Immigrants of the world unite!

Why did we decide to move to Romania?

There are various reasons, but one underlying motivation was the simple fact that at that time (1998) we had an opportunity to better ourselves. We were able to find work in Romania at a level we would probably have had to wait years to reach had we stayed in the UK. Many other British immigrants to Romania at that time had similar stories: even though the money was not always better as what was on offer at home (or, in our case, even as good) the chance to get on in whatever your field was – publishing, law, advertising – was too good for many to miss. We left home for Romania because it offered us a chance to better ourselves faster than if we had stayed at home.

While it’s not perhaps the classic immigrant story (we were not exactly fleeing war or poverty, although given that the faux-left wing Labour government of Tony Blair had just been elected prime minister there was a certain amount of fear that purges against the working class were imminent) we have nevertheless always empathised with the plight of immigrants everywhere, never forgetting for one moment that we too are immigrants: strangers pursuing fresh opportunities in a strange land.

As such, we are more than happy to identify ourselves with the dynamic, hard-working and highly entrepreneurial Romanian immigrants to the UK currently featuring in the Channel 4 documentary series The Romanians are Coming. You can watch the first episode here (the second episode is broadcast next Tuesday, with the third and final episode screening on March 3rd).

The reaction to the first episode of the series in certain circles in Romania however has been as predictably hysterical as you would imagine. Leading the charge of the professional offendotrons has been the increasingly ridiculous Lucian Mandruta, a former newsreader who – amongst other daft ideas – supports the reintroduction of compulsory military service. He suggested on his Facebook page that few Romanians would have the ‘stomach’ to watch the whole programme (leave alone episodes two and three). It is also worth noting that Mandruta apparently commented on the programme before it had actually even been broadcast.

Mandruta has been egging on Romanians in the UK to take a stance against Channel 4, which a handful did earlier today by holding a ‘silent protest’ outside Channel 4’s offices. That only a very few people turned up, however, speaks volumes: most immigrants – including myself – found little to be offended about. (By the way, we love how one of the protesters is holding an ‘Equal Rights’ banner. Given how the primary objection to the documentary appears to be that it featured – Heavens forbid! – a Romanian Gypsy, that’s ironic).

Our less than learned opinion about the first episode of The Romanians Are Coming is that is was very well made, investigating as it did not just the lives of the hard-working Romanians who have chosen to try and better themselves in the UK, but also taking an in-depth look at their back-stories, and the reasons they chose to leave Romania in the first place. It was objective yet broadly sympathetic to its subject matter, even getting the nihil obstat from that bastion of political correctness, the Guardian.

The antidote to Mandruta is Vlad Petreanu. His post on the subject (in Romanian) is well worth reading if you can, as is this piece in Adevarul, posted by Liviu Iolu on Sunday afternoon.

Finally, we couldn’t help but laugh when we saw Romania’s dear leader Victor Ponta tweet this on Sunday:

Even funnier is Teodor Tita’s ‘explanation’ of the tweet, here.

We look forward to episode two of The Romanians Are Coming on Tuesday, which apparently features more hard-working Romanians, including a nurse: perhaps one of the amazing Romanian nurses who took such great care of our mum when she was in St. George’s hospital last week.

Immigrants of the world unite!

39 thoughts on “Immigrants of the world unite!

    1. What about british in Spain? They can go where they want , but “second hand citizens” (romanians, bulgarians) no. Might even learn Spanish, if they want.


      1. It boils down to racism plain and simple. Farage doesn’t mind German immigrants coming over to the UK and living off the tax-payer as his wife does, but he does have a problem with Romanians and Bulgarians.


  1. ”Leading the charge of the professional offendotrons has been the increasingly ridiculous Lucian Mandruta, a former newsreader who – amongst other daft ideas – supports the reintroduction of compulsory military service.”……………..Should bring back national service, because it may help to put a stop to Romanian lads going out dressed up as queens!?


  2. TV shows like this tell whatever story the producers want it to tell. That doesn’t take away from that fact that all the scaremongering about dropping the restrictions last year amounted to no significant negative effects, nor does it take away from the fact that EU migration into the UK is a net benefit for the economy with immigrants contributing more in taxes and productivity than they take out of the system.


    1. Immigration is welcomed and needed.

      We have some fantastic immigrants who’ve chosen a life or indeed short time in the UK, but it needs proper control, and under the tied hands of the EUssr, we don’t have the control as much as we should.

      I imagine the vast majority of immigrants move to make a better life – on this basis the waves on EUssr immigration could create an in-balance, meaning certain countries will have to accept a larger influx of people than others?

      This does have an impact on an already strained NHS, schools, roads, housing, benefits system, crime etc etc ………. I am NOT denying immigration has benefits, as I said as much in my first line of this post.

      However to deny it has flaws, or to deny it needs any form of control is simply madness.

      I suppose it’s easy if you’re an immigrant yourself to be pro immigration and blind or ignorant of any flaws, especially if you’ve benefited yourself, but the reality is, a country like the UK, for example – how many more people can it take, at the current rate of immigrants?


      1. Intra-EU and extra-EU migration does have controls as has been explained to you many times.
        There is no evidence that intra-EU migrations has a negative effect on the ‘NHS, schools, roads, housing, benefits system, crime etc etc………………………..’. Unless of course you’re Nigel Farage who blames his lateness on immigrants. EU migrants who don’t fulfill the following can be deported.
        ‘Free movement in the EU is subject to the condition that movers are either employed, studying, or have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members not to become a burden on the social assistance system of the host member state (Directive 2004/38/EC).’

        Migration from outside the EU has always dwarfed intra-EU migration in it’s numbers, and this has very strict controls from the home office.

        Meanwhile HSBC has been caught red handed helping the richest people in the UK avoid paying billions in taxes and very few people are raising a fuss about it, choosing instead to blame the less well off for their misfortunes. HSBC will get away with it too.


      2. Anon AGREE that the issue of bankers and the tax evaders needs resolving, but I have no faith in dodgy Dave being to harsh on his rich city friends.

        As for your wording from 2004 ? I think it’s out of date as the EUssr website I’m looking at right now states quite clearly that ANY EU citizen can move freely with control or restriction.

        If you’ve ever traveled withing the EU, you’d know that at entering any fellow EU country you don’t have to prove or explain a single thing, not one of the things your statement from 2004 states.

        If you don’t know who has entered a country, how on earth do you ensure what they do when they arrive, as you don’t even know who’s entered !

        Come on Anon – you’re better than this, surely ?

        How’s the worlds longest tram ride by the way πŸ™‚


      3. The 2004 refers to the date in which the directive was passed. And I am referring to a directive. It’s not been superseded by another directive, nor has that section been amended.
        EU migrants are obliged to register themselves in their host country. If they are stopped by police or immigration services and have failed to register after 90 days from entry to the country then they can be deported.


      4. @Anon

        I’ve been stopped by Police after 90 days in a EU country and wasn’t deported or a mere mention of the 2004 directive, it doesn’t appear as if it is very robust and is open to abuse.

        Obliged isn’t a requirement, that’s why the word ‘obliged’ is used, so it’s not a requirement in law.

        So to prevent a ridiculous slinging match – You don’t believe immigration has any flaws and needs no control (in regards to the UK) ?

        Fair enough, your opinion, although it’s very naive and reckless.

        My opinion is more balanced, I believe immigration has been and is GOOD for the UK.

        I welcome immigrants and one very small example is some of the wonderful staff within the NHS.

        However our countries population is growing at a rapid rate, the resources and infrastructure is in SOME cases/areas suffering due to population rise and greater demand on services, this IS NOT just attributed to EUssr immigrants – of course not !

        Immigrants world wide, illegal entries, asylum seekers (non genuine ones) etc etc all add to a ever growing population. Something has to give, and I do struggle to understand how level headed, educated people can’t see the bigger picture.

        This is NOT a UK v Romanian debate, so please don’t try and drag it to that ridiculous level, my opinion is based on many factors, of which I’ve mentioned above – and to be fair I’d much rather share the same streets with many of the wonderful Romanian friends I have!

        I realise here is not the best place to have a balanced view on immigration, illegal entries, asylum seekers etc as it’s inhabited by many immigrants and the odd lunatic leftie, but it won’t change my fair and balanced opinion. Although I’ll listen and concede to anything I feel is fair and relevant.

        I’d like to see the UK in full control of its borders and I’d welcome a similar approach as the Australian Government.

        If people have a genuine and fair reason for migrating to another country, fair enough, if they meet whatever the criteria may be, I just feel the UK is more attractive(for certain people) than many other countries, and as a consequence, strains on resources, culture and social issues are growing – but I am not naive enough for one minute that someone like Anon would agree or accept any balanced view from a man he calls ‘Woger and a cretin’ but I’ll happily be the mature and articulate one, and agree with him or anyone else, if they make fair and valid points.

        I hope that explains to the sensible observer, and maybe the abusive unpleasant types too, the latter I somehow doubt it.


      5. ** Sorry (I am humble enough to admit mistakes, unlike you and others) obliged can be meaning a legal OR a moral requirement (depending on the meaning and the EU one isn’t clear) but I’ve first hand experience of this not being a legal obligation, so why isn’t it clear and enforced robustly?

        However irrespective of outdated and lapse directives, it still needs reform and the bigger picture of a ever growing UK population needs addressing. Directives or legal requirements are only as good as their enforcement, or ability to enforce, with suitable resources.

        I am fully aware that someone who I doubt is even British, doesn’t even live in the UK, hates a poster as opposed to being mature to take other opinion on merit, homophobic, abusive, lack of respect for women and somewhat angry and an issue ridden life – will never agree be able, humble and articulate enough to concede or agree as their anger and small mindedness controls their thought process.


      6. ‘ You don’t believe immigration has any flaws and needs no control (in regards to the UK) ?’

        I never said that. When you stop with the strawman arguments I’ll address your other points.


      7. @Anon

        Hang on a second ………. You now AGREE with me that immigration into the UK DOES have flaws ??????

        Well, well my new friend, why didn’t you say so all along, instead of your angry racial and homophobic slurs and abuse.

        So we have it confirmed, you AGREE with me that immigration into the UK DOES have its flaws.

        Glad that’s cleared that up, we can hopefully move on now you’ve confirmed I was right πŸ™‚

        Have a nice day my new friend and glad you’ve been mature enough to finally concede I was correct all along!


      8. Anon

        Thanks for admitting I was right and you were wrong.

        My work is done here and it was that easy πŸ™‚

        See you around shit head, but we all know you’d run a mile you little coward


      9. Lol @ implied violence and swearing…you sound angry Woger, be careful of your blood pressure, wouldn’t want you to have a stroke now.


      10. @Anon

        Yes, I’ve finally after 2 years of your shit and abuse lost my own temper and I apologise to all and on that note I’ll bow out from posting on here.

        I’ve become what I accuse you of, and even though 2 years of one way abuse, doesn’t justify my reaction.

        So you’ve won Anon, I’ll not be posting again and I’ll leave you to bask in the success in your life.

        You’re still a sad middle aged man whose clearly no love in his life and 100% coward.

        You’d never abuse me in reality, without hiding behind you anonymity, and you, I and everyone else knows it.

        On that note, you’ll never win.

        Have fun trying to buy love πŸ™‚


      11. Woger, just what is wrong with being middle-aged? Should we all just off ourselves when we hit the end of 39? For someone who excoriates others for their alleged views about peoples’s positions (being gay comes to mind), this is simply ridiculous and says far more about you than you know.

        Shall you be posting your plans to become a hermit once you reach middle age so that you can no longer annoy younger people with your posts, as seems to be your point?

        Your immigration rants show your lack of critical thinking. The immigration debate is simply classic class warfare: those at the top trying to keep the focus on the bottom so those in the middle don’t see how they’re getting really screwed from above. Poor people and low-income immigrants have done very little to hurt me. Powerful, rich folk who are lazy, greedy or both have done me a lot of damage. Just look at the the most-recent financial crash. That did huge damage to almost everyone except those at the very top, and now the focus on the lower-income orders has only intensified. You’re behaving just like it’s hoped you’d behave. Wake up and think for yourself.

        Advance warning: I probably won’t reply you anything you respond with because it will be your usual blathering. Consider yourself complimented if you actually post something worthy of a response.


      12. Well he did say he would never post here again so don’t expect a reply (although this is likely another attempt for sympathy). God knows why he thinks I’m middle aged…I’m in my prime.

        In other news HSBC posted a decline in profits to *only* $18 billion. And poor Stuart Gulliver say his pay fall from 8 million quid to 7 million quid. As further humility his bonus for the year will only be 3.4 million pounds instead of the usual 5 mil paid into his swiss account.
        Poor guy may have to buy a slightly smaller Bentley.

        Meanwhile the guy who blew the whistle on HSBC is wanted by the Swiss government for industrial espionage and he’s currently on the run…

        Thank god we have immigration to distract us from the lack of justice served.


      13. I agree people should be able to make a new life if they choose – However pure common sense would tell you that there will be an in-balance on where people would choose to do so, and in turn certain countries are more attractive than others, thus creating financial and social issues due to the in-balance (population increase)

        I fully understand a immigrant will find it hard to be logical about this concept, as they may feel like a hypocrite, but the UK’s population is increasing significantly and all I am saying is – reform on the control of people entering the UK (EU or non EU, illegal entries etc, needs reform)

        It’s as simple as that.

        Craig you claimed you want ‘borderless’ countries, so absolutely no control anywhere in the world. I’m sorry but for a clearly educated bloke, that’s very naive and reckless as to the flaws of such a reckless and liberal statement.

        I believe the UK has the right to have some form of control of who enters the country. I don’t see why that is such a ‘bad thing’ or ‘racist’ at all.

        Is it not just common sense?

        I suppose it’s easy if you reside in a country not experiencing such increases in population as the UK, and I wonder how attitudes of some would change, if it was happening in the current country you reside in.

        Immigration is WELCOMED by me on a personal level, I merely feel it needs some form of stricter and balanced control.

        Immigration DOES have benefits, but it also has flaws, that is all I’m simply trying to say.


      1. I really liked the first episode can t wait for 2…the one with the american accent(from canada) is my fav he rocks plus the narrator is funny.. he s gonna pop more in the sec i think.
        i m not offended at all by so far..and i m a former immy.


      2. I also thought is was good, and I’m always flying the flag educating friends (who need it) as to the misconceptions or presumptions of what Romanian people are like.

        Small mindedness if you like, but it’s going to happen and UKIP need to take their fair shame for the blame, as do many others.

        I am a firm believer that UK immigration needs reform and we would be far better placed if we had direct control on all immigration into our country.

        I really don’t think it’s unfair to have reasonable control and restrictions, especially when within the EU, certain countries will be more attractive than others.

        I know it’s a touchy subject and many liberal types immediately cry RACIST if you dare to say immigration should be fairly controlled – but I won’t budge from my balanced view.

        The UK and for example the NHS is all the BETTER for some wonderfully skilled immigrants, just as an example – but having no control over such large numbers of people who can enter, isn’t sensible, and when a population increases at the rate of the UK – strains on resources are unavoidable.

        I really can’t see why such a sensible and balanced view as above, would offend a fellow balanced and sensible individual.

        **the ones who think NO country should have any borders need not reply** You’ve already lost the plot πŸ™‚


      3. honestly i got tired of ur long post…always using the world immigration…roger it s time to change ur style..give us a short and witty answer …u re spammin by now. this roger cameo craig needs some alteration…miles away from anon and rearguard))). Major hint on ur last line…u want no borders.known fact.
        anyhoo we re good bring on episode 2


      4. @Florin

        My apologies, I agreed with you, defended Romanians and that somehow appears to have upset you?

        Bizarre, but on this website entirely predictable. It’s pretty obvious that with ‘some’ of you mentioning the word immigration blinkers any sensible debate.

        If I am not welcome on here anymore, and you’d rather have the abusive Anon and his homophobic slurs – Craig just has to let me know?

        I’ll await his decision @ Craig Turp ?


      5. anon is going to go apeshit! anon’s Kelloggs rice krispies don’t go ‘snap crackle and pop’. They go ‘Shhhhh he’s fucking coming!’


      6. Anon no, I am merely saying if my views are so unwelcome rather than stalk or abuse as you do, I’ll happily not bother posting again.

        As for picking on me son, I’d love to see you try, without the safety of words on the internet;)

        I relish bullies like you son, and I’d love to see you tell me your homophobic slurs to my face, but I think we know people like you are cowards and the internet is your new playground.

        Funny how someone so concerned about immigrants, is such a homophobic and abuser of women …. You’re not British, you’re 100% Romanian as Rearguard says.


  3. Anon there is nothing I will ever say that you agree with, so your rants are wasted on me πŸ™‚

    Taken from the European Union’s own website which contradicts your lies ” the right to move freely around the EU and settle anywhere within it’s territory”

    Nobody at border control has a single right to ask you or I what we are doing in whatever country it happens to be, within the EU … So there is NO control on the movement of people, this is what the EU wants, and has got.

    Or are you now saying the EU is lying and ‘Angry Anon’ of Bucharest Life is right?

    As for claiming immigration has had no negative effects on some of the resources available to an ever increasing population is comical, simple basic common sense would tell anyone that a increase in population causes a strain on resources.

    I know you don’t like me saying it, and it’s some kind of weird personal anger and perception of me, but you’re wrong, and I make some fair and balanced points.

    WHY do you always ignore the positive things I say regarding immigration?

    I make no apologies for stating that the population and immigration into the UK needs stricter control, and of course we have tighter control on non EU immigration, but it could be reformed and improved.

    I’m not sure why a balanced view angers you so much, and it would be nice to know for the good of the forum to know exactly what your problem with me is?

    I really can’t see why my opinion on immigration angers you so much, and you dismiss anything I say, and ignore the points when I AGREE with you?

    I am almost certain you’ll react badly once again, but can’t for the good of the forum you reply in a sensible and mature manner?

    I hope the crass and lewd abuse at me and Prisoner of Your Eyes will now cease, as irrespective of how you perceive me, your abuse of a women, homosexuals and foul language, doesn’t do your case any favours.

    So come on, lets see if this olive branch is taken, show everyone you’re not what you appear to be – a very unpleasant and angry middle aged man.


  4. Here in the US, we have a similar debate about immigration. We get immigrants from all over the world, but most of the attention is directed toward the people crossing the border from Latin America (and specifically, Mexico).

    Many of the same arguments are made about a strain on resources and culture, but most of it is overblown crap-it’s an argument used by politicians to scare people and get votes. Immigrants contribute more to the economy than they drain from resources. We are lucky we have them. And our culture is enriched by the traditions, food, music, and art they bring with them. Whatever inconvenience we might endure by absorbing a large number of people from a different country l is certainly worth the obvious gains, if you look past the hype.

    I agree with Craig. People should be allowed to move around as they please or how they need to fulfill their lives. Smart governments will welcome these people and help them integrate as quickly as possible. They are a resource, plain and simple.


    1. There’s a joke that comes to mind…
      A politician, immigrant and a honest worker are sitting around a table. On the table is the most gigantic cake you’ve ever seen.
      The politician cuts the cake into 3 uneven pieces. He hands a tiny piece to the hard worker, and an even smaller piece to the immigrant, pocketing the rest for himself.
      He then turns to the hard worker while pointing to the immigrant and says ‘watch out, he’s trying to steal your cake’.


    2. Fred you make some good and fair points, my only argument about the USA and UK, is that the USA is a much, much larger country than the UK, so therefore you’ll notice the effects less so.

      The obvious gains from absorbing a large number of people is something the UK already has, we have embraced culture, music, food, traditions, I’d say the UK and majority of British people are liberal and embracing of all – it’s just it needs fair and balanced control, we aren’t the largest country in the world and dwarfed by the USA, so the evergrowing population is a valid concern and resources are being stretched, by sheer weight of people.

      I agree maybe our government need to be smarter as you say, and make provisions and measures to control immigration, illegal immigrants, asylum seekers etc etc ……….. Lets be clear, I don’t see anyone on here blaming everything solely on immigrants, no matter what mud some try and throw.


      1. Certainly true–there are differences. Another difference is that the majority of complaints about immigrants here are illegal immigrants, which is not the case of Romanian immigrants in the UK.

        Where I’m really noticing the similarities is in the scare tactics used by those who are anti-immigration, period. It seems to be very easy to blame poor people that have no political power for our problems. The articles I’ve read about Romanians coming to the UK are practically identical to some of the crap I read here about Mexican immigrants.

        Our social services are strained because people are living longer than the system was ever designed to support, and it’s political suicide to raise taxes to keep the system solvent. It has nothing to do with immigrants whatsoever, but it’s very easy to blame them for it (“those illegals are draining our resources”).

        Another thing that drives me crazy–here there are a lot of people who are willing to build a fence 3145 kilometers long (and spend 1 trillion dollars to do it) in an attempt to keep out the illegal immigrants, ignoring how easy it is to build a 100 dollar ladder . . . πŸ™‚

        The market will drive where people will go. As Romania improves it’s economy and pay rate, more people will want to stay (or return) there.


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