RATB in new absurdity

There was a marvellous report on the news last night about how RATB – the company which operates public transport in Bucharest – has inadvertently picked up our ‘make public transport in Bucharest free‘ idea and put it into practice.

Due to an almighty cock-up in RATB’s Department of Crapness (we feel certain it has one), it appears that there is not a single Activ or Multiplu card currently available for purchase anywhere in Bucharest.

In other words, you can’t buy a ticket.

The lesser-spotted Activ and Multiplu cards. Rare

As such, passengers who do not already have cards need to either take their chances travelling on a bus or tram with no ticket (the woman at the ticket office in the news report suggests that ticket inspectors are aware of the problem and will be understanding) or – the reporter is helpfully told – find someone who has a card, pay them for one trip and travel with them. “You would have to get off before they do, of course”, the reporter is helpfully told.

RATB refused to make any official comment.

We assume that the shortage of cards extends to the farthest reaches of the RATB network, including the airport: we therefore wonder what newly arrived visitors to the city are being advised when they try to buy tickets? We will be at the airport next week and will find out. If anyone passes through before we do, we’d be grateful for any info.

In another brilliant piece of Romanian transport news, the country was this week told that it can no longer run InterCity train services: all current InterCity trains will be redesignated as InterRegio.

The reason?

Well, under new European transport regulations any train designated as an InterCity service must have a guaranteed average speed of at least 60 kph. Romanian trains cannot guarantee such speeds as the poor state of the tracks on many sectors of the country’s railways simply does not allow it.

Another great leap backwards for CFR.

14 thoughts on “RATB in new absurdity

  1. You could always blame Prince Charles and write a angry worded letter telling him he needs to spend his money on these issues rather than what he chooses πŸ˜‰

    However much better article and attacking the RIGHT people this time, as Romanian bashing seems popular on here, but the reality is, most countries have their transport problems, but as it goes, Bucharest is pretty good.

    The metro is excellent, buses generally free as you suggest and then you have trams and abundance of taxi’s (not cheap for all I concede) and then I’ve found for the able amongst us, it’s not such a great size of city that walking is practical in some cases, although granted you take your chances with pot holes, dog dirt and parked cars who think a pavement is a road.

    Obviously we are all different and have differing needs, but Buc isn’t as bad as it’s sometimes made out on here, in my humble opinion.

    I suppose if it’s such a bad place to live, the ones who moan so much could just leave?

    The train thing in relation to journey times could be frustrating, but they are generally very, very reliable and run in weather where the UK would come to a stand still, so credit where credit is due, you certainly know what you’re going to get at least, so irrespective of the faults, it’s something most people are used too, and learn to adapt.


  2. I guess somewhere in the line someone fucked up big time at RATB. How embarrassing.
    As for the second part, that comes across as very ‘Daily Mail’. I can’t find anything in the ETR about 60 kp/h average speed, nor anything relating to the term ‘intercity’.
    The source given in the article also mentions nothing about a 60kp/h limit, but does discuss the terms for various services at a Romanian legislative level (i.e. Intercity should be fast).


  3. ”In another brilliant piece of Romanian transport news, the country was this week told that it can no longer run InterCity train services: all current InterCity trains will be redesignated as InterRegio.”

    Looking at the website ‘merseul treneloir’ (excuse spelling) …. The train times appear identical as when they were a so called inter city service, and they’ve simply changed the name to ‘inter regio’ – so my point is, it’s not affected anything, just a change of name, so not really a blow to CFR, apart from the website engineer having to change some data!

    I did always wonder why they had inter city before anyway, as on a service I used pretty often, the inter city was no faster or better than the inter regio service (perhaps on other routes it did make a difference significantly?)

    Clearly there is stuff wrong, but Bucharest and Romania is not alone in people moaning about the transport infrastructure (try living in the UK for moaners about the transport system) looks like we’ve exported a few too πŸ™‚


    1. Does this make ALL Chelsea fans or British racists and bigots etc etc ?

      I’m sure the lunatics and left wing loonies will lap this kind of behaviour up and claim such ridiculous and desperate lies to suit their agenda!

      Not good to see at all, and I can never imagine a world without racism, it’s just something that will never fully go away.

      It’s something we see from ALL sides (if I can say it like that) and sadly it will never be completely eradicated, but in some instances it is improving.

      As for the UK, I reckon it’s one of the most liberal and accepting cultures in the World, not perfect, never said it was, but it’s not the racist, bigoted, vile countries as some of the lunatics would suggest, or vids like this insinuate.

      An incident like this, has to be taken in context, only a agenda driven fool would label everyone the same …. I mean I wonder how long it’ll take for one of the lunatics to call me racist, for having this balanced view?

      It’s a bit like saying every single person (3-4 million) who voted UKIP, are ALL racist, without understanding or acknowledging their reasons for their vote – or saying anyone who thinks immigration needs reforming, makes them automatically a racist cretin – because it simply doesn’t.

      That will get a few on here fuming no doubt, but as angry as they get, they’ll never be able to tell others that they are what they say they are – because the reality is, how could they possibly know! They just make a sweeping judgement based on what they want to believe, and these are so called self proclaimed ‘intellects and educated’ !

      *cue some angry replies from a bloke on a tram or the anti UK brigade*

      5,4,3,2,1 πŸ™‚


      1. ** Not the MOST racist, bigoted, vile country **

        NOT claiming it doesn’t have this element, of course it does, but in my experience, it’s pretty liberal and accepting, in comparison to many other countries and cultures I’ve experienced.

        I’ve been in a ‘certain’ National Arena before – and witnessed racist abuse towards a black player, that I’ve yet to witness in the UK, as just a small example of racism in other cultures. The point being – it’s a world wide issue and sadly probably always will be!

        Of course racism comes in MANY forms, not just on the colour of skin, I fully acknowledge that, before the lunatics start πŸ™‚


      2. No one was abused by Chelsea fans in Paris this week. It was a staged event organised by mossas controlled governments trying to create a race war in order to kick start ww3.


    2. I have witnessed far worse: at the Bridge and elsewhere, not least thousands of Chelsea supporters making monkey chants against their own player (Paul Canoville). It does not surprise me that such incidents still go on but the fact this has become a major news story shows how rare they now are, both at Chelsea and elsewhere.


      1. Because it’s being pumped out by the minute from the mouth of the mainstream media machine means that it is just a hoax with an agenda behind it. I hate Chelsea with a passion, however no black fella received any abuse from Chelsea supporters in Paris this week. Wake up son, you’re being mugged off big time!


      2. Paul Canoville ? So what we talking here, over 25 years ago ?

        I’m talking about thousands making monkey noises in 2014, not the 70’s and early 80’s.

        You’ll not find thousands in any English ground making monkey noises or anything remotely similar, and yet in some areas of Europe, it’s rife and as bad as it ever has been in the UK, even in the 70’s and early 80’s.

        I’d say as liberal and least racist football grounds go, the English are leading the way.

        It’s funny how a small group of probably drunk idiots got so much coverage and yet thousands of rioting Dutch fans on the same night went practically unreported !

        That’s an agenda for you!

        The funniest bit was when one of the lads on the tube, who HAD NOT been involved in pushing or chanting, was singled out as he had posed for a picture on a night out next too Nigel Farage !!!!

        Talk about scraping the anti UKIP barrel, that is one the best yet!

        You couldn’t make this stuff up !


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