Getting to the Baltics from Bucharest just got a lot easier


More good news, this time from the Latvian airline airBaltic, which yesterday announced it would be flying Bucharest – Riga from June 3rd this year. airBaltic has excellent connections to the other Baltic states, Russia and Scandinavia and fills a bit of a hole: with the exception of Warsaw it has never been easy to go north or east from Bucharest without first flying in entirely the wrong direction.

For those of us who have to go to the Baltics more often than most (In Your Pocket is based in Vilnius) this is a bonus, which alas comes too late for our next trip to Lithuania in April, although we hopefully won’t have to fly via Kaliningrad, as we did once.

Anyway, all three Baltic capitals are great weekend destinations, and although Tallinn in Estonia is the most picturesque, we’ve always preferred Riga and – most of all – Vilnius. Now that you can get to them easily and (relatively) cheaply we recommend all three.

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