclusion and discrimination in almost all fields of public life.”
        Last month, a small far-right group in western Romania proposed paying €300 (£254) to any Roma woman who came forward to be sterilised. Unusually, prosecutors opened a case against the group under the country’s little-used hate crime laws. But earlier this week, the idea of forced sterilisations was lent a veneer of mainstream acceptability when the head of the National Liberal Party’s youth wing, Rares Buglea, voiced his support for the idea on Facebook. In Baia Mare, a mining town in Romania’s impoverished north, the mayor has been building walls around Roma areas – to the delight of the other residents.

        All rather eye opening and hypocritical of the ones who cry racism and discrimination by the countries within the European Union.

        Thanks for the prompting with your false claims Anon, as it spurred me on to find lots of evidence of how racist some Romanians can be.

        Please note I am conscious it’s only some, and not representative of all Romanians.


      7. I forgot to add, the hypocrisy and humour from your mock outrage regarding ad hominem is quite frankly hilarious – considering the catalogue of ad hominem attacks on other posters, if what I’ve read is the same Anon as you?

        Are you really complaining that your character has been assassinated unfairly? When I’ve shown many of the traits I attributed to you, to be true?

        I think this is a classic case of the boy who cried wolf, or indeed people in glass houses should not throw stones – or quite simply a hypocrite.

        Naturally my apologies if you’re not the poster whose littered this website with ad hominem attacks, as practically every single article contains them, and he uses the name Anon.


  3. Well I did say racism is a world wide problem and not just exclusive to Romania and Eastern Europe.

    I wonder given the intolerant nature towards a large community such as the Roma, along with the regular instances of racist chanting, on such a large scale, at the premier football club in Romania. How such a country or city such as Bucuresti would react to large influx of immigrants?

    If you take the examples of racism on a mass scale such as the abuse in the stadia, you do wonder how certain countries population would react. I wonder if the Orthodox nature of many Romanians makes some pretty intolerant of foreigners, ethnic diverse cultures and communities. If you add the problem of the economics and social welfare, I’d fear for the acceptance of a mass influx of immigrants.

    Again it’s not a problem exclusive to Romania, however it’s a particular problem to many Eastern European areas and if you use the racist outbursts and intolerance from large numbers of residents at the football stadia, there are clear examples of xenophobia and racism from Romanians and many of their Eastern European counterparts. Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Serbia have had similar instances to the Steaua one, so again it’s not exclusive to Romania, but certainly a correlation can be identified.

    I certainly don’t envisage a mass influx of immigrants to Eastern Europe anytime soon, not least Bucuresti, but given the well documented racism on a large scale, intolerance or diversity, homosexuality and religion, social and economical problems, it does make me question just how certain countries ethnic populations would react?

    Like many countries, you observe these cultures blaming their problems on all kinds of random anomalies, and I would imagine immigrants if appearing on similar scales to America, United Kingdom, France and many more examples, that Romania and similar countries would possibly be very intolerant and racist.

    Which given how the feel they are often perceived, it could possibly be classed as hypocritical at best.


  4. @Craig. ”Once again Ibrahimovic fails to turn up for a big game, then when he does he gets sent off. The most overrated player of my lifetime.”………………………Craig knows nothing about football, fact!


      1. No such thing as a ‘friendly’ match. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing for the European Cup or no sodding cup. No player wants to be made a mug of!
        Check out this meaningless match.


  5. John Terry should quit playing Champions League football and stick to the easy Premier League cobblers marking the likes of Peter Crouch!


    1. Terry was far from the worst Chelsea player on display last night. Passengers, five or six of them, And it’s been that way since Christmas. Total shite. Top of the league? What nonsense.


      1. You wouldn’t be talking like that if the ‘bus tactics’ had paid off. You have said nothing but positive stuff about Chelsea since August, so why start now when Chelsea are eliminated? PSG are by far the better club, no shame in losing to them. Didn’t Chelsea win the league cup last week? I don’t recall you moaning about how poor Chelsea had been since Christmas then either? Your problem is that you can’t except that English foreign owned clubs are crap compared to the Germans, French, Spanish and Welsh clubs. I’m glad that it appears all English clubs will be knocked out. Hopefully UEFA will take away some of the Champions League spots from the Premier League and give them to another country instead.


      2. You are wrong on all counts. First off, I have been saying for sometime Chelsea have been poor. They were poor against Spurs but of course good enough to beat an even worse team. As for English clubs, I hate them all, except Chelsea. I will take great pleasure in seeing Citeh* and the Arse knocked out next week and would love to see the Premier League lose a place or two. Neither, by the way, do I give a crap about the Engerland team.

        *While I would hate to see FC Dubai win, it would of course mean that FC Qatar had lost. Which would be equally nice. Whoever wins that game, the UAE is the real winner.


      3. Blimey, so you do make sense! I think it would be great to do away with the top 4 going into the Champions League. I want to see a proper battle for English supremacy and not 5 or 6 clubs aiming to finish 4th or 3rd place in the league. It’s bloody boring season after season hearing the same old football cliches ”fighting for that top 4 spot”! Fuck that! Aim for the top!


      4. ‘Blimey, so you do make sense!’

        Sometimes, yes. If it were up to me the Champions League would still be the European Cup and only the league winners would be in it.


  6. I thought the whole documentary was rather biased (the supporters all want the clock returned to the Becali era, basically).

    I also think you can’t exagerate the meaning of the name and logo. The team was founded on the remains of an earlier team, Carmen, some say it simply robbed that team of its players. The team ‘Star Bucharest’ only emerged in the mid-1970, almost 25 years after it’s foundings. The ‘harsh recruitment’ formula’ went on until the events of 1989 – even Hagi was initially drafted into Steaua against his own will, let alone that of his former team. Just saying a new name and logo wouldn’t be the world’s end, as long as the team would continue or even improve its on-field merits.

    Of course there are emotions, but the main cost of a name and logo change is in Becali’s hands. The field never actually was his or the teams, it was lent to them by the MoD.


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