Make-a-Point: The Pantelimon Tower finally opens

Remember the rather cool Make-a-Point Pantelimon Tower art project from last year?

The idea was turn a disused water tower in the Bucharest suburb of Pantelimon into an art tower, with a mural at the top and a staircase wrapped around it allowing people to climb up to a viewing deck offering views of the surrounding area. The mural was completed as planned last year (this was the winning design), being unveiled on New Year’s Eve. The staircase, however, was a bit more problematic, and its construction was alas delayed. Until now.

Yes, with help from ING the stairway to the top of the tower is now complete, and will be opened to the public on December 1st: Romania’s National Holiday. It looks rather splendid:


You can find the tower here:

More information on the Make-a-Point Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Make-a-Point: The Pantelimon Tower finally opens

  1. Looks good and a great idea to make use of an existing structure.

    You’ll have to let everyone know what the view is like and whether it’s worth going up and a nice viewing day for photo’s etc.


      1. I don’t know about height!

        Have you seen how tall Costel is 🙂

        Playing well at the moment and City’s current number 1.


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