Customer service Romania-style

Update: Both Digi and Dolce have today (Sunday) released statements, neither of which are particularly satisfactory. While Dolce say it is a purely technical issue which will be resolved over the next couple of days (we shall see), Digi’s position is one of utter, contradictory nonsense.

We rejoiced too soon.

We tuned in to Eurosport this afternoon to watch a bit of English football while Mrs. Bucharest Life was out shopping with the kids only to be met with… ski jumping.


Because our TV provider, Dolce – along with Digi/RDS – are petty, spiteful arseholes. (In the case of Digi, the whole thing apparently took a rather farcical turn: they started off showing the football, only to interrupt the game shortly before half-time and switch to the ski jumping).

Miffed that they did not get the English Premier League rights themselves, Digi and Dolce are refusing to show the local version of Eurosport (which has the Premier League), instead transmitting the international version (which does not). All in total disregard for what their customers might want.

What is most puzzling however is why on earth they would do this, for – beyond the dick-waving – they have absolutely nothing to gain. They will have to give in eventually (even if it is only because the local broadcasting watchdog – the CNA – makes them), while in the meantime they will piss off their clients.

We have asked Romtelecom (which owns Dolce) for an explanation, and will let you know if they offer one.

Meantime, it will be back to an unorthodox internet feed for the Chelsea game on Monday night.

And to think the TV companies actually wonder why consumers resort to piracy.

5 thoughts on “Customer service Romania-style

  1. I dunno about Dolce, but I’m truly fed up with Digi (at least in its sat-TV form, I don’t have cable). They’re a bunch of arseholes.

    First they took out all the “Antena” channels from their satellite line-up. I think they’re still available on cable because the CNA forces them to do it. I don’t exactly miss these channels, but still… it was a douchebag move.

    Then they took out all the Discovery affiliated channels to make room for their own documentary/reality TV channels, ’cause of course you can’t have any competition.

    Now this bit with Eurosport and the Premier League.

    And of course: no more CNN, no more BBC, no more Euronews. At least we get Sky News and a weird Chinese (?) news channel called CCTV, lol.

    Oh, and I’ve got 24/7 porn and several manele channels. What else could a guy want?


  2. So you can’t watch your shitty game but what is the Romanian customer service problem? Just looking for another chance to bitch on Romania more likes.


    1. Fack off Liga, I pay for Digi and Dolce and I don’t expect them to suddenly start facking about with the transmission because they’ve got the ‘ump. Very Ceasescu behaviour if you ask me! There are a lot of pissed off Romanian customers who want to see the English games too you know!


    2. No, it is about customer service, and unfortunately there remains a mentality in certain companies in this country which see a customer as an asset to be milked for as much as possible as quickly as possible.

      Beyond that there is the simple question of Dolce not yet even having the decency to offer an explanation as to why they have decided not to show the Premier League.


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