Romanian National Opera: Season 2014-15

Photo courtesy Romanian National Opera
Photo courtesy Romanian National Opera


When we first started Bucharest In Your Pocket back in 1999 one of the greatest challenges we faced was convincing the Romanian National Opera to handover information about upcoming performances. It was often impossible to get any advance notice, to the point where we began to think that opera listings were national secrets.

How things have changed.

Yesterday a lovely press kit turns up at the office telling us just about everything we might need to know about the new opera season, which begins next Thursday – October 30th – with a new production of Verdi’s La Traviata.

What’s more, you can now buy tickets online directly from the opera for every performance from now until the end of June next year: that’s right, the season’s entire programme is online. This represents serious, serious, progress.

And there’s more…

There is no waiting for tickets to turn up with a courier or (heaven forbid) the postman. You simply pay for them, and then download and print a PDF which you show at the door.

And then of course there is the price of the tickets, which remains cheap: from 6 – 160 lei depending on the performance. All very civilised. Opera for the people!

3 thoughts on “Romanian National Opera: Season 2014-15

  1. On the whole, the overall quality at the Opera has increased over the years, especially the orchestra. You’re right that the online ticketing is a huge improvement from the past. It would be great to see more public (as in government) support for their efforts.

    Now if the Enescu Phil would make it just as easy to buy tickets.


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