28 thoughts on “A symbol of Bucharest

      1. Yep, agree with Mr Rearguard, wrong colour for sure, as white British are now in the minority, according to the latest cencus.


      2. How is London all the better for it eh? I’m sure Bucharest would be worse off if it were full of geezers shuffling about in dishadashers worshipping their God who married a 9 year old. ps If London is that great with all this forced upon diversity cobblers, then why don’t you live there? Lets face it, in Bucharest there is no diversity.


      3. Yes, I’d be interested to know how London is all the better for it too?

        Feeling like a foreigner in the capital city of the country of my birth is something I’d imagine not many other people in the world could concur with.

        Not neccesarily a colour isssue either, it’s a British, language and culture issue!

        You are obviously out of touch Craig, as sadly some areas in London are becoming no go areas for people who look like me and you.

        And that makes for a great city, really?

        Give me Bucharest anyday of the week!


      4. And further more Roger my son, is that Craig claims he use to stand in the shed end at Chelsea during the 80’s. Does he honestly want us to believe that he was the only one in the crowd who didn’t do the monkey chants etc?


      5. I wonder how the majority of Romanian people in Bucharest would feel if you were able to put them in the minority by making 55% of the population if Bucharest non ethnic Romanians?

        Would it make the city a safer place than it already is ??????

        Thought not, glad you’re not in charge of social security, health, schools, and immigration!


      6. I’m surprised that you chose to spend your Saturday afternoons watching Chelsea whilst surrounded by a crowd doing the monkey chants. Fulham supporters had far more class.


      7. You’re talking shit as usual Roger, White British are the largest group by far at over 45%. White in general is over 60%. Asian is less than 18%.
        Fucking racist.


      8. @anon ……….. Thanks for confirming that only 45% of people who live in the capital city of London are white British ……… Not racist at all, it’s just a clear fact.

        We know you can’t handle anything fact based and you get angry unless it’s anything other than a left wing comment, but my facts are correct and less than half of the population of London are white British ……… FACT.

        I wonder what Bucharest is like in comparison?

        So just to confirm I am not racist and I haven’t spoken ”fucking shit” as you so politely put it.

        πŸ™‚ Have a nice day!


      9. Thanks for confirming that you don’t know what ‘minority’ means, unless you just group people as WHITE BRITISH! and foreign. If so may I suggest the BNP website for your needs.

        What a complete and utter cretin you are.

        ‘white British are now in the minority, according to the latest cencus.’
        This quoted statement is entirely incorrect as white British is the singularly largest group in London.


      10. @anon. Don’t get out of your pram over this! No need for name calling now is there.
        Roger isn’t calling for a Rwandan style genocide is he eh? He’s no different to the rest of the silent majority of Brits who have got the right steaming ‘ump over this forced upon us immigration cobblers. I personally think it should be 1in/1out like they do in the UK discos?
        @Craig. You still haven’t answered my question about why a diverse city like London is good for the white born Englander?


      11. @anon

        White British compared to the collectively the other 55% ARE in the minority …….. as 45% is less than 55% is it not ? Or it was when I was at school anyway.

        As for your name calling and insults, it says a lot more about yourself than it does me, you can swear and hurl abuse as much as you want, it doesn’t change the fact I was right in what I have said.

        Oh and can’t stand the BNP either, funnily enough you don’t mention all the other 55% in full though, collectively they add up more than 45% though πŸ™‚

        Try and calm yourself down, and reply in a mature manner in the future.


      12. Yep, Craig often goes quiet on things like this after initially saying something, and not following up any questions or queries asked?

        Although sayng nothing is far better than hate filled abuse …….. Which is all parmalat, sorry anon can offer.

        These liberal lefties eh πŸ™‚


      13. What’s to follow up on? London is a multi-cultural city where everyone has a role to play in making it such a fabulous place. Arguing over percentages is a waste of time.


      14. @Craig. Such a great place is London yet you chose to live in Bucharest that has almost zero (not a bad thing) diversity that you so dearly crave.
        You still haven’t answered the question. I’m not accepting that ”everybody has a role to play ”cobblers either. I’m sure you’re just winding me up with that one.


      15. @Craig ………. Fair enough, so by your logic the United Kingdom would be a far better place all round if white British were in the minority nationwide.

        In fairness the rate in which it is going you may get your wish, in your lifetime.

        Look forward to seeing how wonderful and diverse the UK will become !

        I think in the meantime I’ll move full time to Bucharest !


  1. I think no Romanian household can be complete without a stash of pungi hidden away somewhere. After all, it’s not the clothes that make a man, but the size of his punga.

    Sa fim sanatosi si la punga grosi πŸ™‚


  2. Woger, since the largest group is 45%, that puts it in the majority of all available groups. Simple maths.

    I don’t hear you complaining about those of Norman or Scandinavian ancestry – part of the multi-cultural heritage of the UK going back many hundreds of years – so it’s not too much of a stretch to identify your distress as racial. Sad. I guess you’d like all Norman and Scandinavian cultural influences removed as well? Why of course not. They’re old. And assimilated. And…white.

    Bucharest has become more-interesting primarily because it has become more international, albeit not to the degree that it could. And so has London. Perhaps you should learn Celtic and revert to pagan rites, provided your DNA shows you to be a so-called true Brit? That might help preserve your precious purity (along with same bodily fluids).


    1. @vextedpatescu

      Yes the largest group but compared to the others combined it’s a minority. That is also simple maths.

      As for the rest of your rant, well it’s aimed at the wrong person, so I stopped reading after the first sentance, but thanks anyway.

      Oh and I’m not complaning, I was merely pointing out that picking a white British person as a representitive of the capital City of London …….. Is perhaps not the popular choice, as compared to the other 55% you’d be odds against to find one!

      As said earlier, I wonder how Bucharest would be if ethnic Romanians were in a minority of 45% ???

      Would it be a more diverse and safer City ?

      Give me Bucharest anyday of the week!


  3. @Craig. Further more to your ”Chelsea’s moronic racist minority” I beg to differ. I’ve been to see my team Leeds play at the bridge quite a few times during the 90’s and early 2000’s. On one occasion in 1992 I couldn’t get a ticket for the Leeds end so I stood in the shed end. For almost the entire 90 minutes I had to put up with ”There’s only One Peter Sutcliffe” and ”Did the Ripper kill your Mum?” I looked round, and every Chelsea fan were screaming along to these numbers liked their lives depended on it.
    Now Craig, are you telling me that the majority of these same supporters would all draw the line on doing a few ”ooh ooh monkey boy” chants? Happy enough to sing about 13 women brutally murdered by a psycho but no way are Chelsea gonna do a few monkey noises and offer fruit to any visiting black players.
    Of course the majority of Chelsea fans did monkey chants, and maybe your friends were doing it too, albeit in your much younger days.


    1. The one time I recall any kind of monkey chant from anything other than a minority of Chelsea fans was when Paul Canonville made his debut at Crystal Palace. My Dad was appalled and vowed to never go again. His boycott lasted a week.

      As for the other chants, that’s part of football whether we like it or not. All clubs sing unsavoury songs about other clubs. Here is a good piece on the subject: http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/13127#.U05qpvmSySo


      1. Minority Craig, really?

        And you’re a genuine Chelsea fan who actually went to games ?

        I suppose C18 and all that went with it was half a dozen blokes was it?

        Chelsea at the time you claim to have been going on a regular basis were as racist as most clubs get.

        Must be all that wonderful diversity in the West End that made them that way hey!

        You never did answer if you think Bucharest would be a safer City if your liberal influx of all to make the ethnic Romanian a minority ……. would make it a safer place for your children to grow up?


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