Uberexcited (2)

The taxi service Uber launched its services in Bucharest today, to predictable levels of excitement from the hipster bedwetters who think that anything American is amazing and to be embraced without question.

Take a day off people: it’s a taxi service. Charging the same as any other taxi company in Bucharest (1.39 lei per km) Uber is a welcome addition to the taxi pool (the more taxis, the lower the fares) but no reason for the levels of excitement currently being displayed on social media. (Back in October we actually suggested that Uber would not work in Romania as taxis were already so cheap).

Besides, early reports suggest that there are actually zero Uber taxis currently available on the streets of the Romanian capital.

For anyone interested, here is the official Uber press-release and accompanying infographic. You have to love the bullshit corporate bollocks language: ‘ridesharing.’

We laughed.

PS Here’s a fun exercise: compare the original Uber press release with any news item/blog post about the launch published in Romania today. Like this one. Or this one. See if you can spot the difference.


11 thoughts on “Uberexcited (2)

    1. This is a nice initiative, Mr Rearguard.
      I will join this initiative with a song.
      I hope Roger likes Rob’s ageless voice and KK’s and Glen’s mesmerizing guitar solos/riffs…


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